Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Dreamie's 2011

I'm back to blog today!
 Gonna share some pics taken during Dreamie's birthday.
Will upload more stuffs in the afternoon after my short solo trip to Mid Valley.

So here's some pictures taken on last Saturday:

 Dae Jang Gum Korean Restaurant
(The same row as Digital Mall)

 Wall decoration

 Coffee Cake for the B'day girl.

 Make a wish

And here's what the B'day girl and I would recommend to order.
(In case you're going to visit this place)

 Ddokbokki (떡볶이)
(Spicy Rice Cake)

This one is not shown in the menu.
So you'll have to personally ask for it.
(That is if I didn't miss it on the menu...check it~)

Seriously this one tasted real good.
The sauce was "food-gasm"!

Even both Fang and Buni loves it too!
That's how awesome it is.
So definitely give this a try!
You can have it for RM25.
Pretty pricey but worth every cent!

Macchiato from The Bee
(Jaya One)

Was expecting some coffee art.
But well it doesn't seems like my Macchiato and Dreamie's Flat White has any.
Or was THESE TWO wasn't suppose to have any?
I honestly rarely drink hot coffee yeah.

All I remembered was Fang having some normal coffee art on her cup of coffee.
(Forgot what drink she ordered)

here's pictures to end today's post:


I do took some videos during the celebration.
But I'll have to see if I manage to edit it by tomorrow.
If yes then most probably you guys can see it tomorrow's night.
(KL time...since there's where I am currently)
Haha...might be morning from where you come from.

Can't wait to do some editing.
It's gonna be!

Do look forward on post on books too~
There's book that I've bought today as well as books that I'd love to read.

See you!!!
Have an AWESOME day!!!

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