Saturday, June 30, 2012

Eurovision 2012

Thanks to Sandra's post, I get to know about this event called Eurovision. It's an event which happened months ago in Baku (Azerbaijan) but I just watched it today. Got addicted that I actually almost watched the whole videos available in Eurovision's Youtube channel. Too bad though, I can't find one that have the entire show in a single video. *sobs*

Am liking some of the songs in which I downloaded them right away! Haha...Just in time where I need new song to accompany me while I'm doing my works~ case you wanna watch it, you can click HERE!

To my surprise, Anggun was in it too representing France! It's great to see her again singing. The last time I listened to her song was when I was still in primary school. I still remember my fav song of hers that I kept on singing back then regardless how bad my singing is. It's called "Snow On The Sahara". Anyone knew this song?

Anyway, below is her performance on Eurovision 2012. Pretty good. Love the tune in the beginning. Quite catchy! Haha...But I think it's better without the dancer? Hmm...not that the dancer is bad or anything. It's just that I think the song will be ok without dancers. At times less is more! And's great to see her saying thank you ("terima kasih") in Indonesian language at the end of her performance. Hehe.

Echo (You and I)

As for the winner of the year 2012, it's Loreen from Sweeden! Gotta love her voice and her performance. I feel it's cool too to be dancing yet at the same time to be able to maintain her voice to sing nicely!


Winning scene and final performance

I smiled at 0:27 when she kicked the air! Somehow that and her smile makes me feel that she's cute. And's the interview...:)


Lol-ed at 08:36 "Dressed for success"! Hilarious can! Hahaha...anyway that's the end of this post! Enjoy the weekend! :)

Thursday, June 28, 2012

HetaOni and Gakuen Hetalia


Two days ago I was randomly searching for any Hetalia videos in Youtube that I ended up on "HetaOni" videos. Being a curious cat as usual, I went to search it immediately. To my joy and happiness, I even found the source to download the english version of the game. You can do the same HERE! Credit goes to Pianodream and the team who made it into English version so that we who can't read Japanese can enjoy this game too~ *throws confetti*

Another fact to add to my happiness, it's an RPG! Old style RPG at that! I just love the feeling of searching through the tables, drawers and every corner available~ (Lol...ok...please ignore my weirdness)

The part with nicer graphics

However, do bear in mind that this game is pretty scary. Not for the weak hearted I would say. Even I get scared whenever the monster came out so suddenly (or even when I expected it to appear).

Of course graphically it isn't scary compared to the ghost appeared in any Japanese or Thai ghost movies. But still...something about it is creepy but just can't find a way to describe it well. Perhaps the song? The sudden appearance? and see for yourself~

The huge alien-look-a-alike monster

Haha! Don't be fooled by how it looked like the above. I, too feels that HE looks bearable here. But's a different story when you're actually the one who's playing the game (Supported with the storyline, sound effect and so on).

Some of the scene

If not mistaken, this game was fan made. In which I think it's AWESOME! I personally love how they make the characters. It does resembles the characters from the anime pretty much. Storyline wise, it's so intense and some part is truly sad which brought tears to my eyes (Ok la...not to say truly cry. Just that I feel really sad at some scene along the given storyline).

Heard some rumours that the owner of Hetalia is going to make an anime version of the game. I really hope it's true. Oh dear writer...if by chance you're reading this from somewhere...please do make an anime version of it. Would really love to watch it in anime format! Much love and gratitude~ m(_ _)m


This was the scene where I get paranoid. Won't tell why coz I want you to experience the intensity too! Hahaha~ Too bad that I finished the game to the latest chapter.

It hasn't ended yet and no news about when the creator will continue making the game. So yeah...I'm currently hanging and at the same time anticipating to know what will happen next.


As for Hetalia lovers who prefers happy scene and owns an NDS, you can opt to play Gakuen Hetalia. It is a dating sim which unfortunately only available in Japanese language. So deep love for Hetalia eventually lead me to start the game even with total understanding that I actually have zero knowledge when it comes to reading Japanese words. Listening is ok thanks to years and years of watching animes. But for scenes without voice's truly unavoidable to not read the text!

Did lots of reading, memorizing and writing notes while playing this game yet I don't feel forced or tired. So enjoyed doing it to the point that I lost my sense of time. Haha.

Main Page

Thanks to this game, I am actually pretty good at reading hiragana and a few kanji already! Hoho...I feel that this game is perfect for starters who wish to learn Japanese as the text isn't a lot. Not a lot of Kanji too!

I think it is still bearable compared to another Japanese NDS game which I played around the same time I played Gakuen Hetalia. That one is completely filled with gazillion of text and kanji! Directly throw my towel for that game.

Now...Who says game is 100% bad? For me, it's the only thing that encouraged me to learn English in the first place. Yes...for the sake of being able to understand Super Mario and other games in Super Nintendo (The first console I had in my life). Pretty much like a motivation! Without the existence of game, I think I'd still don't know how to read English (Hmm...I wonder).

The scene

Back to the game...I really appreciate that the seiyuu (voice actor) is the same as the one in the anime. This really adds the excitement of playing the game! Too bad I haven't finish playing this game. So I can't say much about the storyline and so on.

Anyway, I'm ending this post with a German song which I found and love recently. Nao it's making more desperate to learn German! Somebody please send me a German Language teacher so I can know more words other than "Ja", "Nein", "Guten Morgen" and "Danke"! (Though I don't mind any other language too since I LOVE LOVE LOVE language very much~)
Enjoy the song! Gute Nacht! (This last word is taken from Google Translate...LOL!)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Another Josei Anime

Josei anime lovers, you should try watching "Chihayafuru" (ちはやふる) if you haven't. Unlike the previous anonymous anime I introduced which ended in tragedy, this one I believe will have a good ending. Not sure bout the ending since the manga has not reach to an end yet. So we'll have to wait for the mangaka to finish the story...Haha. Really love that this anime does not only focus only on love but also dreams and Karuta.

The main characters

Had fun watching the entire 25 episode. Except for episode 16 which I find boring coz it's kind of a compilations of previous episodes plus short random scenes. Other than that, this is an anime which is filled with happiness, "butterflies-in-the-stomach" and touching scene. It's pretty good!

Though how I wished there wasn't triangle love. It's so hard to choose who I wish her to end up with...LOL! Well, my opinion won't change the storyline...but still...wish her to be with the one she love the most. (Though I believe whoever gets her I'll still be both sad and happy for the guys)

By the way, heard that they'll come out with Season 2. I'm so happy with the news and can't wait for the release. Really hope that they'll release it sooner than 2013. *fingers crossed*

If it's longer and I can't wait, guess I'll just read the manga first. But that would be my last choice cause I don't want to spoil the fun of knowing the stories which will appear in second season. Anyway you can read the manga HERE!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Received my birthday present last Saturday. Dreamie handed it to me personally while she was on Jakarta for a concert. Turn out that it was from 5 people: Dreamie, Fang, Yeen, Hee and Bunnie. It was unexpected since my birthday has already pass. Once again thank you very much! It was so sweet of you guys! m(_ _)m

The present (プレゼント) wrapped and a small card on top

Cute card

Big Bang Special Edition |Still Alive| CD

I particularly love the transparent card though I still dunno what's the use of it. Rather lazy to search it online since I have the feeling even if I know, it is something that is out of my reach for now. discount for purchasing CD from Korea or (since it has to do with Hyundai) LOL! So yeah...didn't bother to find out about it for now. But if any of you know about it, do inform me through the comment box below.

Anyway, I'm currently working out on a new illustration. A couple scene to be exact. Haha...This would be my first male and first couple scene since I never done any of them before this. Here's a sneak peak of what I'm doing:

Made the hair blue coz I was thinking of Sasuke's hair...LOL!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Ikan Nila Pak Ugi

Last night, both bro and I went to a nearby shop famous for their Tilapia fish dishes. To be honest I am quite picky when it comes to food especially fishes. I just can't eat anything which look cute or scary. When it's too cute, I feel bad eating it and when it's too scary, I have no appetite to eat it.

So in this case it's totally a no-no for stingray and alot of other fishes! I remembered clearly on how someone nice ever spoon fed me a slice of stingray meat coz she feels that it's delicious and wanted me to have some. Not knowing what fish it is since it's not in its original state, I ate it and think that it was good. However once I know the truth, I never touched that fish ever again no matter how tasty it tasted. Yes...choosy I am!

Therefore when it comes to Tilapia...I, too, hesitated a lil bit at first when bro mentioned the name. However, I can't decide on what to eat last night. So yea...I give it a shot. All I know was the fact that I am practicing the power of self-denying in which I told myself that it was my favourite fish (pomfret).

Bro's fried Tilapia

My grilled Tilapia

Superb Chilli



Conclusion, I find the fish meat to be in generous amount and tasted good. Other than that I must stressed on its chilli! So far it's the best chilli ever for the category of nearby shops. LOL! Would definitely come again just because I'm in love with the chilli.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

The One That Got Me To Love History

Anyone here watched Hetalia? At first I have no idea of what this anime is about. But after watching a few episodes then I know that the characters were named after countries name. This knowledge really helps me to follow up with the anime better...Haha.Too bad there wasn't Malaysia or Indonesia though.

My fav character for this anime would be Italy. He's just too dumb yet so adorable at the same time. I believe I wouldn't see Italy and Pasta the same again after watching this anime. Am so gonna love pasta more than I already have!

As for scenes which I really like the most would be the scenes of Chibitalia and Holy Roman Empire. Every scene with them on it is so refreshing, cute and funny!

Once I really hated history subject so much that I wished that somebody would turn history into an anime so that I can learn history interestingly. However that never happens. So although Hetalia is based on world history, I still think it's wonderful find!

This anime even tempted me to learn more about Italy, Rome and of course Holy Roman Empire. See the power of anime to anime lovers?

Anyway, if you're interested to read about Hetalia, you can go HERE!

Thursday, June 14, 2012


(Warning: Contain anime spoiler of which name I won't mention)

Currently I'm so madly in love with illustrations done by a Japanese artist by the initial KY. As if by fate, I came across her amazing artwork while browsing "i-forget-what-i-browse" in Google image. For someone who can't draw guy, I am truly impressed by her ability t
o illustrate such awesome bishies. My love for he bishies illustration eventually leads me to Google more about the particular illustration. It turns out that it's an illustration of some anime which is out for quite some time already.

After reading about the anime, I found out that it's a shoujo (reverse-harem?) anime. I rarely download these genre lately, so it's no surprise that I never came across this anime. Recently all the anime that I downloaded were more to Shonen anime such as Bleach, One Piece, Naruto, Beelzebub, etc. I think the last Shoujo anime that I've downloaded were Vampire Knight and Kaichou Wa Maid Sama.

Anyway, I downloaded the anime right after I found its title. Was too hardcore that I even went as far as to leave my laptop to stay overnight so that I can watch it first thing in the morning. *winks*

Like I said, it's been awhile since I last watch Shoujo anime. So I kinda look forward to watch it. I was expecting some heartwarming, romantic plus "butterfly-in-the-stomach" scenes.

I would say that the first few episodes were okay. However I still wonder why there's so less romantic scenes when I have always imagine shoujo, reverse harem anime to be so full of it. Instead of lovey-dovey scenes, all I get was scenes of the bishies dying one by one due to war. HAHAHAHAHA!!! Seriously pathetic. It was like...First there was the main girl surrounded by lots of bishies and then all of them suddenly gone one by one leaving her in "forever alone" state. Another pathetic things to add would be the fact that the romantic scene added together still less than 2 minute and that it happened on the second last and last episode. LOL!

I was truly devastated and depressed right after I reached the end of the anime. To think that I would be filled with butterflies by the end of the drama...I was foolish and truly wrong. But still, I am still in love with the anime coz I really like the characters and of course the illustrations. (Although I still think that manga always have the best drawing compared to anime. Hehe...For this case her original illustrations is much nicer compared to the anime version which is alot simplified)

Some noob memes to portray my feelings on the anime
(Click to view)

I won't mention the anime title here as I don't want you guys to avoid watching it. But here's a glimpse of her artwork without title. fact now I'm downloading another anime of hers. Hope this time it'll have good ending. Ah...I really want the artist's artbook or whatsoever that features her artwork in it. It's just too fabulous! (>.<) I want! I want! I want!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Officially A Year Older

First thing first, I am a year older now! *claps* Honestly I never feel anxious about getting older before this. But things turned out a lil different. Now I wish that I don't reach 30 so soon. Apart from I don't want to be a full fledged aunties...I do not wish the people around me to get older than they already are. *sobs*

Anyway bro was being sweet last night as he sneakily went out in the evening to buy me a birthday cake. Unfortunately his surprise plan failed as I opened the house fridge before midnight. LOL!

Instead of saying that it's a cake, I would describe it as a mountain of chocolate with fresh cream on top. It's my first time ever having a cake that looks like a cake but in fact the experience of eating it is the same as eating a big block of chocolate bar. Delicious and a small slice is enough to fill the stomach.

As for the things that I do on my birthday, I did nothing extravagant but to hone my PS skill at home. HAHAHAHA!!! Sounds pathetic but I don't feel so as I enjoyed my day playing with PS and painting my favourite Japanese artist, Aragaki Yui.

Aragaki Yui

Glad that I managed to do the teeth. It's always been the part which I hated to do the most apart from hands and legs. However I am looking forward on doing the hair part as I'm not really experienced in doing realistic painting yet.

Some random fact: Her birthday is today! Just a day after mine which is 11th June. Happy Birthday Gakky! If you don't know her, it's recommended to watch her dramas and movies. Her recent drama would be Legal High and movie would be Ranma 1/2. :D

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Ipekke Komachi

Last Sunday Bro suggested that we both try the newly opened Japanese restaurant inside a mall. It's pretty near to our apartment. So yeah, we went there for lunch. In fact I ordered more than I usually would order. But oh well...who can say no to appetizing food pictures inside the menu booklet? *defeated sighs*

Below were the pictures of the food that I ordered. Eaten all of them except for the Salmon Sashimi in which I didn't have the chance to try them as my bro finished all of them before I got the chance to get a slice. LOL!

Tamago Sushi

Salmon Sashimi

Tori Don
(Love the looked nice on the bowl!)

Chawan Mushi
Banana Split Crepes with the name Chibi

Haha...didn't notice the name of the crepes till bro pointed it out with his finger. Didn't ordered this as I wasn't in the mood for ice-cream. Instead, I ordered my fav choco banana cheese crepes. Guess I was lucky that day since they give more choco, banana and cheese than usual. It was a bliss!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Oh Noes!

There's something wrong with my external HD last night. I was so hyped up upon copying the new Japanese drama to my external HD and then halfway it got crashed! It's okay that it failed to copy. But who knows that it took away all my data which is inside the external HD too!

Extremely frustrated and sad, I tried to calm myself and told myself to re-plug and see. Seeing how nothing has changed made me feel like I was struck by second lightning right at the same spot. All there's to it was my folders which can't be clicked. Although the free space and total used space was still the same as before, I can't access any of the data. It's like a ghost data which took the space but wasn't there.

Not totally given up, I tried to download some recovery software from Google. Half-filled with hope, I started the app and...

Seriously I don't know if I should be crying or laughing as there's only two data managed to be recovered. One PDF data and one Microsoft word data which holds no importance at all. *sighs*

So the result...

I feel totally defeated by the crashed external HD and had given up on trying to retrieve the lost data. So I went ahead and format the external HD just as it wanted me to do. Conclusion...although now it's empty and feels like new but it sure reeks of sarcasm! *sobs*

Goodbye my old artworks...Goodbye my animes...Goodbye my movies...

Neko Paradise!

Yuhuuu! Anyone here loves cat? If yes, this post would be an eye candy for you! Just found out bout this lovely cat ear cap from a friend and I fell in love with them right away!

All together

When applied to handphones

My pick!

Cute aren't they? Would be hard if asked to choose one. But if I must, my pick would be the orange one! Just looking at them I can already imagine all the "miao". Eek...someone please get me this right now! (>_<)

If you want to look further, you can go HERE. That's where I got to know about them. And's in Japanese!