Thursday, January 3, 2008



3 January 2008

Was lucky to have the birthday girl to fetch me.
Followed by Hee and Fang Fang.

Then we went to McD to have lunch together.
There we were able to meet YY's long awaited darling.
I repeat again...
Darling oh...not YY's Dear Dear...*winks*
As always...
Nonsense is in the air.
Laughter are part of the seasonings.

we bid farewell to each other...

That's the end of the story...



Not yet lah!

And so,
we moved on to our mission.

Buying the items such as fruits and etc.

It was a fun journey.
Without realizing,
finally i've reached Hwee Yeen's house for the 3rd time in my life.
Am counting and still counting~

Princess of the day cooking

Sell fruit uncle

Sell Yong Tau Foo auntie

Uncle moves business to selling fried chicken

3 bunnies and 2 girl

Max, Dreamie and "must-be" Fang's hand

Ming Yao helping's hand

The Happy Man and The Man

What's the title to this??

Finally 21 year old woman

Act cute pose

Inside the house

People gathered

Focusing on a box called TV


Complimentary colour

Max and "high" YY

I sense some danger here.
Yuan Hooi really have to make sure YY not going to play three wood.

Enough of the CNN,
We move back to our main road...

After the long chit chatting and eating,
we went to MRR2.

Flash makes us look dark
Hyper Max and friends...LoL

Odd pose

Moi, Hee, Max


Us again

Us again and again

Sexy back for visual purpose only~

So after a short walk in MRR2,
we went back to Yeen's house.
There we have the birthday cake~
Coffee Flavored Cake

From here on,
the camera has ran out of memory.
So disappointed.
But i guess someone will update on this.
So guess it's ok.

Happy Birthday Mama!!!
June we can go casino together gether lor!

Talk as if we are "casino"holic...