Friday, December 21, 2012

Random Blah Blah Blah

Ah...dunno if it's the weather in Jakarta or is it much hotter here. I mean...normally it isn't so hot early in the morning. Not in Kuching or KL. But it's so freaking hot even as early as 8 in Jakarta. *sighs* (Recently it's freakinggggggg hot in the morning and heavy rain in the evening!)

That's the reason why I've become one of those girls who holds an umbrella even when it's not raining. Kinda speechless as once I was one of those girls who wonder why do some girls have to be so sensitive to the sun.

Erm...back then I have those mindset that the morning sun is healthy and there's no harm to get burn once in a while. But that kind of mindset disappeared right after I found out that direct exposure to the sun can make acne scars last longer. Haha...dunno how true is that. But it's better safe than sorry so yeah...less exposure as much as I can! That way I can has better canvas (face skin condition).

Last but not least, I bought myself my first ever Dolly Wink product and it arrived at my house today. Am so excited with the lower lashes no.13. Unfortunately I have no idea on how to use it yet...haha. Gonna experiment with it when I have the time and post about it here.

Other than that I would love to purchase their No. 2 and No. 17 lashes. It looks so pretty ok! Maybe next month when I've collected enough extra cash to spend. Gah...I wan to try Cure and collagen drinks too!! *sobs* Can't wait for a raise on my salary...heard that it's effective from Jan onwards. *winks*

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  1. hello, hehe.

    begh, untung kamu ga tinggal di medan. di medan panasnya melebihi jakarta. tipe panas yang menusuk ke kulit gitu -_-

    aku uas tanggal 2 januari. abis itu libur sebulanan lebih. tapi masih 'didiskon' ama KRS lagi. jadinya makin lama deh pulangnya huhuhu :(
    enaknya itu yang libur 3 bulan, mauuu T.T