Sunday, November 15, 2015

Beautylabo's Hair Dye in Dark Brown

As some of you might have known, I'm a big fans of Kumicky (舟山久美子  Funayama Kumiko a.k.a くみっきー)! She's a Japanese Ex-Popteen magazine model who is now working on her own fashion brand called Mico Ameri. So I am soooo HAPPY when I happened to find Beautylabo hair dye with her face beautifying the packaging lying on Watsons' rack!~

Watsons Mall Kelapa Gading

If you've read my blog post on my past trip to Thailand, then you'd know how I planned to get Beautylabo Whip Hair Dye there but was failed to do so. Fail much! Of course the one sold in Jakarta's Watsons wasn't the whip hair dye which I'm dying to collect. But I'm more than happy to find any Kumicky related items here so yeah...THANK YOU to whoever bought it here! Please bring more! The whip hair dye, Liese and Palty too please! *greedy mode: ON*

Quickly grabbed the colour which seems safe coz I was bored of light colours at that moment. The color range is pretty limited in my opinion with only 6 colours to choose from. Natural Black, Dark Brown, Natural Blonde, Pure Beige, Candy Apricot and Raspberry Pink. Saw no Raspberry Pink during my visit...not sure if it's sold out or wasn't in stock...LOL. Btw I got them few months ago so the price might've increased.

TADAAA!!! Bought Dark Brown! Though honestly I'd choose either Candy Apricot or Raspberry Pink if I were to choose image based! Hohoho...

Will not talk anything on how to use coz I think it's self explanatory. Plus they've translated the instructions in yeah...hehe


Usage wise it's pretty similar with bubble hair dye. But I'd prefer bubble hair dye more coz it's neater compared to this hair dye. I did quite a mess around my ears and neck with this hair dye. *sobs*

Colour wise I think it came out pretty well. Somehow similar with the colour showed on the box. The colour is lighter under the sun though. Not sure if it was the result of my previous hair dye or let me know if you have any idea about it.

Anyway...have anyone noticed that this hair dye doesn't come with a rinse-off treatment or something like that. So be warned that this hair dye will leave your hair dry plus not manageable. Imagine washing your hair with Sunlight (dishwashing liquid). That kind of feeling!

A TOTAL horror for me coz my hair have always been smooth to the point where I can comb my hair with my fingers effortlessly. I can't do that at all after that. Didn't use any conditioners that day coz I thought that my hair condition will be better the next day but I was completely wrong! Wasn't the type who use conditioner while washing my hair you conditioner in my bathroom. *blush*

Therefore...Please prepare yourself if you're into trying this hair dye. Have hair conditioners or whatever hair treatment related stuffs with you to help your hair go back to its original state. Fyi my hair is pretty much have returned to its previous condition. So it's all good.

Would I buy this again? Sadly to say...NO! It's just too drying! But I might buy this again just for the sake of collecting the boxes! HAHAHA~~~ Let me know if any of you have tried this product and if it works for you just fine. Perhaps it works differently with others.

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