Sunday, August 14, 2011

August Food Journey

Hereby I show the food pics I've eaten within this month.
(Ok...some are what my friends ate...Hehe)


(Need to re-confirm with Jasmine)

Tonkatsu Ramen

So far this is the best Ramen I've eaten in my life.
But I rarely eat Ramen in Japanese Restaurant.
(Mostly I eat sushi or katsu-don or curry-don)


This is the best so far.
(For me la...)

Give it a try!
Loving the noodle texture and the soup!
The pork looks like what I've always seen on anime too~

Advisable to bring more than RM20++ here to enjoy to the max.

Really worth it...


My curry set

Close up of the curry

Beautiful looking rice filled with red beans, barley, etc

This is my 1st time eating organic food in my life.
(That makes it an organic vegetarian place)
Taste wise is good.
The curry taste is good.

But as a meat lover,
I can't really stand eating veggies alone.
So ya...a no-no for me.

I don't mind eating veggies.
But I would love to have at least a bite of meat per meal.

I'm a proud 80% carnivor and 20% herbivor.

And oh...
I'm the loving the coffee here!
Would come to have coffee here but not the food.
(Not because the food is bad...but like I say I need meat)
Give it a try!

My food partner in crime OTD


Kimchi and Salad

Original Ddeokbokki

Kimchi Jiggae

The amount of food Miss Dreamie and I consumed

Finally I got to visit this place.
It was my 1st time there and I'm loving it.
Affordable and good!

Though the downside of it is the fact that you can't refill your banchan.
(Banchan = side dish)
Confirm yourself bah since I only listen from people.
And never actually tried to ask them for refill.
Since I makan all the food I ordered oso sibeh full d.

For that cheap price,
I don't mind if the side dish is limited and not refillable.

I feel is ok...since even the stingy me didn't complain bout that.
So should be ok for you all too.

Both the Ddeokkboki and Kimchi Jiggae tasted good!
Sadly to say that the Ddeokkboki I made was nothing compared to theirs.
LOL...I got a LOOOONG way to improve mine!

(SS 2)

Hakka Mee with Char Siew

Still one of the best char siew I've ever eaten in Malaysia.
I have my fav Char Siew place in Indon too...
Will intro if I ever get back there again...


That's all for today's update on food.
Last but not least...

A pic of my hand and nails to end my post.

Colourful nails OTD

Thank You for staying with me and reading my posts!
Have a nice week!

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  1. Wow.. i erm actually don't remember itu set is call what jor... Some fish, Soba seems like it's name.. =P
    But i think got picture, u won't get the wrong set, cause it look exactly the same, the fish is super niceee, salty and big enough =P
    I'm proud 80% carnivor + 20% herbivor too :))
    Btw, lunch here is RM2 cheaper than their dinner with the same set ;p