Sunday, June 16, 2013

Schwarzkopf's Freshlight Berry Ash

The last time I've dyed my hair was a long time ago. Sometime before graduation I believe (I think it's the year 2010?). I remembered that I was using Liese's Chestnut Brown color. Tried other brand too back then but my hair color didn't even change for a bit. So I was very pleased when I gave Liese a try and it successfully changed the color of my hair.

Tried looking for Liese at the nearby stores but so far I found none. It's easy to find 'em on shops like Guardian or Jusco in M'sia but it sure hard to find 'em in Jakarta. Of course I found 'em on online shops along with Palty (the brand that I've always wanted to try coz of Masuwaka Tsubasa) but it's a PO so I was being reluctant about it. Most prob will be asking le bro to help me get Palty when he goes to Singapore in few months time.

Trying to find a decent hair dye that would dye my hair effectively beside Liese, I went around supermarkets, Guardian and Watsons nearby my house. And that's how I found Schwarzkopf Freshlight series (Anyone knows how to pronounce that word? I find it difficult...haha). So far this is the brand that attracts my eye. It has Blythe as the model of the box. Not that I'm a fan of Blythe nor Barbie's...but at least this packaging is the most eye catching and "different" compared to the others...hehe. (I'm a sucker when it comes to beautiful packaging!)

Front packaging 

To be safe, I searched for reviews with the help of uncle Google prior to purchasing as I didn't want to waste my money on something that wouldn't work at all. Seen okok reviews...They said that it does change the color of their hair but it didn't last long...

The word "didn't last long" made me quite reluctant about it as...Hey! Why would I have to spend quite a sum on something that would only last for a few days? I'm not that glamour till I'll change my hair color every now and then. LOL. But I give it a deep thought...Like what if that happens to different people differently?

Coz previously I was so happy about Liese that I told my bro to use them too but the outcome was bad as it didn't manage to change the color of his hair. TROLOLOL!

That's why I came to a conclusion that perhaps I can try this Freshlight. No harm to try I thought. Also I found out that they're having this "Miss Freshlight" event where you have to  take a pic with the box and pose as similar as the Blythe doll on the packaging. The one with the most votes and based on the judge's decision get to win some stuffs. So yeah! Off to purchase the hair dye! Bought them at Lotte Mart Kelapa Gading for IDR 105k.

 Side Packaging

 Back Packaging

 Side Packaging

 What's inside

It's pretty easy to use this as it comes in foam form. It's less hassle too as it didn't drip that much. Pretty much the same as Liese's. Love how it's easy and manage to color my hair evenly.

 Le hair colour before coloring

Can't see my before hair color that much from this pic. But it's darkkkk brown with flash or without flash. And the hair color isn't that even as I have new born hair along with the leftover from Liese's Chestnut brown back then.

After coloring

To be honest I was quite shocked while rinsing my hair after the 30-minutes of wait as my hair was still the same color as before I color my hair. But I was happy after drying my hair coz that's when the color appears! 

As you can see above, the color of my hair without flash was quite similar with what's shown on the top box. The colours are pretty but I guess I was mistaken to think that the word ash leads to a grey-ish color as I think instead of grey it has that orange hue to it like what you can see the pic with flash...LOL. But overall it's ok and worth using this brand again!

Le hair with flash - On the 9th day after coloring

In fact the color are still visible until today. And perhaps even brighter...LOL. Pls excuse that huge acne on my chin as I'm too lazy to touch up my skin.

Me inside the box (with acne chin removed...LOL!)

Last but not least the last photo to end today's post. Intended to upload this one for the photo event on Freshlight Indonesia FB. However it keeps giving me that "internal error" two days in a row...Thought that changing the photo into various of sizes would change the outcome...But nah...Not even changing PC to Mac nor internet connection made a difference...LOL. So I guess I wasn't to enter this event...FML!

Err...ok la...Not as if I enter sure it's ok. It's just that recently I told myself to work hard for whatever I want and not to give up before giving it a try...So I was really hoping to join you see...But this time even the internet and pc doesn't support me enough...hmm...fine! Hehe.


  1. Gambatte Heidy go join!!!!


  2. I've casted my votes for you~ you make me wanna dye ma hair too.....

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