Saturday, October 1, 2011

Miss September 2011 Fiction-ated!

Finally the video that I've promised posting is here!
This is something random and unplanned that was taken during Dreamie's B'day.
The kind of randomness that invites adventure~
Thanks to this I had the opportunity to play with Adobe Premiere!
 (Still noob with it though)

Hope you guys enjoy watching this.
No human nor animal or anything else was harm during the production.
Except my ear for excessive repetitive song, conversation and videos though!
Haha...but other than that I for sure enjoyed every tiny bits editing this.

Btw this is a work of fiction for fun purposes.
Don't have to really SMS to vote for them.

Thank you for watching!
Sorry for the poor quality though.

Tried to upload the one with 5MB,
but waited for more than 4 hours and still not uploaded.
So I cancelled it and posted one with 1.9MB instead.
Was uploaded in less than 5 minutes.
(YEAH...big gaps of time difference right?)

Tell me if you like it.
I might make more...LOL.

See you in my other random posts!
('-^*)/ またね!


  1. haha, nice work!
    i like the caption, the wording n it's size

    erm, i vote for contestant #1
    ehem* shireen, see i so support u, u noe what to do lar~~ *hint hint*

  2. LOL...wud she nid to do o?
    Btw she no read my blog la...ehem ehem.
    Even itu Dreamie pun stopped after she quit her blogging life.

  3. oo.. really ar...
    epic phail lar then...
    boleh cancel vote tak?
    i think TF should ada read xD

  4. Bwahahaha yalu u shud choose TF ma.
    My only reader yg still follow...haha.

  5. ahahaha...yea yea...TF wan open a new blog...wretch mayb...Coming Soon...=)