Monday, October 26, 2015

Sleeping Early!

It's around 30 minutes to my sleeping time! Might be sleeping right after I post this post. So yeah...this is my 2nd day of sleeping early. Planned to sleep daily by 10 but usually I've just finished dinner after it felt like days ended too fast. So I cheated a bit and decided to sleep at 11 instead!

It's pretty hard since I got back from work pretty late and all the sudden it feels like it's sleeping time already! I felt like I've wasted many hours in my life. Imagine that you can only live until 50 and you wasted like 50% of your hours of being alive for sleeping. Think of how many things can you do with all those hours! And here I am giving up those hours for the sake of experimenting...Hahaha...

Basically there's only 3 things I can't give up in my life for the sake of beauty...

One...SLEEP! I won't be sleeping early just because everyone is telling me that it might be the cause that my skin isn't as healthy as before. LOLOLOL...It might've been true...since my skin gradually becomes bad right after I entered college. The "era" in which I've started to stayed up late...REAL LATE...with chances of not sleeping for a day or days (with super short naps here and there). Might've been the stress too...but oh well...the habits stayed up till today and I still find it hard to sleep early. Plus I don't feel like wasting so much time on sleep alone. Though honestly I find sleeping to be enjoyable. If only I can sleep for 2 hours and it felt like 7 hours...that would be awesome!

Two...SPICY FOOD! It's sooo hard to stop myself from eating them delicious spicy food! A food isn't much of a food if it's lacking of spiciness...I don't mind eating food without chillies, etc. But definitely I would LOVE to have chillies or anything spicy on my plate~

Three...FRIED FOODS! How can I stop this one if it's the easiest food to find almost everywhere. Not to forget that I LOVE LOVE LOVE KFC and am proud to say that I'm good at cooking fried dishes~

So yeah...after thinking for awhile...on Sunday evening...LOL! I decided to give sleeping early a try. (Seems like the easiest la) See if it's contributing anything to the skin. Huhuhu...hopefully I can give up all of these three things...but we'll take it slowly! Not sure if I managed to change anything or what. But at least I must give it a try before deciding whether it's working or not...LOL! Assumptions is bad~

Might be going back to the norm as well since I've always have that kind of mindset that good skin isn't anything compared to my happiness. And indeed those 3 are parts of my we'll see...for now we try first~

First day was pretty awful as my eyes were wide awake for dunno how long...Didn't really check the watch. But it felt like I kept on rolling on the bed till 12...or more?? Hahaha...since when did sleeping becomes so hard?? Awake by 5.30 but I forced myself to sleep back coz my dream was pretty interesting. *coughs

Hehehe...Ok...gonna off now and spend my remaining minutes playing my Android games...wish me

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