Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Madame Yii's Cuisine

Miss Yii came last 12 Aug.
( this the correct date?)

Somehow it feels different to have a friend at home.
It almost felt like I have a wife!!!
(Ah...I went to work from 10 to 6 and she was at home. Get it?)

My toilet that's already look like a hotel's toilet,
(coz of the interior not because it's too da*n clean)
has now became even luxurious than ever...HA!
(No pictures as I'm SO LAZY to take pics this month!)
Even my messy kitchen has nao looks like a proper kitchen!
HA! This is the power of having a lady in da house!

Bet my old Sri Mawar housemates were expecting me to be liddis.
(The kind of woman who loves to clean up)
Yet it ends up in a disappointment as I was never close to that.
(My x-housemates were all that's why they'd love to have a girl who can clean)
I was like one of a man in da house coz me too no likes to do housework!

Ok put that aside,
had fun learning cooking from Miss Yii on 16 Aug.
I was being her "personal chef assistant" that night...LOL.

She made 3 dish for us that night:

Some veggie that I dunno its English name...*sighs*

Hotdog in Chilli Sauce

I personally loves this the most followed by the egg and veggie.
(1= hotdog. 2= egg. 3= veggie)
I liked how it tasted and miss it too much that I cook it a couple days later.
(Will post pic after I transfer the photos to my lappie)

Ah...some side info,
I learnt how to chop chillies using scissors.
Amusing can?
Try it at home when you have chillies~
Make sure it's clean though!

Egg fried with some veggie which name I dunno too
(Am such a failure in knowing veggies name in English)
I oso took a video of Miss Yii cooking fried rice.
We'll see if I can upload it here since it's around 4 minutes plus and big.
And my line sucks this month...So again, we'll see.
Or else I'll upload it next month...haha.

Thanks for staying with me and the blog!
See you on my next post of random-nities!


  1. lolx... just saw this one after i saw your blog now got a tag with my name, so out of curiosity i clicked it ofcos =P =P
    erm, lemme double check, i went on 11 Aug =P hehe...
    Ahahaha, so that's your definition of 'wife', now every time i cook or clean some thing, this word will pop up = WIFE stuff... =.= =P
    wait till we got money we rent a house and stay together ba~ with the mistress ang and maybe in future some other kids? xD

  2. Omg...mistress!!! Funny la weii...Mean u clean n cook, mistress go bawa us go drink arak n cari laki? Hahaha...anak is what?? XD