Sunday, December 23, 2012

Bad Day

Saturday wasn't great at all. All I know is that I'm truly annoyed that I don't have even the mood to do anything nor that I have the appetite to get my lunch. Reached home by 2.40 ish and just attached my body to the bed to calm myself down.

After my cat nap, I went to Mall Kelapa Gading to get my groceries. Surprisingly the new area opened is quite pretty to look at. Especially at night. Love the green-ish and blue-ish lighting. It sure does helps at lifting up my mood. Hehe.

Last but not least, seems like there won't be holiday on Monday for me...The only holiday would be on Christmas and New Year day itself. Which means only 2 days of holiday. On the 25th of Dec and 1st of Jan. OTL

But nevermind...guess there will be something good about it. Have a great weekend! *smiles*

1 comment:

  1. iyaaa, medan udah panas, gerah lagi. hadeeehhh -_-

    iya, ga balik nihh. disini doang huhu, rada iri juga sama temen yg asalnya dr daerah sekitaran malang, kan pulangnya deket. ini aja kosan sepi, pada pulkam semua hiks :'(

    huuu, pelit juga kantornya ya hehe. yg sabar yaaa.
    by the way, Merry Christmas yaaa :D
    God bless ^^
    *jangan lupa gantungin kaos kaki, siapa tau dapet hadiah dr Santa* ;)