Monday, October 17, 2011

Bad Ass

Last Saturday both Jasmine and I went to Tropicana Mall to hunt for "something-that-I-cannot-mention-right-now". However I was thirsty after walking a distance from my house to Tropicana and Jasmine was exhausted from excessive walking the entire day (morning till evening) with her friends before meeting up with me at night.

Therefore, we went for a drink at Bad Ass Coffee. It was our first time trying that shop. The shop name is pretty catchy though. For the drinks, Jasmine chosen something that has to do with chocolate. It has a thick texture compared to my Monkey Mocha that involves around milk chocolate and banana.


And here's something that we spot while walking around:

Cute, eh? Anyway, I almost forget to mention the conversation happened while both of us were in Bad Ass Coffee...Haha. So let's go back to that topic. To get you the feel you can roll back upstairs to see some pics again...LOL!

So somehow in the middle of talking everything nonsense, Jasmine suggests that we can go to watch some movies. There I went online with my handphone to check the movies available on that night.

While mentioning a few movie names, suddenly she stopped at "Real Steel". She said that the title seems familiar. There she mentioned about a boy and a robot. (It made me to picture Transformers...#fail) However, as she continues talking, I finally get what movie she's talking about. So there I went to Youtube to look for the trailer to confirm what kind of movie it is. As soon as the trailer starts,

Jasmine: Ahhhhh!!!
Me: Ohhhhhhhhh!!!

That's how we got each other approval to watch that movie. One thing funny...Jasmine call "Real Steel" as Besi Sebenar. LOL LOL LOL!'s that Besi Sebenar that stands for real steel in Malay language.

(While queue-ing for the movie counter)

Me: Why don't you mention besi sebenar to the lady later on...hehe.
Jasmine: ...

(At the movie counter)

Lady: What movie do you want?
Jasmine: Besi sebenar.

Lady is in silence while still holding her mouse and look at her PC screen. Then she realized that it feels like Jasmine have mentioned something that might be the movie name but she is not sure what movie is that. And so...

Lady: Ah? What movie?
Jasmine: Besi sebenar *smiles*
Me laughing so hard and the lady that looked so serious in the beginning now starts laughing.

Me: Real Steel.

Jasmine's laughing.

Lady: That one only left the 1st front two rows. Are you ok with it?
Jasmine: How bout the other one? 2D?
Lady: That one too.
Both Jasmine and I looked at each other and we decided not to go for it.

-End of story-

Seriously didn't know that Jasmine would be so daring to mention that lame pun to the lady. Hahaha...seriously hilarious! But it's good in a way that she made someone smiles today...

The lady! Hahaha...


  1. LOLLx... hmmm... i guess sometime i can be naughty too xD

    this translation of movie name actually started when i watched the movie " The day after tomorrow" and guess what they (cinema or some1 who wrote they malay subtitles) translate for it?


    " LUSA "
    lmfao xD it's a malay word we dont frequently use but it seems so wrong and right at the same time...

    we need find time to watch besi sebenar before it goes down, they said it's really really nais movie... ;p

  2. hahaha, just being random or naughty, kekeke~ or more to curious of what reaction she'll give if i reli said it... The look on her face of "how come there's a movie that i don't know" is really satisfying, lolxx....

    actually the game of translating the english movie title to malay started when i watched the " the day after tomorrow " and guess what they'd (sesiapa yg menulis the malay subtitles) translated it?



    lmfao~~ xD it a malay word that we seldom use but it somehow sounds so wrong yet right at the same time =P

    we really need to go and watch the mana satu besi yang asli before it come down =P my frens all said its very naisss~

    And btw, how u do the slide show for my picture u post here? look interesting that it slide from right to left =P

  3. LMAO...lusa pulak...yeng ur kawan pandai BM...hahaha.

    See lo bila u free. Mebbe next Sat or Sun. Hahaha.

    Itu pic u can do in PS same case as itu GIF. Abo u cn use a software called Photoscape. Kao tim d u go upload to PHOTOBUCKET then copy the html. =)

  4. Haaha, the Lusa is written by the those who wrote the subtitles de, is on the big screen, haha xD

    hm, maybe next weekend lo, today kenot le, my kaki felt like it's not mine, wait till it come back to me 1st =P