Friday, October 16, 2015

Le Dermatologist Visit -2nd Visit-

As promised earlier, here's an update to my skin conditions! It's le second time going to the same dermatologist! Good news? Less stuffs given this month!!! YAY!!! *throws confetti* Felt as if skin is better so I need less stuffs la...That kind of thoughts~ And of courseeeeee...CHEAPER!!! *slapped*

Read about my first visit HERE!

(This time along with the box which you'll get 30 tablets)
(The same as previous month...Too bad I can't find out the ingredients)
(Read about this HERE)

Apparently the only new thing I got during the 2nd visit was the "morning lotion". Previously I was given the pink solution that have chalky texture to it. But this time I got myself a yellow solution.

It smells like calamine + sulfur! Indeed these two are some of the main ingredients used inside the solution. It reminds me of my Bandung Trip...To a place called Kawah Putih "White Crater". Simply because it smelled like sulfur there with all the sulfur lying everywhere~

Kawah Putih "White Crater" in Bandung

Sulfur is the those yellow-ish substance...I suppose...*coughs*

The ingredients

  • Aqua
  • Calamine
  • Sulfur
  • Alcohol
  • Polysorbate 80
  • Panthenol
  • Zinc Oxide
  • Talc
  • Allantoin
  • Salycilic Acid
  • Camphor
  • Titanium Dioxide
  • Magnesium Aluminium Silicate
  • Phenoxyethanol
  • Imidazolidinyl Urea
  • Rosa Centifolia
  • Flower Oil
  • Methylparaben (Here comes the paraben familia...LOL!)
  • Ethylparaben
  • Butylparaben
  • Propylparaben
  • Isobutylparaben
As anti-acne solution that helps to dry acne on face, neck and back.

Clean your face, Shake the solution and applies on the skin affected with acne. But for my case I applied them onto my whole face...LOLOLOL! I listened to my doctor ok! Apply them thinly though! Less is more...

From my observation, your pee will turn bright yellow. But do not be alarmed as these are the after effects of consuming Vitamin B's which you got from RELIV tablets. Your skin will have lots of acnes popping out in the beginning but will gradually decrease. Plus you'll feel slight itch every now and then. Especially after applying the night cream/Evalen. There's a slight peeling going around too. Not too severe though. Just a little bit of flaky skin here and there. Nothing worth worrying over. AH! Also be aware that your skin will tend to be more sensitive towards sun. Sunscreen is a must~

The only downside is how I disliked the new born acne loveeeesss my jaw and lower chin area alot! My itch sensations tends to stress on those areas...HUHUHU!! Just a slight discomfort la...still can cope with it...I CAN DO IT!

Last but not least...It might have seemed like there's no changes happened during the whole time...But do not be disheartened cause there would be some improvement. Although it might not be a major improvements, Not that obvious I mean...But indeed I am very happy to notice the different after a month plus of using the medication diligently! To be honest I only noticed the difference after I put all the pictures that I took into a canvas in Photoshop...Below are the photos that I'm talking about~

See? Got better right? Even if it's just a little~ Though I must add that my deep pitted scars were still there till now. Either it's lighting problem or it looked less visible coz the redness is reduced~ Hehehe...Can't wait to see what improvements I can look forward to next...My biggest dream would be having those deep pitted scars to be back into its original state. But maybe that one I'll have to go for lasers or dermarollers. But for now I'm focusing on my acne first...*feeling positive

Total damage for 2nd visit was IDR 443k. (Incl. of consultation fee of IDR120k)

That's it for now...I'll try to update on my next visit too~

Again please give dermatologist a visit instead of trying the medication I used above. Coz different skins reacts differently. Better be safe than sorry la...right? Good night~~

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