Thursday, January 17, 2013

Flood Ah!

It was raining heavily these past few days. So it wasn't much a surprise when I found out that the surrounding area are flooded this morning.

Contacted both boss and le colleague to make sure if we were supposed to be working today or not. By 10 something finally it came to a conclusion and..."HELLO HOLIDAY!!". *tears of joy*

Freaking happy coz that means I don't have to walk a 10-min distance of walk through the dirty water! Yeah...I walk to work in case some of you haven't know yet.

God must've known that I rarely do any exercise that I was destined to live nearby places I have to go daily such as my kindergarten, school, college and office! When I think back...Indeed I've always been walking every morning coz all these places were always within walking distance. This saves ALOT too k! Coz that means I don't have to pay for any transportations...hahaha. Thank God!

As you can see, the flood level is already reached above my knee...LOL! Even a 10-min distance would kill my leg. In fact juz a few min walk to a mini market (below my apartment) this morning already makes my leg itchy! Ugh...hope that the flood will soon disappear.

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