Monday, January 1, 2018

HAPPY 2018!

Happy New Year everyone! Cheers to 2018 and hopefully more wonderful things happened this year. Can't believe that my favourite date is coming real soon. LOL...It's 8/8/2018 by the way. I just love that there's so many 8 and the number 8 looks like infinity sign when rotated to the right or left...LOLOLOL...So random huh?

Anyway...Hope everyone is doing good, happy and healthy as always^^

Here's a drawing that I managed to finish yesterday after ages of procrastination. A good way to start the year eh? Hehehe...May I become less of a procrastinator and draw more this year! Let us all have a good year~ God Bless! *blows kiss* //slapped


p/s: Apparently I didn't know what to draw. So I Google-d my fav Japanese model picture to learn to draw posture. Konon drawing people that you like will make you even fired up to draw better ok! That's why I use her as my model. LOL! Outcome didn't look like her one bit though...OTL

Below is the ori picture...In case you're wondering...

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Hello 12/12

Hello December! Hello people! I'm back~ I've returned from Japan a few weeks ago and I'm so glad that I finally made one of my dreams come true. Japan is truly amazing! Visiting once is definitely not enough. I was in love with Japan long long ago and now that I've seen it with my own eyes, I shall pledge my love for eternity!

Praying so hard that I'd be given the chance to visit Japan again and hopefully managed to see each and every prefectures there is to see. Of course. I do hope everyone can visit Japan too if you guys haven't. You won't regret the decision!

In fact I was beyond happy too when my friend (the one who accompanied me to Japan) fell in love with Japan after the short trip we had! Finally there's one more person whom I could share my love on Japan.

Last but not least, here's a fanart sketch of Okita Souji from Fate/Grand Order. Have a brilliant day everyone!

Okita Souji ( 沖田総司 )

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Kibo ~ The Molten Cheese Cake ~

As someone who loves cheesecake, it's always a pleasure to nom on tasty cheesecakes. Fortunately I have found my go-to cheesecake in Jakarta. Actually I came across this brand by fate...LOLOLOL! Sounds cheesy but yes...I found them last year on Instagram. That is after randomly stalking people's IG from people A to people B to people C, so on and so forth...shhh

I don't normally buy a whole cake for myself since there's only my bro and I living in the it's almost impossible to finish a whole cake on our own. Coincidentally, Christmas was just around the corner at that time. So that's how I decided to pamper myself and give this molten cheesecake a try.

Photos belong to Kibo

Now you see what I mean?? Just take a look on these photos shown on their website. How can one who loves cheesecake not tempted to give it a try. Especially if you have weakness against Molten Cheese! don't blame me for being tempted just by the sight of it.

Ok la...another part that managed to convince me to try is the way it's related to Japan. As some of you might've known, I have a soft spot for anything Japan-ish. I always have been so amazed at how cakes are made and presented in Japanese bakeries. They often look so beautiful, meticulously done and mouthwatering at the same time! (Ok...then there's also French patisseries that give the vibe like they are good in making good pastries and sweets~ Hopefully I can try theirs someday too~)

So yeah...seeing that there's Japanese Cheesecake selling in town, of course I have to give it a try! Hahaha...Oh one more thing...I wonder if their brand name came from the word "Hope"...Cause hope in Japanese is called 希望 (きぼう) kibou. If yes, then I think it's a lovely name.

Sorry for being random at random moments...that's just who I am...LOLOLOL...Put things short I really love the cake I bought (Original Molten Cheese Cake) and managed to finish the whole cake...Bro did help in finishing them. p/s: I made the most contribution to finish it though...hahahahha!!!


Inner box, how-to consume guide and complimentary Christmas Card

I know this would sounds a lil bit sidetracked...But guess I have to give claps to the people behind the packaging. It is so neat, so well done and the texture of the box is so nice to touch...hahahaha! Double packing summore...I rarely came across this type of box~

Kibo's Original Molten Cheese Cake

In conjuction to Christmas last year, Kibo offered their customers to opt for ribbons and complimentary Christmas Card. I knew that I bought the cake for myself. But I just can't help to get it beautified too! Hahaha...after all it's a treat to myself for Christmas. Again...I like how attentive and thoughtful they are towards their customer by doing simple gesture this. *thumbs up*

The inner part of the cake

One thing I really like about this cake is how it's divided into three parts...The top feels so soft, so cottony (very whisked egg white feel...what kind of explanation is this? Hahahaha), the middle is so creamy and lovely...while the bottom tasted like sponge cake~ The amount of cheese is just right. LOVE IT~~

After let to cool down

Konon it's recommended to let the cake cool down for 20 minutes or to reheat the cheesecake on microwave for 10 seconds. As I don't own a microwave, I just let it cool down on it's own randomly. As you can see above it's melting slowly. Maybe I should try to let it cool down longer next time and see how the recommended timing would affects the taste better.

So that's all I can share on my last year's experience. It's almost close to a year and I never ordered them again cause I rarely buy a whole cake unless for special occasion. Second to that is because of the delivery charges? I forgot how much they charge. Tried opening their website but it says "This site can’t be reached" at the moment.

However, like it's our fate to meet again, I got the news from Kibo's LINE that they are participating in Jakarta Street Food Festival which took place in La Piazza Kelapa Gading! Since it's pretty close to where I am, I decided to pay the pop-up store a visit and get my hands on their other creation besides the Original Molten Cheese Cake that I've tried before. Actually I've been wanting to try their Salted Egg Cheese Cake for quite some time already. So I am pretty delighted to have them actually came and open a pop-up store in La Piazza.


Salted Egg and Choco Cheese

The chosen flavour for this time is their Salted Egg and Choco Cheese. Salted Egg coz I am crazy over salted egg and Choco Cheese coz who doesn't love chocolates right? Both can be be bought for IDR35k/each. If I have to choose between the two, then I'd chose their Salted Egg over their Choco Cheese. I don't know why but their Choco Cheese was salty. Dunno if salts magically fell down onto my portion or what...But yeah...too salty for my liking. Plus I can't really enjoy their awesome cheese flavour that much from their chocolate cake. To which often happens to Chocolate Cheesecake. So yeah...if you love cheese over anything else, then definitely go for their original one! That's my no.1 fave so far. With the salted egg flavour being second. Not that I've tried their green tea flavour and so on. So maybe they're good too!

Salted Egg IDR 35k & Choco Cheese IDR 35

Salted Egg close up

Choco Cheese close up


If you're interested and living nearby Kelapa Gading area, then you still have the chance to try them until this coming 19th November. That's when JSFF would end. For others, you can still order them online, by gojek or even by going to their store. If not mistaken there's one in PIK and another in Grand Indonesia.

For more info, you can check their:
Instagram: kibocheese
Facebook: kibocheese
Line: @kibocheese

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Dr. Kun Jayanata -2nd Visit-

(19 September 2017)

Making appointment for the 2nd time was bizarre...Never have I thought of redial-ing the same phone numbers for hundreds of times. Not 1 day but 4 days...I tried calling the clinic 3 weeks before (on Saturday) but the one who picked up the phone told me that they will only start taking appointments a week after...So I called exactly the following week from Monday to Wednesday. Managed to get through only on Wednesday but sadly they told me that it's fully booked. So I have to try again next week.*inhales* Luckily they picked up my phone on the following Monday night though *exhales*.

So seriously the road to beauty is not only MONEY and PAIN but also PERSEVERANCE + PATIENCE. Hahaha...ok la my procedure isn't that bombastic (minus pain atm). So rather than beauty I'd call it "My Skin But Better"...MSBB...*runs*

Waiting Room

As usual I report my attendance and waited for my turn. Thankfully the 2nd time wasn't like the first time. If the first time Dr. Kun would explain all those no facials, no bla bla bla...This time it's straight to consultation. Which is good cause I'm not someone who fancy listening to the same things over and over again. LOL. Though of course...we still have to enter the room in a batch. Less people this time around and I was the first person to get my consultation...trololol...Pretty akward but whatever...I've no extra energy to spare on these extra emotions...HAHAHA...

He asked if I have good pain tolerance or not. Cause If I am, then he would recommend me going for RF Treatment. But since I don't like pain...I shrug the idea...Maybe one day when I'm in a more desperate state...Maybe...Hahaha...

So instead he just changed my Morning Cream I to Morning Cream II. According to him it helps to smoothen the skin textures. Wohooo...that's exactly what my heart have been desiring for! I'm aware that it wouldn't work that much compared to RF Treatment...But guess I'll just give it a try and see if it's making any progress or not. If one day I feel like I need more then maybe I consult with him again regarding that "slightly painful" RF Treatment. LOL.

Oh...there's slight changes on the Acne Pills way of consumption too. Previously I have to consume them 5 days straight and rest for 2 days, this time it's one day on one day off...How do you call this? Every alternate days? So that's all about it...other than the two things mentioned above, I still stick with the same items Dr. Kun prescribed on my first visit. Surprisingly consultation fee this time is cheaper compared to the first one. Wonder if it's because during the 2nd consultation he don't need to repeat that "no facial, no bla bla bla" again...hahahaha...Anyway it costs IDR 250k for the consultation fee. Total damage was 250k (consultation fee) + 50k (morning cream) + 50k (night cream) = 350k. I still have the other items so I only bought these 2 that day.

Oh ya...he told me to return next year. Am happy about it coz that means that I don't have to travel far south that often. His clinic is pretty far from my location...that's why...hahaha.

View from Dr Kun's Clinic

Last but not least, here's a photo of my current progress:

21 September 2017

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Sunday, August 27, 2017


Yay!! No more solo trip as suddenly le friend (from foundation era) came up to me and she decided to join me for Japan Trip. Wohoo...Ok la it happened like a day after I booked le airbnb. So it was months ago.

I have mixed feeling at first since I kinda want to experience solo trip. On the other hand I thanked God for giving me a companion. Coz that means that nao I don't need to feel so alone. Plus I can go to places that requires more than one person to be present. Such as BBQ restaurants, Purikura, etc. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA~~ //slapped

So yea...speaking of Airbnb, it was my first time trying it. Everything went well...till today in which I got an e-mail from Airbnb saying that my host has cancelled my booking. Apparently something happened with their previous nao the owner doesn't want to rent it on Airbnb anymore. //sighs

Dear previous tenant...what did you do?? You made us lose the chance to stay at that nice place. Hmmph! Plus it's like two months more before our departure...So all the nice one within budget were taken. Leaving us with less choice to choose from. In the end all is well as we got ourselves a new place la. Thank God. Nao can only pray that everything went smoothly //fingers crossed

All of a sudden it feels like booking a hotel is much more convenient compared to Airbnb. be fully prepared if you're trying it. But so far other friends and family members never experience being cancelled before. So mebbe it's just me being unlucky this time. Airbnb provides better range of prices and places though. Worth trying. :)

See you in 2++ months dear Japan ^^