Friday, August 26, 2011

Last Friday Night

Taken some pics of Yii and Ang at The Bee, Jaya One.
It's exactly falls on last Friday.

The drinks of the day was:
- Iced Latte (Jasmine)
- Iced Mocha (Bunni)
- Hot Latte (Me)

LoL...I've found Latte to be interesting ever since I watched Secret Garden.
(Fyi, it's a Korean Drama)

This one!

Haha...I wasn't expecting any kiss.
It's just that everytime I see hot latte it reminds me of this scene.
And that makes me wanna drink it.
For the sake of the drink familiarities!
So don't go and think so far...
(Or you've already think so? Hmm...LOL!)

here's the pic taken!
Sorry for the blur images.
I forgot which camera software did I use that it gets so low quality.
I will pay attention to this in the near future.
(Ah...NAO I mean...Hehe)

Only God, Jasmine and Shireen knows what happen here...LMAO

We all just can't stop laughing talking about "that" topic.
(It's something funny...not something kinky~)

The view

Haha...somehow the pics were distorted automatically by the software.
But what's important is that you all can see what's around there.

That's for today's update!
Enjoy your LOVELY WEEKEND to the max!


  1. I'm not a coffee kinda person but there mostly only provide beer, coffee and tea in a pot...
    i would usually go for tea but not in a pot neh (simple because i don't wanna stay up whole night staring at Pooshi or Poshii... xD)

    Hmm, i think we're laughing because we asked Heidy to do the cream stuff on her mouth and ask someone to kiss-l*ck her, woooottt*

  2. LOL...apa u buat keep see my Pochi in the cage? EHEM~~ mari tell the mother...kekeke

    Ini part is bkn itu leh. Itu part u tell me when I drinking. Ini when i cap pic...^^