Thursday, November 19, 2015

Le Dermatologist Visit -3rd Visit-

Le Dermatologist Visit - 1st Visit -

Le Dermatologist Visit - 2nd Visit -

Am back with my skin update! Met up with Dr. Magda for the 3rd time to check on my skin (31st of October 2015). Current skin condition is pretty complicated. Skin got worst at the beginning of the treatment, then it got better, got worst awhile later and now it's getting better again. LOL! So much of a roller coaster I can't even decide on what to say! That's pretty much why I update quite late.
Worst of all...I found a new born pitted scars! HA! One on my right cheek, a lil bit above my cheek and another on my chin! Felt miserable for as long that I look at my face on the mirror. HAHAHAHA!! Fortunately I don't see mirrors that often so yeah...I'm ok.
Felt like giving up. But after doing my research on Adapalene using Google, I found that it is normal for the skin to experience roller coaster like conditions. Apparently it took around 3 months - 6 months to see results. I'm going to wait for another few months to decide. Longest would be a year...hopefully I'd see a tiny ray of hope! *fingers crossed
So what do I get on my third visit? Since I still have some leftover products from last month, I only got myself a few things. Another portion of Reliv Tablets, Acne Topical Cream and a new Night Cream! If during the first month she gave me something called AV2 and AV cream the following month, this month I was given SIL. Seriously have no idea on what they are. I wonder why most dermatologist items doesn't have ingredients lists on them packaging. Haven tried SIL since I'm currently trying to finish that AV cream. LOL!
One benefit I see from going to this dermatologist is that you're gonna have a nice smooth skin! My face always felt so smooth everytime my hands were to touch them during face wash. HAHAHA!
How was the skin? Less itchiness experienced during this month and less acne along the jaws too! Though no doubt my skin still got red very fast.
Below are pictures on my skin progress:

Nothing extreme...something slow but consistent I guess?? For this month I spent less than previous months. *happy* Total damage was IDR 372k. Till next update! Off to do my freelance work~~ Good night!


  1. how's your skin now?? are you still going to Dr Magda's clinic?

    1. I've stopped going to her clinic.
      My progress were kinda slow and steady.
      And slow means that I have to expose my skin longer to Methylparaben.
      To which I prefered not to use them longer than 6 months.
      Skin wise she managed to "erase" those prominent red scars which you can see on picture "23 Aug 2015".
      Not much on Pitted scars though, it's still visible till now. :')