Sunday, April 30, 2017

Innisfree Eco Flower Tint Balm -Garden Balsam & Camellia-

For people like me who doesn't wear lipstick daily but at times would love to play with our lip colours in a subtle way, there we have lip balms or lip tints. Personally I have been eye-ing for this particular Innisfree Eco Flower Tint Balm Pony mentioned in her video way back in 2015. (Fyi, She mentioned Garden Balsam and Marigold at 2:52)

Innisfree Eco Flower Tint Balm
- Peach (Garden Balsam) 봉송아 & Camellia 동백 -


Since I don't really fancy orange colour, I only pick one from the one that Pony mentioned: Garden Balsam 봉송아. As for Camellia 동백, I chose it because it's pink and the brand labeled it as their "main colour". Sounds promising la konon.

Not sure on why do they have different names on different web though...I find that a bit confusing at first.

Packaging wise there's nothing much to comment. It looked simple and ordinary. Nothing too good or too bad. I must applaud for its sturdy plastic though. Size is nice too...

I really really LOVE how it glides nicely on lips. Never have I find so much joy in applying lip balm so much as I did with this tint balm. What you see above is how it looked when it's applied on the lips with a couple of coats...Blame my hand for being to excited in applying them...hahaha.

This tint balm is sooo creamy, so moisturizing and gives you that glossy juicy lips look (not the gross oily look ok). The colour is buildable too. If you prefer subtle color like me then it's best not to glide them too much like I do...HAHAHA...Control yourself! One coat is fine.

I really LOVE this tint balm and super recommend to anyone. Only if any of these available colours sparks your interest though. Personally I prefer Garden Balsam better than Camellia cause it looked more "merged together" with le real lips la. take note that this tint balm comes with  a pretty strong fragrance...Was it floral scent?? I don't really like the smell...but putting into consideration on how it managed to make me feel like my lips so moisturized and how well it glides, I think I can stand the scent (the taste

Price wise it's affordable! I bought le first one in 2015 (Garden Balsam) from OnikChan FB shop for IDR 110k and second one in 2016 (Camellia) from TesterKorea for KRW 4900.

Would I buy it again? Yes...if only they come with colours that I would love. Coz seriously this is the first tint balm that leaves a deep impression on me. That moisture and feel is the best!

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