Friday, June 30, 2017

Dr. Kun Jayanata -Updates-

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(30 JUNE 2017)

Honestly I can't keep up on which day is it already. Luckily I had written le start date. So it's all good! As the owner of le own face, I don't really notice anything except when prominent acne come and goes...But recently a colleague came over my table and asked if I used anything on my face. So I guess it's getting better? They can't really pinpoint what is it that changed...According to them it's getting clearer la...

As for my mom, she noticed nothing...So yea...I don't really knowww...Was it just a feeling? Was it an imagination? Or was it really happening? HAHAHAHA...

Without further ado here's pictures I gathered to speak for itself...

LEFT taken on 21 June 2017 and RIGHT taken on 17 May 2017

Both taken on 24 June 2017

Since I started the medication on 8 May 2017, I guess it's been a month plus to two months already. As you can see above, the only thing that I noticed all these time would be the acne that appeared nearby my nose and chin (right cheek)...Hahahaha...That's what you get when you've been living with the others for years...LOL!

Not sure if it's the lighting too good or what...but if the 2nd picture isn't lying then I'm happy on how le skin glows healthily. Less redness and the acne nearby le nose and chin has shrank in size...Wohoo! I'd be sure to be taking pictures again to confirm these changes...Hopefully it'd be better on the next update...Hahaha...So far I'm happy that there's no new acne forming plus the skin looks so chewy liddat. *fingerscrossed*