Monday, October 26, 2015

Sleeping Early!

It's around 30 minutes to my sleeping time! Might be sleeping right after I post this post. So yeah...this is my 2nd day of sleeping early. Planned to sleep daily by 10 but usually I've just finished dinner after it felt like days ended too fast. So I cheated a bit and decided to sleep at 11 instead!

It's pretty hard since I got back from work pretty late and all the sudden it feels like it's sleeping time already! I felt like I've wasted many hours in my life. Imagine that you can only live until 50 and you wasted like 50% of your hours of being alive for sleeping. Think of how many things can you do with all those hours! And here I am giving up those hours for the sake of experimenting...Hahaha...

Basically there's only 3 things I can't give up in my life for the sake of beauty...

One...SLEEP! I won't be sleeping early just because everyone is telling me that it might be the cause that my skin isn't as healthy as before. LOLOLOL...It might've been true...since my skin gradually becomes bad right after I entered college. The "era" in which I've started to stayed up late...REAL LATE...with chances of not sleeping for a day or days (with super short naps here and there). Might've been the stress too...but oh well...the habits stayed up till today and I still find it hard to sleep early. Plus I don't feel like wasting so much time on sleep alone. Though honestly I find sleeping to be enjoyable. If only I can sleep for 2 hours and it felt like 7 hours...that would be awesome!

Two...SPICY FOOD! It's sooo hard to stop myself from eating them delicious spicy food! A food isn't much of a food if it's lacking of spiciness...I don't mind eating food without chillies, etc. But definitely I would LOVE to have chillies or anything spicy on my plate~

Three...FRIED FOODS! How can I stop this one if it's the easiest food to find almost everywhere. Not to forget that I LOVE LOVE LOVE KFC and am proud to say that I'm good at cooking fried dishes~

So yeah...after thinking for awhile...on Sunday evening...LOL! I decided to give sleeping early a try. (Seems like the easiest la) See if it's contributing anything to the skin. Huhuhu...hopefully I can give up all of these three things...but we'll take it slowly! Not sure if I managed to change anything or what. But at least I must give it a try before deciding whether it's working or not...LOL! Assumptions is bad~

Might be going back to the norm as well since I've always have that kind of mindset that good skin isn't anything compared to my happiness. And indeed those 3 are parts of my we'll see...for now we try first~

First day was pretty awful as my eyes were wide awake for dunno how long...Didn't really check the watch. But it felt like I kept on rolling on the bed till 12...or more?? Hahaha...since when did sleeping becomes so hard?? Awake by 5.30 but I forced myself to sleep back coz my dream was pretty interesting. *coughs

Hehehe...Ok...gonna off now and spend my remaining minutes playing my Android games...wish me

Friday, October 16, 2015

Le Dermatologist Visit -2nd Visit-

As promised earlier, here's an update to my skin conditions! It's le second time going to the same dermatologist! Good news? Less stuffs given this month!!! YAY!!! *throws confetti* Felt as if skin is better so I need less stuffs la...That kind of thoughts~ And of courseeeeee...CHEAPER!!! *slapped*

Read about my first visit HERE!

(This time along with the box which you'll get 30 tablets)
(The same as previous month...Too bad I can't find out the ingredients)
(Read about this HERE)

Apparently the only new thing I got during the 2nd visit was the "morning lotion". Previously I was given the pink solution that have chalky texture to it. But this time I got myself a yellow solution.

It smells like calamine + sulfur! Indeed these two are some of the main ingredients used inside the solution. It reminds me of my Bandung Trip...To a place called Kawah Putih "White Crater". Simply because it smelled like sulfur there with all the sulfur lying everywhere~

Kawah Putih "White Crater" in Bandung

Sulfur is the those yellow-ish substance...I suppose...*coughs*

The ingredients

  • Aqua
  • Calamine
  • Sulfur
  • Alcohol
  • Polysorbate 80
  • Panthenol
  • Zinc Oxide
  • Talc
  • Allantoin
  • Salycilic Acid
  • Camphor
  • Titanium Dioxide
  • Magnesium Aluminium Silicate
  • Phenoxyethanol
  • Imidazolidinyl Urea
  • Rosa Centifolia
  • Flower Oil
  • Methylparaben (Here comes the paraben familia...LOL!)
  • Ethylparaben
  • Butylparaben
  • Propylparaben
  • Isobutylparaben
As anti-acne solution that helps to dry acne on face, neck and back.

Clean your face, Shake the solution and applies on the skin affected with acne. But for my case I applied them onto my whole face...LOLOLOL! I listened to my doctor ok! Apply them thinly though! Less is more...

From my observation, your pee will turn bright yellow. But do not be alarmed as these are the after effects of consuming Vitamin B's which you got from RELIV tablets. Your skin will have lots of acnes popping out in the beginning but will gradually decrease. Plus you'll feel slight itch every now and then. Especially after applying the night cream/Evalen. There's a slight peeling going around too. Not too severe though. Just a little bit of flaky skin here and there. Nothing worth worrying over. AH! Also be aware that your skin will tend to be more sensitive towards sun. Sunscreen is a must~

The only downside is how I disliked the new born acne loveeeesss my jaw and lower chin area alot! My itch sensations tends to stress on those areas...HUHUHU!! Just a slight discomfort la...still can cope with it...I CAN DO IT!

Last but not least...It might have seemed like there's no changes happened during the whole time...But do not be disheartened cause there would be some improvement. Although it might not be a major improvements, Not that obvious I mean...But indeed I am very happy to notice the different after a month plus of using the medication diligently! To be honest I only noticed the difference after I put all the pictures that I took into a canvas in Photoshop...Below are the photos that I'm talking about~

See? Got better right? Even if it's just a little~ Though I must add that my deep pitted scars were still there till now. Either it's lighting problem or it looked less visible coz the redness is reduced~ Hehehe...Can't wait to see what improvements I can look forward to next...My biggest dream would be having those deep pitted scars to be back into its original state. But maybe that one I'll have to go for lasers or dermarollers. But for now I'm focusing on my acne first...*feeling positive

Total damage for 2nd visit was IDR 443k. (Incl. of consultation fee of IDR120k)

That's it for now...I'll try to update on my next visit too~

Again please give dermatologist a visit instead of trying the medication I used above. Coz different skins reacts differently. Better be safe than sorry la...right? Good night~~

Monday, October 12, 2015

Sawatdee Ka Bangkok! (Day Three)

The highlight of 3rd day in BKK was Alpaca View! All three of us were excited for it as it will be our first time meeting Alpacas face to face! HAHAHA! Though we'll come to that later on coz it was something scheduled for the yeah...

As we're living extremely near to the lively Pratunam Market, there's no doubt that our eyes were "seduced" by scrumptious foods along the way. On the third day, the girls decided to give Khanom Krok a try. A small coconut pancake, sweet, often accompanied by yam, green onion or corn as fillings. If memories serves me right, they go for corns and yams! I ate the one with yam inside while it's hot and I think it's pretty good. If only it can be less sweet then it's perfect for my taste buds.

Khanom Krok

Khanom Krok choices for fillings

Khanom Krok in the making

The journey itself continued by foot. Coz konon it looked really near...but we were mistaken...


The journey walked on that day

See the map above? Apparently that's how far we walked by foot. From the red dot above to the red dot below...LOL!

Platinum Mall - Central World - Siam Paragon - Siam Center - Siam Square

Temple outside mall

The journey to Central World from Platinum Mall by foot considered as good enough. Not too far and not to near. It looks pretty huge from the outside...Kinda reminds me of Kuala Lumpur's 1 Utama Shopping Mall...but with bigger outdoor walking area where there's lots of "tents" outside the mall during that time...

Feeling warm upon entering this mall as we are greeted by this cute characters designed by Simone Legno. I enjoyed his artwork pretty much so finding these during travel is a plus for me...hehe. If only I can grab one of them back home! *coughs*


Croissant Taiyaki...Lobster Font...Is that you used on the logo? LOL!

Freshly baked Croissant Taiyaki

Croissant Taiyaki in the making

So glad to be finding this Taiyaki Croissant shop called "Croissant Taiyaki" in BKK. Always wanted to try Original Taiyaki with Red Bean fillings ever since I saw them in animes and J-doramas. So looking at these Croissant Taiyaki is a bliss! Of course it wasn't the original Taiyaki...But it's close enough...So ok la...Also grateful! Hehehe...

Happy to know that Jas were as excited as I do too! So we bought one for each. HA! Definitely the one with red bean fillings ok! It's crispy on the outside and sweet on the inside. They gave generous amount of fillings.Although it's too sweet for my tongue, I still find it pretty tasty. Give it a try~

Cute fruit store beside Croissant Taiyaki

Mikan packaging...why you so cute one???

Cute bears

I think that they'd make a good addition to Starbucks' interior...hehehe

- Japanese Omurice Restaurant -
Central World 6th Floor

For lunch, we didn't have anything in mind since none of us research about Central World. Roughly we just walked around till we found something that match our preferences...And so we found this cute little shop selling Omurice! (Japanese Omelette Rice)

Omurice is a food that's popular enough to be appearing often in Anime and J-Dorama as much as Japanese Kare (Curry Rice). So definitely a must to try larr. Although it's not Japan...Also must try ok! *coughs*

The Menu

Pretty Looking Salad

Orange Juice

The interior + waitress


Elie's Mabo Tofu Sauce Omurice

Tomato Sauce Omurice with Cream Croquette shared among Jas and I...LOL

Both Jas and I decided to share our food since we've eaten Croissant Taiyaki earlier and weren't that hungry. Taste wise the food served were good. The eggs are wonderfully done. They're soft and fluffy! As for the croquette, they're crispy on the outside, soft and creamy on the inside.

Cute Moo Moo



Cute bunny wagashi

Beautiful flowers

After our lunch, we walked around for a lil bit and surprised to spot a shop selling wagashi. Wagashi is a type of traditional Japanese confectionery that's often served along with tea. Again I was surprised to find Jas to have similar interest with me! Out of a sudden I felt a deep connection with her from this trip....LOLOLOL!!

Without thinking further we went straight to the cashier to make an order only to be disappointed to find out that the ready stocks only consists of the one placed on one section. To which none of them managed to capture our heart. With a heavy heart we left the shop with empty hand. FOL...LOL!

As we headed out from the mall, both Jas and Elie tried on Thai instant noodle. Not sure if they're too full or what. Coz according to them it wasn't as good as they expected.

A bowl of Thai Instant Noodle shared by Elie and Jas

The hardest part of Day Three would be the journey from Central World to Siam Paragon. Am not sure myself on why are we taking the long way walking instead of using public transport...LOL!

The long distance plus the numbers of stairs and heat...It's breathtaking! So much till I reached target in my Samsung S Health. It rarely happened. Except during another trip...which is to Bandung.

Nevertheless we saw quite a number of people doing the same thing. It must be their secrets to beautiful slim long legs and bodies! *slapped

Fyi, they have Laduree in Siam Paragon! Yes...that famous Macaroon shop! Tempted to buy but it wasn't my last day in didn't buy any as I worried that they can't last that long...So please buy me a box if you happen to pass by...ehemmm!!


We managed to find our way to SIAM SQUARE ONE to try on the Japanese Roll Cake I've researched prior to our trip...HAHAHA!

Siam Square One
1st Floor

I just love their presentation of the food!

Our choice

Tsujiri Roll Set shared by Jas and I

This set consists of Chocolate Matcha Roll, Charcoal Matcha twist soft cream, Matcha Nama Chocolate, Fresh Fruits and Matcha Sauce. The Choco Matcha Roll is sooooo good!! Probably one of the best Japanese Roll Cake I've eaten! They're soft and the level of sweetness is perfect! Soft cream are good too! Matcha Nama Chocolate is a no no for me though.

Elie's choice

No much comment on this one...Pretty normal. On a positive side they look pretty and insta worthy lar...Hahaha...

Spotted Hello Kitty Cafe

Beauty Cottage
Siam Square One

If I had Kyo Roll En on my wishlist, then Elie's wishlist on must visit places would be this Beauty Cottage! They're selling beauty products with reasonable price and of course beautiful packaging. 

Done with shopping and packed with tired legs, we decided to go for Mango Tango. Another place we had on our wishlist.

Siam Square

Mango Tango Mascot

Other products sold

Mango Sticky Rice

Mango Pudding

Mango Sticky Rice

Mango Pudding

Mango Tango Interior

According to the girls, this place is famous among tourists. Indeed I enjoyed their Mango and Sticky Rice. So far they have the best Mango Sticky Rice...Not much comment to add since I've only tried Mango Sticky Rice twice. One from the one we bought at Pratunam Market which is okok...and secondly we had our Mango Sticky Rice in Mango Tango. I'd recommend their Mango Sticky Rice. Not so much on the Mango Pudding coz it taste like normal Mango Pudding la...But if you like pudding by all means...yeah...Also be reminded that the seat are pretty limited and always packed with people...worth the wait though.

As we're omega tired from all the walk, we went back to our hotel by taxi...All of a sudden I thank God for taxi...HAHAHA!

During nightime, we have Alpaca View as our last destination! This one sure gave use the best memories that I can't forget till now...Why??

You'll find out in a while...hehe.

11, Lad Phrao Wang Hin Soi 71, Bangkok 10320 Thailand

It rained a little as we found ourselves a taxi. Enough of jams and rain that got us skeptical on not being able to meet up with the alpacas, we have this uncle taxi driver who's quite loud...LOL!

Only after a few minutes have passed then he started to be a pain as he asked once again for the road name. We replied him with the address. However, it seemed like he have never heard of Alpaca View. So he insisted for us to give him the exact address to which we have told him a number of times.

Why all these have to come to the surface after his "yes" by allowing us to ride his taxi. If he didn't know he should've mention it in the beginning. Yes?

Dunno if we have bad pronunciation or what, he can't get the address right...LOL! Then he started complaining that we should've wrote the address in a paper. We have them address on our smartphones though...Both written in Thai and English...But he refused to see as he was driving. Ok la...true...but he can stop somewhere though if he really wants to know right??

Anyway...all that's important is solution over debate...SOOOO...

I forgot how and why did Elie ended up calling our hotel's receptionist to help. And that's where the funny memorable memories happened.

Not sure of what kind of conversation did she had with the receptionist...I assume somewhere along the way there's bad reception so the receptionist can't hear Elie's hello. Then maybe they keep on talking hello in Thai Language that got Elie's being receptive and started to say "Sawatdee Ka" with total confidence which got us startled. All of a sudden everyone in the taxi laughed real hard. Of course the taxi uncle was laughing too! HAHAHAHA!!

From there on everything was smooth! Uncle finally knew how to go all is well~ Thanks to Elie's "breaking the ice" that the uncle somehow became approachable...LOLOLOL!!

OK...back to Alpaca View...

As we reached our dream place, it seemed like there's not much people there. Only a few table were filled with people. Dunno if it's because of the rain or what...

The good thing is that there's LIVE band a few metres away from where we are seated. It's kinda nice to experience LIVE Thai songs~ Something different...hehe. Although we can't wait to go out to search for alpacas outside of our room, we decided that it's best to make an order first...*coughs 

Alpaca View Menu

The view from my seat


Tom Yam

Fried Pork

Pineapple Fried Rice?

When in Thai, you eat Thai food. And when we talk about Thai Food, we have Tom Yam of course! So there we ordered three dish which consists of Tom Yam Seafood, Fried Pork and Pineapple Fried Rice.

And guess what? This place served the best Tom Yam ever! We went to several places to try Tom Yam and apparently we liked the one here BEST! It tasted SOOOOOO GOOD and spicy enough to leave us wanting for more! I'd definitely go here again even if there's no Alpacas. All for gulps of these wonderful Tom Yam.

Their Fried Pork and Pineapple Fried Rice were delicious too! Everything here tasted good. Though my number one recommendation would be their Tom Yam la.

Done with the awesome-est dinner, we went outside to feast our eyes! Unfortunately it was as what we're afraid of. Alpacas!!!

We came into a conclusion that they were "evacuated" since it rained a while ago...HAHAHAHAHAHA! So we only be able to spot some other animals like rabbits and ducks...LOL!

And oh...this place wasn't as big as I expected. I thought that it'd be something like Chocolate Ville in size. But no. So yeah...don't expect a huge farm.

Nevertheless...I think this place is good enough to visit. Coz again...

THEY SERVED GOOD TOM YAM!!! And this reason alone is enough to get your feet to this place!! MUST TRY OK!

Not really sure but it seems like the the cute houses on the last pic serves as Karaoke Room. But again I wasn't 100% sure. But it seemed like it la. Maybe next time if you're interested you can ask the waitress...

As usual, I love to end my post with pictures of the day...

Why you so CUTE one?????

Dunno why...but looking at this cuties got me brain thinking of MAXIS. Maybe coz it's red lah. Plus that expression...Really reminds me of the connectivity problems I encountered with maxis...So yeah...That's it for today...Good night all!