Thursday, September 29, 2011

First Visit To "MV" This Year

As I promised,
here's the post bout today's outing.
(Haha...not so much bout outing actually)

My main destination was somewhere near Mid Valley.
As I'm not really familiar with the place there,
I went A LOT earlier which made me earlier by 1 hour plus.

Stopped at Bangsar LRT station,
took a cab to my destination,
only to feel stupid due to the fact that the place I wanna go to is SO close to Mid Valley.
They even have a direct bridge over to the building from Mid Valley building.
For that I wasted RM4.50.
Really speechless but at least I knew the place nao.
(Worth the knowledge gained right?)

 Mid Valley

After I'm done with my morning business,
I went to Mid Valley for a short visit.
It's been a while since I last visited this place.
Most probably last year.
(Or maybe 2 years ago...Can't recall)

Went to MPH and I must say that I love this place.
Found lots of books that captures my attention.
But I've just bought a book which costs RM80+ yesterday.
So I hide my intention of buying the books to some other time.
Am proud of myself to be able to control myself in front of temptation.

I came across this cute children book.
It feels good to see that the writer is from Singapore.
(Finally something nice from somewhere near!)
I've read it and I find it pretty good.
The illustration style are simple yet nice too!

 Cute, right?

After I'm done checking the books and took the time to read some,
I spotted "Gong Cha" on foursquare check in lists.
There I decided to pay a visit to "Gong Cha".

Keep hearing how nais it is from friends and blogs,
yet I never had the chance to go and give it a try.

Apparently friends and I have been talking about this "Gong Cha" few days ago
and how I can actually get it at Mid Valley.
(Which in the end I feel stupid again coz the real location was at The Gardens)

So yea...haha.
 I couldn't bear not visiting this place!
It would be a crime to be talking bout it so many times,
yet miss it when I was at the crime scene...LOL.

 The interior of the shop

 Signature Milk Green Tea With White Pearls

That's what I ordered.
With 50% of sugar and less ice of course!

The taste is unique and interesting.
The white pearl is quite fun too.
It's something new for me.

Aside from that,
There's different ways of drinking it too!
(It's stated on the red label on the top part as you can see from the pic)

However I think milk doesn't like me.
After drinking 80% of this with total bliss,
I started to feel full and no longer enjoy drinking it.

But it's my own kind of problem.
I always have difficulties drinking milk or soya.
(Coconut milk too!)
I love and able to drink them.
But not too much or I'll feel like vomitting.
This really sucks huh?

Me buying the "Gong Cha" ends my trip. I said,
it's really a short trip!

Since my post today is also short,
here I attached a pic of a guy which I've been trying so hard to woo these few days.

It's tough to impress him.
It needs both commitment and time.
Being a girl is hard too!

So I shall intro him to you guys!
Say hello if you will...LOL!


Will from Harvest Moon: Sunshine Islands on DS

So any of you here are a fans of Harvest Moon series?
I'm a big fans of this game ever since I first had Playstation One.
Good that they have it in DS too!

Ok I shall head to la la land nao!
See you!


  1. will and author?
    for the first time i feel like clicking the 'stupiak' button, lolx
    stop dating some one who u spent so much time on him but need battery ;p
    hehe.. just pass by cause i have sleeping problem...( ´,_ゝ`)

  2. a planting games la. Then u can make friends with the villagers. Very famous le ini game. =)