Sunday, December 23, 2012

Bad Day

Saturday wasn't great at all. All I know is that I'm truly annoyed that I don't have even the mood to do anything nor that I have the appetite to get my lunch. Reached home by 2.40 ish and just attached my body to the bed to calm myself down.

After my cat nap, I went to Mall Kelapa Gading to get my groceries. Surprisingly the new area opened is quite pretty to look at. Especially at night. Love the green-ish and blue-ish lighting. It sure does helps at lifting up my mood. Hehe.

Last but not least, seems like there won't be holiday on Monday for me...The only holiday would be on Christmas and New Year day itself. Which means only 2 days of holiday. On the 25th of Dec and 1st of Jan. OTL

But nevermind...guess there will be something good about it. Have a great weekend! *smiles*

Friday, December 21, 2012

Random Blah Blah Blah

Ah...dunno if it's the weather in Jakarta or is it much hotter here. I mean...normally it isn't so hot early in the morning. Not in Kuching or KL. But it's so freaking hot even as early as 8 in Jakarta. *sighs* (Recently it's freakinggggggg hot in the morning and heavy rain in the evening!)

That's the reason why I've become one of those girls who holds an umbrella even when it's not raining. Kinda speechless as once I was one of those girls who wonder why do some girls have to be so sensitive to the sun.

Erm...back then I have those mindset that the morning sun is healthy and there's no harm to get burn once in a while. But that kind of mindset disappeared right after I found out that direct exposure to the sun can make acne scars last longer. Haha...dunno how true is that. But it's better safe than sorry so yeah...less exposure as much as I can! That way I can has better canvas (face skin condition).

Last but not least, I bought myself my first ever Dolly Wink product and it arrived at my house today. Am so excited with the lower lashes no.13. Unfortunately I have no idea on how to use it yet...haha. Gonna experiment with it when I have the time and post about it here.

Other than that I would love to purchase their No. 2 and No. 17 lashes. It looks so pretty ok! Maybe next month when I've collected enough extra cash to spend. Gah...I wan to try Cure and collagen drinks too!! *sobs* Can't wait for a raise on my salary...heard that it's effective from Jan onwards. *winks*

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Uta no Prince-sama

Finished watching Uta no Prince-sama (うたの☆プリンスさまっ♪ マジlove1000) few days ago. It's pretty good and I must say that I LOVE the artwork so much! The drawings and colours are just PERFECT!

Storyline wise it's good but nothing extraordinary. It's about a girl who strives to be a composer and so she enters a music academy in which she met with the guys...then yada yada yada...Shall watch it yourself to know more! Hahaha...Btw the artwork is done by Kurahana Chinatsu. Other than this anime, she is also the one behind Togainu no Chi. Click HERE to read her blog.

Read from Wikipedia that this was previously an Otome game targeted to female gamers. Somehow they adapt it into an anime then it's well received. Heard that there'll be a 2nd season for this anime. Am looking forward to it as much I'm so patiently waiting for Chihayafuru 2nd season too.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Oh Hey Seagate!

First of all...I am deeply disappointed with my Buffalo MiniStation external HD. It's just 1 year old plus and it died once in June this year and nao it died again for the second time and for the last time yesterday. Don't even try to ask me about the warranty coz I don't even know how long is the warranty since I've already throw the box away ever since I was to leave M'sia for Indonesia few months back. (Too much luggage so little hand...)

What's worst was the fact that even my old Seagate is still alive after many many many years while the "young" Buffalo MiniStation just poof liddat. And twice on the same year at that...Shall never ever buy Buffalo brand again. Maybe there's that possibilities that I happen to get the defect one among so many others produced...But meh...once is enough of trying when it comes to hardisk. *sobs*

Therefore yesterday I went to research for new external HD. It comes down to either Seagate Backup Plus or Western Digital My Passport. Although there's not much diff in between these two and that these two brand are also famous for their HD, but in the end I opt for Seagate coz I read from somewhere that it's more future proof. It has USB 3.0, Firewire and also Thunderbolt whereas WD My Passport only comes with the USB 3.0. Hmm...although I'm not using either Firewire or Thunderbolt for nao, I still think that there's no harm in getting it since I'm planning to buy new laptop soon. So in case you don't bother about a HD that is future-proof, you can go for WD My Passport HD. Price wise these both doesn't differ much. At least here in Jakarta the difference is only about 20-30. So yeah...see which interest you more.

Front Packaging

I'm loving the box material so so much. I love the matte feel to it though I don't know what's the use since it'll just sit forever in one of my drawer...LOL. But still I can't help but to compliment on the box material...hohoho.

Back view

The hardisk

Loving the design as well as the texture on the HD. It looks so elegant and much more beautiful compared to my old Seagate HD. Currently am very satisfied with it...Hopefully this feeling will last. Hehe...and has the ability to backup your Facebook pictures too...But since I'm not interested to store my Facebook pictures onto my HD, so guess I'll skip on the apps for that...

Bye for now...gonna format the HD before using...Good night!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Tales of Graces F

It's been too long since I last updated so I thought of updating a lil bit on my side. But honestly I've nothing interesting happening so far. Pretty lame, huh?

But oh...I've finished playing Disgaea 1 on Playstation 2. Used to love that game alot. Played halfway but wasn't able to continue it since I only go back to my hometown like once a year for a short duration of...say...1 week?? So was a happy thing to be able to complete the game this time around. In fact I'm continuing the series! Disgaea 2 of course! Hopefully I can finish this soon too so I can move forward and catch up with Disgaea 3 and Disgaea 4. Fyi I get the normal ending for Disgaea 1. *sobs*

Other than that, bro recently bought a new game for Playstation 3 platform. It's called Tales of Graces F. Dunno if any of you have played any of the Tales series or not. I'd say that it's definitely one of the game RPG lovers would love to play. For me it's a yes...haha. Suikoden, Final Fantasy, Disgaea, Yakuza, Tales series and Star Ocean (Yep...some is not RPG). Though recently I'm pretty disappointed with Final Fantasy and Star Ocean. Somehow it feels like the game move to a different direction and didn't capture my interest that much except the fact that I once love the series and it feels like a must to follow it to the end. Hopefully the next one would be better much.

For the Tales of Graces F, bro bought the limited edition one which came with a couple of things. Basically the game of course, OST, behind the scene, art book and a DLC where you can download extra costume for the characters.

Was anticipating to see a hard cover art book since I saw somewhere that it comes in hard cover. So all the time have been thinking that the cover would be as thick as Harry Potter's novel hard cover standard but it's not. It looks more like soft cover to me! *sobs* Guess I shouldn't expect much since the price costs around 50 dollars? (Perhaps that amount is too little to have them provide hard cover...haha I dunno)

The Box

What's included inside

Limited Edition Trailer

Some of the scene inside the game

Been playing this game for about 3 days and I'm liking it so far. It wasn't as hard as the previous one I've played. The dungeons are pretty short and easy too! If I must add...the tricky puzzle aren't that hard to solve.  Unlike the 1st Tales series which bro played back then. Once he got stuck at some place for quite some time and I was busy drawing diagram to solve the puzzle in order to proceed with the game. Haha...acting like some kind of awesome tactician whenever I was able to solve it...LOL!

Gameplay is good....I really enjoy the "title" thing. I love going to the towns too...Once love the sensation of reaching town in Final Fantasy but wasn't able to enjoy it in the recent ones...but thanks to Tales of Graces that I manage to recall that happy feeling again.

Played normal difficulties and most of the boss battle I didn't use any life bottle to resurrect dead allies. Except for the last 2 boss which I fought recently where I did use a couple bottles in order to win. LOL! So yeah...basically the first half boss battle wasn't that hard...not too sure bout the second half...shall see...

Main page

Some scene

Ah!! One more thing! We can change our characters costume as well as accessories. As what you can see in the picture above, I applied watermelon on the characters head to which I decided to take off it later on coz it made me hard to feel the atmosphere of the conversation since my eyes keep looking on the watermelons on the characters head. It's just to distracting. LOL! 


Above is the video showing the costumes that we are able to obtain inside the game. Heard that we can have many other costume like Hatsune Miku , Code Geass, etc. Unfortunately money is needed to do guess I'll just have to make do with the costumes available inside the game...OTL

More scenes of other characters with watermelons on

See how odd to have dem watermelons on?

If you notice, all of the pictures were mostly with watermelons on the character head. That's because I've just got that accessories and that watermelon happens to be the first accessories. LOL!

Anyway, I gotta say that I'm liking the game and am DEFINITELY looking forward to their other Tales series which called Tales of Xillia. Though I'm hoping that they'll maintain the Japanese voice over and just add the english subtitles rather than to have English dub. That way I can enjoy what the Japanese gamers enjoy and plus I can learn the language! Hohoho~


As for the theme song for Tales of Graces F, it's BoA's White Wishes...Nice song but the eng version sounds odd...In terms of the's kinda different than the Jap version. Nevertheless I love the tune and definitely BoA's angelic voice~ *smiles*

BoA - White Wishes
(Jap Version)

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Bro's Birthday!


Chocolate Mousse

Strawberry Cheesecake

Few days ago went to buy cake for bro's birthday at The Harvest. Only bought the small sized cake coz previously we're like forced to finish my huge b'day cake back in June.'s normal sized but since it's full of chocolate (almost like 80% of choco chunks with nuts) so a slice is more than enuf to make the stomach filled. Honestly it's heavenly for the first few bites but once you're full it feels like being forced to eat it for the sake of finishing. Haha.

So yep...bought the Chocolate Mousse for bro and Strawberry Cheesecake for myself coz it's too tempting! Just look at those sexy strawberries lying on top the cheescake! Who can resist that? Did bought Red Velvet Cake too. But who knows bro have tried it and didn't like it. So there goes the Red Velvet ended up as my Sunday dessert~

(Chung Gi Wa)


As for dinner, we went to a Korean restaurant called 청기와 (Chung Gi Wa) which is located inside Lotte Mart in Kelapa Gading. If not mistaken it's at level 2.

One thing about birthday in Indonesia. Usually the one having the birthday have to treat his/her friends. Different than in Malaysia where sometimes the one celebrating the birthday are the one treated for dinner and such...LOL! 

(Side dish)

Kinda sad coz I don't see any 파전 (Pa Jeon - pancake) for side dish...Haha. It's one of my fav side dish other than 김치 (Kimchi) and 콩자반 (Kong Ja Ban - Sweet Black Bean).

(Sampgyeopsal a.k.a three layered meat)

(Sampgyeopsal a.k.a three layered meat)

(Sampgyeopsal a.k.a three layered meat)

(Kimchi Jiggae)

Food wise, I ordered 삼겹살 (Samgyeopsal) and 김치찌개 (Kimchi Jiggae) while bro ordered 오겹살 (Ogyeupsal - Five layered meat). Price wise both Samgyeopsal and Ogyeupsal costs around Rp 59,000 and the Kimchi Jiggae around Rp 48,000 if not mistaken. Throwed away the receipt so I can't really say if my memory is giving the exact amount or not. But I'm pretty much sure that it's around that amount...haha.

Not much comment about the taste since I've only tried Korean BBQ less than 6 far nothing unusual. Though I think I can comment abit on the Kimchi served here. It's pretty mild compared to all of the Kimchi's I've tried elsewhere. So for those who doesn't fancy strong kimchi can go for this place. Hehe.

Total damage done included with rice was around Rp 230,000 - Rp 240,000 for two person. Quite ok I think. The meat is alot too. In fact both bro and I find it difficult to finish our food. Fyi the amount of Ogyeupsal is alil bit more compared to Samgyeopsal. But I have to finish the whole Kimchi Jiggae and Samgyeopsal alone coz bro doesn't like Kimchi Jiggae. (=_=)

It must've sound like a bliss yet at the same time I'm feeling like a Godzilla. LOL! Lesson learned and perhaps next time it's good to go with one meat and one soup. Definitely 2 kind of food is enough to feed two people.

Monday, October 1, 2012

AFAID 2012

Ta-daa!! Here comes my post on AFA ID 2012. It's a 2-day event but I only went on the 1st day. So's my compilations of pictures and videos taken on that day.

Entrance gate
(Picture taken from Animonster FB Fanpage)
Few metres away from the ticket exchange counter
Didn't took much pictures earlier than this cause I was focusing on the heat (Thanks to me being clever and wore black...haha). Even I am not sure why it's so hot so early in the morning. I mean it's not even 9 yet...*cries*

Surrounding area
Much closer to the counter
The view on my back

As you can see from the pictures above, it's pretty crowded there. I forgot when is the exact time that I departed from my house. But definitely it's around 7.30 to 8.00 in the morning.

Since I've already bought my ticket from Indomaret (a mini market like 7-eleven but not 24 hour) earlier, I thought that it's okay not to reach early (I was imagining easy entry but I was wrong).

After a long jam which made me spend so much on taxi, I arrived at the location only to be shocked at the sight of long queue. Not 1 line, not 2 line, not 3 line but more than that! (Yes...lonnnnnnnng queue!) Apparently they distinguish between online bought tickets, from Indomaret, buy on the spot, etc.

After the long wait, I managed to reach the ticket counter to change my ticket and some kind of a bracelet to wear. Was in the bad mood due to the long queue and hot weather, but the ticket counter uncle was it's affecting my mood too. LOL...that shows how great is the power of people's smile and kindness! Long live to kindness!
Walking towards the exhibition hall
Ticket check-up
Walking towards Hall A1 where the exhibition took place
Hall A1
Card Game
Surrounding of the card game booth
Closer view

Right after the entrance, you'll see these card game booth. However being a fans of Danny Choo (Culture Japan), I can't help but to go straight to his booth which was located on the left from the main entrance. Something like my priority of the day...LOL!
Mirai Suenaga in various poses and clothes
Some artworks
Moekana with cute chibi-fied characters
Mirai Itasha side view
Back view
What lies inside the car...haha
Moekana cards
Mirai and friends
Dolls in Mirai's uniform
Mirai Music CD
Danny Choo's figure

It felt really good to see something you always see online in RL. Kinda like a dream come true or should I say I was in a fantasy world for that very moment. From visiting the booth I was interested in purchasing "Moekana" cards. Since I am still learning hiragana and Katakana...

But as I mentioned earlier in my older post, I didn't bought enough money~ Plus the fact that I don't know whether the road will be jam on my way home or not. So I'd rather not gamble on buying and not being able to pay my taxi later on. Just hope that they'll come with this item again next year...Or perhaps me getting a credit card...haha.
Some of the shops which can be seen around
More booths
Anyone like these?
More of them
More Nendoroids
Mirai  Nendoroid
Hatsune Miku Nendoroid
Vocaloid Nendoroid
Upcoming vocaloid items from Good Smile Company
Hatsune Miku Nendoroid in Yukata
Chopper from One Piece
One Piece characters
More on One Piece characters
Caymi and Papagu
Boa Hancock
Shirahoshi a.k.a Yowahoshi
Gintoki Sakata from Gintama

Regarding on the booths available, I must say that I was kinda disappointed. I was expecting for more booths with more interesting items which is unique or hard to find.

Of course I would love to get my hands on Nendoroids, or anime figurine...but perhaps more stuffs other than those which I can easily bought at store would be good.

Must be because I've watched a number of videos on Youtube on Comic Con, Otakon, etc. So my expectation is rather high. Indeed I saw quite a number of items which caught my interest in those vids, so I was kinda disappointed that I can't find anything similar to it here at AFA ID.

But regardless it's good enough for first time. I heard that it's the first time that AFA is being held in Jakarta. So for that I'm really grateful and would love them to come again next year. Hopefully bigger, better and more exciting!
Kamen Rider
Long queue at Moe Moe Kyun Maid Cafe and Atelier Royale Butler Cafe
The best shot I can take from the door side since it's protected...LOL!
Atelier Royale Butler Cafe Butlers
(Picture taken from Atelier Royale FB Fanpage)
Atelier Royale Butler Cafe interior
(Picture taken from Atelier Royale FB Fanpage)
Moe Moe Kyun Maid Cafe maids
(Picture taken from Moe Moe Kyun FB Fanpage)
Moe Moe Kyun Maid Cafe interior
(Picture taken from Moe Moe Kyun FB Fanpage)
Food stalls
Choices available at Animax Booth
Somehow I finished checking out every corner and it's still as early as 11 something, so I went to Animax booth to try on cosplay clothes. It's free and I never tried cosplaying so I thought it's worth giving it a try. Only when they handed me a piece of A4 paper that I realized that it was a contest. LOL...basically you dress yourself with the clothes of you choice, strike a pose and cross your finger to win!

Fyi, I chose the maid outfit due to Moi Moi and bro suggestions. To be honest, I kinda like the feeling under the cosplay clothing. Haha.

One thing if I must add, it's really hot under the many layers which nao I looked up on cosplayers. Wonder how they managed to stay cool inside those thick fabrics. Though of course there's some characters with less clothing or thin clothing, but ah...guess you know what I mean.

Bout the's truly an experience as I have to pose in front of unknown peoples. The feeling is kinda odd so I don't really pose the pose which I intended to do at first. HAHAHAHA!!! I love to pose but definitely a noob when it comes to posing in front of strangers! For this I really look up to models!

Animax Booth

After I'm done taking my pictures, I went straight to the stage hall. All hyped up to listen to Danny Choo's talk~

Ah...before I proceed, I couldn't help but to say that I'm kinda pissed off. Fyi, you can opt to buy ticket to enter exhibition hall only, or you can opt to buy both the exhibition ticket and the stage access ticket. Both bro and I went for the double ticket.

Then as we walked towards the stage hall, bro was stopped by a guard coz of his DSLR camera. Basically he told us that we can't enter if we carry DSLR camera. I think it is quite ridiculous seeing that they didn't mention that in anywhere before the event. Please correct me if you spot it somewhere...but even if there is, it is a fail coz its message didn't get through to the audience...ugh!

That is just half of my disbelief...From the few concerts that I went to, usually they'll just confiscate our camera's battery which we can claim back at the end of the performance. But unfortunately it didn't happen here. Tried asking the guard if they have some place to hold the camera or something, but no.

Really really speechless and pissed off as I entered the stage hall all alone, with bro unable to enter and wasted the concert ticket fee which costs more than the exhibition ticket.

Made me angry and guilty as he came with me to accompany me till 3 o'clock. (He have wedding party to attend after that) But he bought both the exhibition and concert hall ticket to acc me for awhile. Yet he can't enter...err! And yes...don't think that he can claim back your ticket money. *sighs*

Reminds me of my internet provider who cuts off my line so suddenly, and when I called them they told me to download the latest software. But hey...they never inform me before they cut off my line. Of course I can always go to internet cafe...But why must I go to such extend when it could be easier if they just forward the messages to all of their customers before they cut off the line? So yeah...these were some of the speechless things happened this year.
Super Anisong Stage Artiste Appearance
BLESS4 (Left) and Aniki (Right) 
Hard Gay cosplay
This was the place where I get to listen to Danny Choo's inspiring speech. Am too focusing that I didn't take any videos. I almost teared up coz I feel incompetent as I am now. But definitely I'm going to be better at my own pace. And no...he didn't talk bout motivational stuffs, but more about Mirai, his company, etc. It just happened that some of the topics strikes me to fly further in thoughts. So yeah...

Takanori Aki (Good Smile Company) and Danny Choo (Culture Japan)
Takanori Aki (Good Smile Company)
Danny Choo (Culture Japan)

Danny and Aki-san
The stage

After the speeches, it comes down to my another point of coming to this place. see Kaname cosplaying in RL...Hahaha. He's one of the judge for AFA regional cosplay championship on that day. For the next day too~
Kaname (Japan), Translator, Akatsuki Tsukasa (Taiwan)
Kaname (Japan), Translator, Akatsuki Tsukasa (Taiwan)
Kaname (Japan), Akatsuki Tsukasa (Taiwan), Richfield (Indonesia)
The judges for AFA Regional Cosplay Championship Indonesia

Short vid on one of the contestant
Kamen Riders?
Cardcaptor Sakura
Kaname, Akatsuki Tsukasa and other cosplayers on stage
Richfield, Kaname, Akatsuki Tsukasa and other cosplayers on stage
Kaname and Akatsuki Tsukasa
The stage filled with cosplayer
Digimon cosplayer
One of the cosplayer who is going to compete again the next day
Kaname, the winner, Akatsuki Tsukasa, the winner and Richfield on the next day
(Picture taken from Animonster FB Fanpage)
After the cosplay competition, I went back to the exhibition hall to walk around for more rounds. And I was happy to spot Dr. Vee on her booth. She's a mangaka from Indonesia who made it to Japan. Awesome, right? Even awesome-mer when I found out the she's willing to let go of her job as a doctor to pursue her dream in becoming a mangaka.

Fyi she just opened a manga school which is located at South Jakarta. If you're interested you can go and add her up on FB and ask her for more details. Click HERE. In fact I was interested to join the class...however I don't see encouraging sign through looking at the map. It's too troublesome to go there by public transport from where I am. For nao I'll just pray that there will be good manga school to be operating nearby my house. 

Dr.Vee signing autograph
Autograph for me

Managed to get an autograph from her. As usual I am far too shy to talk much to new people. Therefore I didn't talk much to her. But definitely she looks friendly! Pretty too!

It's awesome that I managed to get Danny's signature too as I bumped to him on his way to the exhibition hall. Haha...certainly he looks cheerful and friendly as seen in his videos. Though again I didn't talk much to him either. However, I'm glad that I have enough courage to come to these two awesome peoples for signatures. Coz usually I'll just look and that's just it....OTL

Towards the end there's a slight error for which I dunno why it happens. Please bear with it awhile as it will back to normal after a few seconds. Good night!