Thursday, October 27, 2011

Deepavali and Today!

Planned to blog last night after I proudly told Jasmine I would do so.
But somehow I didn't do that in the end!

Mainly coz I was already sleepy when I told her that.
I was halfway reading Nodame Cantabile mangas too!
So yeah...LOL!

But today I slept real early at night.
Like 9 something and woke up at 12 something.
So here I am fulfilling my words...
Sharing what I do during Deepavali and today.

My lunch at Little Taiwan, 1 Utama

Le me perfectly knows that I can't finish the set with salted chicken.
So this is what I've chosen at the end as my lunch.
In fact just the rice and the soup is sufficient enough to fill my stomach.

As for Jasmine's beef shanks...
I happen to realize I didn't took any pictures when I was uploading these pictures!

Like always I was too hungry as it was 2 something,
and her food arrived much more latter than mine!

But no worries!
I have a numbers of Jasmine's picture as compensation~
*smiles furiously like a witch*

Le Jasmine

So this is the picture of her while waiting for her food.
Patiently of course compared to the ever so hungry me~
Jasmine and Le Food

And voila!
That's a glimpse of her food~

One thing bout the cherry tomatoes,
it tasted unique with some kind of sweet and sour fermented stuff placed in the middle of it.

And right after we finished eating,
that's when our hunt for silver things begin!

Apparently Jasmine is in search for silver things to wear on Friday dinner.
It's a theme for some dinner occasion.

Guess which shoe she ended up buying?

And while walking...
we saw this!
Unique bra

Wonder if this is just for display or really available to purchase.
Regardless, it's entertaining to the eye!

Jasmine and her beloved Kakashi Sensei

Had lots of fun entering almost every shops available,
yet somehow Jasmine was unable to find le silver missing piece.
So no silver thing was bought at the end!

By the time we give up it was already 10.

Lots of shops are closing their shops.
So yeah...end of story.

Fun night I would say.

Ages since I last so hyper going in to almost every shops in a mall~
Though I must admit both Jasmine's and my leg was in agony from too much walk.

Am off too sleep nao!

G'nait people!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fafa's 2011

Sharing some photos taken last night during Fang's birthday.
Been excited for yesterday night ever since I finished wrapping the present.
Was happy too coz I can finally reunite with them.
And there's some guest appearance at the end too...LMAO!

It's somewhere new for us all.
It's called La Casa and it's located at The Waterfront,
Desa Park City.

The birthday cake with sprinkles of "Gold"

The love birds

Fang's choice

My choice

Shireen's choice


Was extremely hungry yesterday...
So I didn't take Hee's and Yeen's food.
Both my food and Shireen came first...
So yea...

As for the food,
my favourite would be the pizza itself.

Group photo

There's part 2.
Where there's pictures of Dreamie.
But it's at another maybe I'll update when I got that version.
Hehehe...most probably I'll update on the same page as this.

The inner packaging for the pressie

Done unwrapping

That's it for nao...
I'll end it with my recent fav song.
Quite some time d...
But I never share it here...

So yea...
Here it is...
"Tear Us Apart" by a Malaysian artist name Nadhira.


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head

Loving the lyric!
Especially these parts:

But there’s one thing I know
The blues they send to meet me won’t defeat me
It won’t be long till happiness steps up to greet me
Raindrops keep fallin’ on my head
But that doesn’t mean my eyes
will soon be turnin’ red
Cryin’s not for me
‘Cause I’m never gonna stop the rain by complainin’
Because I’m free
Nothin’s worryin’ me

Monday, October 17, 2011

Bad Ass

Last Saturday both Jasmine and I went to Tropicana Mall to hunt for "something-that-I-cannot-mention-right-now". However I was thirsty after walking a distance from my house to Tropicana and Jasmine was exhausted from excessive walking the entire day (morning till evening) with her friends before meeting up with me at night.

Therefore, we went for a drink at Bad Ass Coffee. It was our first time trying that shop. The shop name is pretty catchy though. For the drinks, Jasmine chosen something that has to do with chocolate. It has a thick texture compared to my Monkey Mocha that involves around milk chocolate and banana.


And here's something that we spot while walking around:

Cute, eh? Anyway, I almost forget to mention the conversation happened while both of us were in Bad Ass Coffee...Haha. So let's go back to that topic. To get you the feel you can roll back upstairs to see some pics again...LOL!

So somehow in the middle of talking everything nonsense, Jasmine suggests that we can go to watch some movies. There I went online with my handphone to check the movies available on that night.

While mentioning a few movie names, suddenly she stopped at "Real Steel". She said that the title seems familiar. There she mentioned about a boy and a robot. (It made me to picture Transformers...#fail) However, as she continues talking, I finally get what movie she's talking about. So there I went to Youtube to look for the trailer to confirm what kind of movie it is. As soon as the trailer starts,

Jasmine: Ahhhhh!!!
Me: Ohhhhhhhhh!!!

That's how we got each other approval to watch that movie. One thing funny...Jasmine call "Real Steel" as Besi Sebenar. LOL LOL LOL!'s that Besi Sebenar that stands for real steel in Malay language.

(While queue-ing for the movie counter)

Me: Why don't you mention besi sebenar to the lady later on...hehe.
Jasmine: ...

(At the movie counter)

Lady: What movie do you want?
Jasmine: Besi sebenar.

Lady is in silence while still holding her mouse and look at her PC screen. Then she realized that it feels like Jasmine have mentioned something that might be the movie name but she is not sure what movie is that. And so...

Lady: Ah? What movie?
Jasmine: Besi sebenar *smiles*
Me laughing so hard and the lady that looked so serious in the beginning now starts laughing.

Me: Real Steel.

Jasmine's laughing.

Lady: That one only left the 1st front two rows. Are you ok with it?
Jasmine: How bout the other one? 2D?
Lady: That one too.
Both Jasmine and I looked at each other and we decided not to go for it.

-End of story-

Seriously didn't know that Jasmine would be so daring to mention that lame pun to the lady. Hahaha...seriously hilarious! But it's good in a way that she made someone smiles today...

The lady! Hahaha...

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Brain Crash here I am trying to comfort myself at 4.43 in the morning! It's been many months that my DVD-rom gone mad and doesn't want to read any CD's or DVD's inserted. Almost opt to go and buy new DVD reader but somehow it never happens.

And now I'm trying my best to solve it on my own. Was hoping that it has to do with the installation or crash with the Windows XP auto update. Cause this would means that it IS possible to revive it to its former function. But...But...why the toot are the tutorials seems so alien to me? Every words are so hard for my brain to digest. Ugh! Too much terms! *throw tables away and mumbles at some corner alone*

As you can see above, that's what I see when I clicked "My Computer". Dunno why there's two of it when back then it has always been one. That's a mystery that's still uncovered till now. Dunno if that has anything to do to why my DVD reader is not working. Ahh~

And when I right click to My Computer > Properties > Hardware > Device Manager > DVD/CD-ROM drives, that's what I see. Again...with two things below. Ugh! I think SCSI (Small Computer System Interface) is something like a connection to connect to the computer. But knowing this still doesn't helps to solve anything. *Insert another "ahh"*

As for the GMA thing...I think it's my DVD-ROM series or something liddat. I think. Am not sure bout this one. Huhuhu...


It's a cup half full! I managed to make my DVD-rom read CD's! *dancing around the room like a boss*

See? It can read CD! *Continues dancing around the room* However I must regret to say that this is the best that I can do. Tried every way I can think of and experiment those stated on the internet. least now it can read CD. Which leaves to few possibilities...

One, I need to clean the "eye" for the DVD. Two, I lost some DVD software. Three, maybe it's really dying somehow. The first two give hopes huh? Will try when I have enough money to buy the disk cleaner. The second option would be harder to do though. Mahhh...nevermind. Will see when the time comes. I don't see any problem with it not functioning as I'm not needing its service at the moment. Hehe. Wish my dvd-rom luck ya~ *smiles*

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Miss September 2011 Fiction-ated!

Finally the video that I've promised posting is here!
This is something random and unplanned that was taken during Dreamie's B'day.
The kind of randomness that invites adventure~
Thanks to this I had the opportunity to play with Adobe Premiere!
 (Still noob with it though)

Hope you guys enjoy watching this.
No human nor animal or anything else was harm during the production.
Except my ear for excessive repetitive song, conversation and videos though!
Haha...but other than that I for sure enjoyed every tiny bits editing this.

Btw this is a work of fiction for fun purposes.
Don't have to really SMS to vote for them.

Thank you for watching!
Sorry for the poor quality though.

Tried to upload the one with 5MB,
but waited for more than 4 hours and still not uploaded.
So I cancelled it and posted one with 1.9MB instead.
Was uploaded in less than 5 minutes.
(YEAH...big gaps of time difference right?)

Tell me if you like it.
I might make more...LOL.

See you in my other random posts!
('-^*)/ またね!