Thursday, October 27, 2011

Deepavali and Today!

Planned to blog last night after I proudly told Jasmine I would do so.
But somehow I didn't do that in the end!

Mainly coz I was already sleepy when I told her that.
I was halfway reading Nodame Cantabile mangas too!
So yeah...LOL!

But today I slept real early at night.
Like 9 something and woke up at 12 something.
So here I am fulfilling my words...
Sharing what I do during Deepavali and today.

My lunch at Little Taiwan, 1 Utama

Le me perfectly knows that I can't finish the set with salted chicken.
So this is what I've chosen at the end as my lunch.
In fact just the rice and the soup is sufficient enough to fill my stomach.

As for Jasmine's beef shanks...
I happen to realize I didn't took any pictures when I was uploading these pictures!

Like always I was too hungry as it was 2 something,
and her food arrived much more latter than mine!

But no worries!
I have a numbers of Jasmine's picture as compensation~
*smiles furiously like a witch*

Le Jasmine

So this is the picture of her while waiting for her food.
Patiently of course compared to the ever so hungry me~
Jasmine and Le Food

And voila!
That's a glimpse of her food~

One thing bout the cherry tomatoes,
it tasted unique with some kind of sweet and sour fermented stuff placed in the middle of it.

And right after we finished eating,
that's when our hunt for silver things begin!

Apparently Jasmine is in search for silver things to wear on Friday dinner.
It's a theme for some dinner occasion.

Guess which shoe she ended up buying?

And while walking...
we saw this!
Unique bra

Wonder if this is just for display or really available to purchase.
Regardless, it's entertaining to the eye!

Jasmine and her beloved Kakashi Sensei

Had lots of fun entering almost every shops available,
yet somehow Jasmine was unable to find le silver missing piece.
So no silver thing was bought at the end!

By the time we give up it was already 10.

Lots of shops are closing their shops.
So yeah...end of story.

Fun night I would say.

Ages since I last so hyper going in to almost every shops in a mall~
Though I must admit both Jasmine's and my leg was in agony from too much walk.

Am off too sleep nao!

G'nait people!


  1. haahaa.. the other pair of shoes still tempting me... it look so nais from front~
    ngek3~ however the 1 that i bought, i wore it yesterday nite, my kaki still sakit, when the dinner over n i tukar balik kasut biasa, felt so happy to be near to the ground again xD
    wow wow, u look nais in the pic~ next time wear make up out~ ^^ i want take pic with the korea new super star~

  2. HAHAHA...1 1st ba. dun beli both. Skery lo to the saving account!
    Oh...u pakai for ur dinner? BTW u got ss with ur silver night? Hao qi apa coordinate baju lu pakai...heheh.
    Photo owez can look nais one. RL susah sikit. RL kenot forever show 45 degree ooo...LOL!