Friday, August 18, 2017

Dr. Kun Jayanata -Update 2-

(17 AUG 2017)

Whee...First of all, Happy Independence Day to all Indonesians out there! Here I am to update on my skin condition. As of today, I still can't tell any prominent changes apart from the fact that I get less acne and face feels like less oily. should I explain...

It's like usually my face got extra oily by evening but this time it's not so oily. Surprisingly hair became less oily too...Which is a good thing since it won't become flat at the speed of light. Ok la...I cheat abit...I've read somewhere before in Google that some people do experience less oily hair too. Hahaha. Apart from that, my lip still cracks...but still on bearable side coz it doesn't bleed or anything like that. Today a little bit ugly though. Can you see those ugly flakes around le mouth? Yeah...those are unsightly but it doesn't really bother me.

On redness itself...I think it got better? Yay? Nay? Still sad over my pitted scars everytime I shoot this kind of close up photos...but oh least nao there's less acne...Almost none and no acne means that there would be less probabilities of future pitted scars kan? Which is a good thing...Hopefully on the next meet up with Dr. Kun, he can recommend something...Hopefully. *fingerscrossed

Fyi, the picture below was taken in the morning (Right beside window for natural lighting konon). So that's why I look fairer than usual. I'm not this fair ok! Plus it's taken using le bro's Sony Xperia instead of using le Samsung smartphone at night time indoor lighting. Maybe that's why it looked fairer la.

Also there's no itchiness or anything like that. Everything is good so far...Too put it shortly:

Face less oily...Less acne...Less redness...Pores got bigger sometimes?

All I can hope next is to have better texture...LOL! *greedy mode: ON

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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Bye Bye K-Beauty Items

For the first time ever, TesterKorea shipping felt like ages. I made the order on 16 June, they shipped the items by 29 June and then it was stuck in Singapore since 5th of July (According to the tracking system). Never have I thought that it'd be so serious. So I waited and waited till 4 Aug came and TesterKorea emailed me saying that they're unable to ship the items to me...*Sighs*

To be honest I kinda hear about this through Facebook and friends...Around a week before I got this mail: On how le beloved country started to tighten items from other country to enter our country. Some online shops in FB shared that they face shipping problems too...But since my items were in SG for quite some time, I thought they would make it...But no...*sighs*

Just as I started to feel grateful to have found a place where I can get my necessities with decent price, it has to come to this bitter end. Not that it's a problem without a solution...But items I wanted to try were usually not easily accessible here in Jakarta.

Of course there are brands that have entered the market here...but I dunno why are they so extra expensive here. Like for when the item is priced 125k but it was sold as 259k here. If I earned dollar or that I'm rich then this might not be a problem. I'd just have to pay and get what I want. But for people like me, who always try our best to spend wisely, this is definitely not the best option. Unless I become desperate la. *another sighs*

I have tried finding local online shops. But sometime it's too hard coz some of them sells replica or fakes...Face already so-so still want to apply what non-trustable products wor?? Udah jelek mau tambah hancur?? While for some online shops that I do think that they sell genuine product, mostly they're PO based...Usually it will take around 1 month or more for it to arrive. Seeing from the recent custom problem, I don't think that it'd be easy for them this time around.

Looks like I'll have to find a new source to satisfy my needs...Hopefully I'll find it soon. Luckily I've started going to dermatologist. So all that I really need right now is a place where I can get supplies of sunscreen/sunblock. Wish me luck...

Friday, June 30, 2017

Dr. Kun Jayanata -Updates-

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(30 JUNE 2017)

Honestly I can't keep up on which day is it already. Luckily I had written le start date. So it's all good! As the owner of le own face, I don't really notice anything except when prominent acne come and goes...But recently a colleague came over my table and asked if I used anything on my face. So I guess it's getting better? They can't really pinpoint what is it that changed...According to them it's getting clearer la...

As for my mom, she noticed nothing...So yea...I don't really knowww...Was it just a feeling? Was it an imagination? Or was it really happening? HAHAHAHA...

Without further ado here's pictures I gathered to speak for itself...

LEFT taken on 21 June 2017 and RIGHT taken on 17 May 2017

Both taken on 24 June 2017

Since I started the medication on 8 May 2017, I guess it's been a month plus to two months already. As you can see above, the only thing that I noticed all these time would be the acne that appeared nearby my nose and chin (right cheek)...Hahahaha...That's what you get when you've been living with the others for years...LOL!

Not sure if it's the lighting too good or what...but if the 2nd picture isn't lying then I'm happy on how le skin glows healthily. Less redness and the acne nearby le nose and chin has shrank in size...Wohoo! I'd be sure to be taking pictures again to confirm these changes...Hopefully it'd be better on the next update...Hahaha...So far I'm happy that there's no new acne forming plus the skin looks so chewy liddat. *fingerscrossed*

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Dr. Kun Jayanata -1st Visit-

First heard about Dr, Kun from forums years ago. At that time I was amazed at the numbers of positive testimonials I read from the internet. However I was kind of skeptical. Why?

Cause I read that he prescribed the most magical strongest acne killer called Accutane to almost everyone. For those who haven't know about Accutane, you can read about it HERE.

I used to have a housemate (a male) who were given Accutane by his dermatologist. For his case I think it's worth the try cause his condition is pretty severe. But to think that the not so severe one also being given the strongest medicine (which to me is like the final resort to go to if nothing else can solve the acne problem any longer) is quite hmm...

As I had not been to any other dermatologist since the last one, I have been happy and satisfied with using Cosrx products alone. So far they've managed to keep my skin steady with only random 1-2 acne every now and then. Would really really recommend using their COSRX One Step Moisture up pad/ COSRX One Step Pimple clear pad and COSRX Centella Blemish Cream if your acne condition is not so severe. Maybe it could help.

So why if I'm happy with Cosrx but decided to give Dr. Kun a try?? Hmm...nice question. Again back to the root of what troubles me most. Pitted scars! As I got older, my acne isn't as much as when I first started to have them (college years). So honestly I'm not that stressed over one or two or even 5 acnes on my face. But what truly hurts me the most is when they leave my skin and gave me pitted scars as parting gifts! Why you so "generous" dear acne??? //smacks forehead

I give it a lot of thought...What if this is something that only dermatologist can help me with. Of course I can kinda handle the acne that appears randomly...But not in making sure that they leave no pitted scars. Even when I never disturb them by popping/squeezing/etc. They just decided to become pitted scars on their own...Why oh why...OTL

That's how I decided to try Dr. Kun. Even if it's at the cost of given Accutane...LOL! You can say that I'm giving myself to my last resort...Ok la...there's that laser treatment or even "skin resurfacing"??? But nah...I don't think that I'd be that extreme and go for that length.


I'm not sure since when...But making an appointment with Dr. Kun is much more simple and easier as compared to many years ago. I heard last time patients need to queue like super early outside his clinic to get a queue-ing number. Worst is that even if you got them number, it still doesn't guarantee that you can meet him directly...Maybe you need to go back or hang around somewhere for hours until the designed time. To which I think is a hassle...especially for working people. what everyone else said, it IS pretty hard to get through their telephone line. really need perseverance. But not that extreme too la as they picked up my phone within 6 minutes of spam calling their telephone...LOLOLOL!!

Tried calling them for the first time on Saturday (29th April 2017). However they told me that they only start can receiving reservation starting on Tuesday (2nd May 2017 since 1st was a public holiday). Called them again on Tuesday and managed to get a slot for next Monday. So I think you can only book for a slot a week later from the time you made the call. They'd ask for your name and address as well as your preferred time.


Going there is pretty easy. If you're too lazy to drive, you can always opt to go by Uber. Just have to type "Dr Kun" on the search bar and you go! As it was my first time, I feel like a lost child in a huge building not knowing where to go first...Being an introvert isn't a plus either. LOL!

Anyway...just go to that desk shown on the pic (Left Pic). Confirm your attendance and wait till they call you into the room shown on the pic (Right). Feeling so lucky that day as they let me join the first group though my slot was supposed to be at later time...LOL! And yes...the "kakak" standing near the door (Right pic) will call the patients' name one by one while handing a file to which the doctor will fill it in for you. Fyi the consultation is done in groups. As for my slot, I think there's around 10 people?

Not a problem in my opinion. Maybe more to people who bring their little one? Coz the doctor might ask about your pregnancy plan, whether you are pregnant, what kind of protection did you use and such. I think it's a little awkward to be talking about those in front of your child. Or maybe it's just me?

Like what other blogs have mentioned, Dr. Kun will asked us not to do Facial, avoid taking Vitamin B, E or Chlorophyll, also to not use anything that contains Tea Tree or Sulfur. According to him facial is no different than popping your own pimple. It caused pitted scars! The only difference is that when you pop them yourself, it's FREE. FREE popping vs. EXP popping...LOL! I like that he has sense of humor. To which makes listening pretty fun! Oh...he's super nice too!! Which is a plus point~

After he's done talking about those (to which I think he had already repeated them like countless times throughout his career coz I keep reading them on people's blog...hahaha) he proceed examining the patients one by one. He'll ask about whether you're married or not, your weight, your concern, whether you're trying to have baby at the moment, so on and so forth

From that conversation he'd decide whether to allow you to consume Obat Jerawat (Acne Medicine) or not. I don't think he mention them as Accutane or how much mg is given to so and so. Which makes me wonder how come so many people know that it's called Accutane and how many mg was prescribed to them? I just know that he gave me Obat Jerawat and no clue on how much mg it is. OTL

The only giveaway is when he mentioned that it's not good for pregnant people...To which kinda makes it sounds like it's Accutane. Hmm...Didn't manage to ask coz this introvert isn't quick in thinking. It's better to prepare your questions before going if you're slow like me.

Oh one more thing...If it's Accutane...How come no blood check? I thought it's necessary? Coz previously my x-housemate got his blood drawn to check whether the medicine will suit him or not. Again I didn't manage to ask about this. Maybe on my next appointment.

According to him it's safe...people have been using them overseas and it's effective. Personally seeing that so many people still go to this place kinda makes me feel safe. But whatever decision you make, make sure that you're aware of the pro and cons. Coz I, myself wasn't a dermatologist or doctor. So I can't say that it's 100% safe. Advice? Read more and decide what you want for yourself!

For me, Dr. Kun prescribed me these 5 items:


Krim Jerawat II (Acne Cream II)
Idr 50k

Krim Pagi I (Morning Cream I) or my own Sunblock
Idr 45k
(Go out - Acne Cream + Sunblock | Stay at home - Acne Cream + Morning Cream)


Krim Jerawat III (Acne Cream III)
Idr 50k

Krim Malam I (Night Cream I)
Idr 45k

(5x a week) MON - FRI
Obat Jerawat (Acne medicine)
Idr 210k

While Krim Jerawat (Acne Cream) were light and watery to my liking, his Krim Pagi and Krim Malam (Morning Cream and Night Cream) is breathtaking. HAHAHA...It felt and smells like random glue. With Krim Pagi (Morning Cream) having thicker consistencies. far I'm liking how it's giving me that "baby butts" softness! It's happiness at the end of every wash coz touching my face after has never been this fun. Why you so soft and chewy!! Was it you Krim Pagi and Krim Malam?? Or was it Obat Jerawat's work?? Thank you~~

Left Cheek - Right Cheek

Above is the picture taken on Day 6. There's still redness here and there but it looks soft to the eyes. Oh...I have one huge pimple (those without heads) in between my eyebrow and chin prior going to Dr. Kun. They already shrank in size as compared to Day 1. There also one too near my nose and now the head starting to appear (yes...those yellow top).

Other than that I haven't been experiencing any prominent breakouts, purging or dryness...Only one new pimple and 3 tiny bumps on top left of my forehead. To which those 3 have dried and that new pimple currently going through the same thing with the one on my nose...head appearing

Maybe it's still too early?? Hopefully purging isn't that bad though...Hahaha...//fingers crossed

If you're interested to try, you can contact the phone number shown above. Price wise it varies from one to another. Depending on your case. As for mine, it costs Idr 750k. Reasonable price I'd say. Plus minus kinda the same amount with other dermatologist I've been to. Or maybe cheaper coz Dr. Kun doesn't require us to visit him every month. More like 3-4 months after our first appointment. To which we can save on consultation fee that cost Idr 350k per visit.

Oh yeah...I almost forgot...In case you're like me who can't remember what Dr. Kun says on how to apply the cream, you can politely re-ask the "kakak" as they hand you your prescribed medicines. Hehehe...Payment wise they accept Cash or Debit Card. Forgot to ask about Credit Card though.

That's all! Will update again if I see any changes~

Disturbing Images Ahead...LOL

D - 10
Not sure if this is what people called as Initial Breakout or normal breakout...But I think my skin just gave birth to a few acne...LOL!!! Not too many...Not less...But there they are...Hmm,,,

Tiny bumps on forehead. Again these dried up like the next day. So it's not bothering me that much. The one in between my eyebrow deflated nicely to almost non existing state...But...

There's 2 new one on my chin, another new one spotted nearby the nose area (Located a few cm below the old one). Then as I'm typing this, it feels as if another one will appear above my upper lips and another one somewhere nearby chin area. Much towards right cheek...Very meh right?

But since I experienced much worst condition before, I'm totally okay with these...LOL! The joy of ever being in your worst I'd say. Plus all these new one feels like those acne that will come and go very quickly within days~ SO yeah..."sap sap water" (smol problem jer)

As for lips, though it didn't dried up as I expected it to be, it started to dry at minimum level. It feels like when you apply glue on your skin, you let them dry naturally and then you try to move your skin...Yes! That kind of sensation. Also I noticed that my lips' left corner have started to give me the stings...I think they're much drier on that area. Nothing too painful again it's ok!

Talking about eyes...I think they've dried up a lil bit...Both inner area of the eyes stings a little. My eyes were swollen too. Not sure if it's the after effect from crying last night or because the medicine is working. You of my acne is pretty close to my inner eye. Perhaps it stings coz I applied the acne cream close to my eye...//sighs

Sorry if I'm writing in a rojak manner. Am currently super sleepy but I'm afraid that I'd forget about all these by tomorrow. That's why I decided to type these right nao.'s a picture of today's condition. Face...why you SOOOO REDD??? I thought I applied lots of sunscreen d??

Do click on the picture for clearer view. It's starting to look gross so I don't feel like making it bigger in size...Hahaha...Good night.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Kidnap Ding Ding Don (綁架丁丁當)

I just Google-d and found out that this movie was released last year. I kinda like this movie. Maybe it's also due to what happened in le country recently. So it's giving me the right amount of laughter that I needed.

Hmm...I think this Hong Kong movie is RomCom? (with a little bit of family touch). It began with this guy (male protagonist) who woke up (with injury on his head plus amnesia) in a room where he saw Ding Ding (female protagonist obviously) tied up on a chair. Since he can't remember what happened or his real identity, our female protagonist told him a story to which I think it's better if I don't spoil much...Hehehe...towards the end the story will revealed why is he in her room, so on and so forth...Recommended if you like comedy! I'll leave the it to the movie's trailer to do the "luring"...hahaha!

There's a number of famour actor and actress starred in this movie too: Alex Fong, Ivana Wong (I think I know her more as a singer instead of an actress. But it's refreshing to see that she dived into acting industries too. I think her acting is pretty good in this movie!), Mimi Chu ( LOL my fave auntie actress~), Elena Kong and Hui Shiu Hung (one of my fave too!).







There's a couple scene that got me laugh so hard...below are some of them...


As one of Bigbang's fans I am happy to see them appeared on any drama/movies. Especially if there's GD...which we will soon see below...LOLOLOL~


Seriously didn't expect these two words to appear in the movie. I'll have to agree that people who watch K-dramas could at least know a few famous words like Saranghae, Babo, Eotteokhae, etc.


Laughed the most during this scene. That nice "lousy acting" part screaming "Save me, Daddy save me" was so hilarious!! Plus that epic simple English "If you don't come, daughter bye bye" was one of a kind! HAHAHAHAHA...I still laugh when I think back of this particular scene. If I have to choose then this one is one of the best scene in the movie. 


As an Indonesian, I also love to see our country name appears on any media. And this time we have this maid called Julianna who was once a martial artist in Indonesia. Though to be picky I'd like her use "silat" move or something like that. And to use Indonesian traditional songs as the background while she's doing her moves instead of using Indian instrumental? as background songs. Unless she's doing Indian martial art lah...then it would be perfect.

Next...did you see the last picture? YESSS!!! Finally GD appeared...HAHAHAHAHA!!

Conclusion I had a good time watching this Hong Kong movie. It really is entertaining and funny. But there's some part where I'd hoped for it to be explained much further...Maybe more on the father and daughter relationship after their reconciliation and such...I feel like this movie focused more on the love part instead of the family part. However I'd still recommend watching this...Hehehe.