Saturday, February 2, 2013

Oh...there you are!

Back on Thursday,
I was so thrilled when bro bought with him an envelope.
He told me that it was lying on the mailbox when he came home.

I already knew that I won a giveaway on Jan.
But never did I expected it to arrive so soon.

Based on past experiences with lost international purchases,
I don't really put so much hopes on them to arrive to me.
I've tried purchasing a CD and a plush from US through USPS,
but never even one of them able to reach me. *sighs*

Once or twice would be normal...right?
But as the wallet I won from a giveaway from Ausy also never arrive,
I came with a conclusion that I really have no luck with international shipping.
(Seems like the first item through overseas shipping that managed to reach me is from Zurich. *claps*)

Unless I went for FedEx or DHL...
But that would makes the shipping alone more exp than the stuffs I'm purchasing.
So there's no way I would be so desperate to use them.

Tried using DHL once just to send my IC back to my hometown.
And it costs around RM 100+++.
So exppppp for such a tiny 8.5 x 5.5 cm which is super thin. *sobs*
But it's urgent and I think they did a great job delivering the stuffs.
So yeah...I had a great experience with them.
Definitely gonna use them for urgent things or when I'm wealthier somehow...haha.

So nao you know why am I so overjoyed!
So here comes the images of the items I got from Laurita's Blog Giveaway~

The cuteness of the front package

It's so nice of her to draw something on the package.
It makes the package more personalized and special.
And definitely it brings up a happy mood to it compared to a blank boring envelope.

The back side of the package

Isn't it lovely?
I think it looks pretty.
Imagine it with a face and a hair!
It'll be a gorgeous girl!

From this I think I confirm myself that the drawing on her blog was done by her!
As someone who also loves to draw,
I'm impressed~

The items won

It's consisted of cute stickers in variations.
Also she added a nice handwritten card!

Applying the stickers on my sketch book

I don't really have a journal or diary now a days...
But I guess it's applicable to sketch book too!
Hehe...guess I'm still a noob in using stickers.
But it's kinda fun.
Brings back my childhood memories.
Back then I collected diff kinds of stickers.
I even have my own stickers album.

if you like,
you can also join Laurita's Secret Letter.
Read on the link to know more on what it is.
All I can say that it's fun to read~
You might find it interesting too.