Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fafa's 2011

Sharing some photos taken last night during Fang's birthday.
Been excited for yesterday night ever since I finished wrapping the present.
Was happy too coz I can finally reunite with them.
And there's some guest appearance at the end too...LMAO!

It's somewhere new for us all.
It's called La Casa and it's located at The Waterfront,
Desa Park City.

The birthday cake with sprinkles of "Gold"

The love birds

Fang's choice

My choice

Shireen's choice


Was extremely hungry yesterday...
So I didn't take Hee's and Yeen's food.
Both my food and Shireen came first...
So yea...

As for the food,
my favourite would be the pizza itself.

Group photo

There's part 2.
Where there's pictures of Dreamie.
But it's at another maybe I'll update when I got that version.
Hehehe...most probably I'll update on the same page as this.

The inner packaging for the pressie

Done unwrapping

That's it for nao...
I'll end it with my recent fav song.
Quite some time d...
But I never share it here...

So yea...
Here it is...
"Tear Us Apart" by a Malaysian artist name Nadhira.


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