Sunday, August 28, 2011

Stuffs Of The Week

Say that I have lost my mind of whatsoever,
but I'm in da mood of shopping silly small stuffs.
I'd better not be too free or I'll spend a fortune on cute stuffs.
Ah...I have such a weak defense against cute stuffs.

Fancy Post It Pad

Bought this from TIMES bookshop.
Cute eh?

Orange pencil and Pilot 2B pencil leads
RM 5.90 and RM 1.30

I actually already have my own pencil,
but seeing this really like seeing my idea back then comes to life.
As a child I always wish for some mechanical pencil that can have colour leads instead of the original black leads.

And this is it!
Finally there's one.
They offer a range of colours from Blue, Yellow, Pink, etc.
Looks so fun!

Bought this to remind myself that anything is possible to be done.
The same to nails industry.
I always wanted to have earrings on my nails.
And actually they already have it now.
Pretty cool huh?

From nao on I shall state down whatever "crazy" ideas I have into my sketch book.
Who knows I might actually be the founder of something, someday.

See? It's orange!!!

Guaranteed not Photoshopped!

Last but not least,
am currently borrowing Jasmine's book to fill my boring days.

Books by Andrew Matthews

I've just finished reading "Being Happy" yesterday.
And I really RECOMMEND reading this book.
It's inspiring and fun to read!

Currently reading on the book I bought from Kinokuniya last Saturday.
Will update about them when I read more about it.

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