Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Ao Haru Ride

Mad HAPPY when I saw this anime on the list of new anime released! Been reading this manga and fell in love with it right away. So definitely am gonna watch the anime too! You guys should check this manga out if you happen to love reading shoujo manga! Romance genre! *winks*

The story revolves around Futaba Yoshioka and Tanaka Ko who likes each other. But due to some misunderstanding, the relationship kinda ended as the guys transfer school. (Epic timing!) Apparently 3 years later they meet again and that's how their love adventure begins!

The logo...obviously

3 years ago

3 years later

Since I didn't take any nice screenshot of them...

(Left) Futaba Yoshioka (Right) Tanaka Ko a.k.a Mabuchi Ko

Seriously I'm really happy with the art. Both anime and manga. It's good! Not to mention that my beloved HoneyWorks contributes for the opening song. The insert song during the "confession" scene and the ending song itself are good too! What more can you ask for?

Yes...the insert song for this scene is lovely!

Other than the storyline, art and songs, I also love the voice of Tanaka Ko! To which I found out that the seiyuu was Yuuki Kaji. The same seiyuu who voiced for Noragami's Yukine, Final Fantasy XIII's Hope, Diabolik Lovers' Kanato and more! For more chara he have voiced, click HERE!

Although it seems like he voiced quite alot clingy, mama boys type of chara, I am really liking his voice in Ao Hara Ride! I just love that deep low voice of his. Especially when he said "baka" to Futaba. Sweet!'s perfect! Definitely gonna keep an ear on his voice and add him to the list of my fav seiyuus!


3 years ago

3 years later

I also love this gesture of his in the anime. Somehow it's sweet to see him to be still doing something that he used to do. It almost feel like the old him was here but wasn't. You'll understand as you watch the anime or read the manga. Seriously this anime managed to make my heart race...*coughs

Trailer 1

Trailer 2

Trailer 3

Am really hoping that you guys will give this anime and manga a try. It's one of Sakisaka Io's sensei best work I've read. Do buy the ori DVD or manga when it's available in your country. If there's none then you can read the manga HERE.

Seriously I'm looking forward for epi 2 and so on! Other than that I still have Hunter x Hunter, Sword Art Online 2, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, Akame Ga Kill, Sailor Moon Crystal, FREE! Eternal Summer, One Piece, Naruto Shippuuden, Glass Slip, Soredemo Sekai Wa Utsukushii and Fairy Tail to follow. Kinda sad that No Game No Life has ended...Hopefully there's a second season. *fingers crossed