Sunday, October 7, 2012

Bro's Birthday!


Chocolate Mousse

Strawberry Cheesecake

Few days ago went to buy cake for bro's birthday at The Harvest. Only bought the small sized cake coz previously we're like forced to finish my huge b'day cake back in June.'s normal sized but since it's full of chocolate (almost like 80% of choco chunks with nuts) so a slice is more than enuf to make the stomach filled. Honestly it's heavenly for the first few bites but once you're full it feels like being forced to eat it for the sake of finishing. Haha.

So yep...bought the Chocolate Mousse for bro and Strawberry Cheesecake for myself coz it's too tempting! Just look at those sexy strawberries lying on top the cheescake! Who can resist that? Did bought Red Velvet Cake too. But who knows bro have tried it and didn't like it. So there goes the Red Velvet ended up as my Sunday dessert~

(Chung Gi Wa)


As for dinner, we went to a Korean restaurant called 청기와 (Chung Gi Wa) which is located inside Lotte Mart in Kelapa Gading. If not mistaken it's at level 2.

One thing about birthday in Indonesia. Usually the one having the birthday have to treat his/her friends. Different than in Malaysia where sometimes the one celebrating the birthday are the one treated for dinner and such...LOL! 

(Side dish)

Kinda sad coz I don't see any 파전 (Pa Jeon - pancake) for side dish...Haha. It's one of my fav side dish other than 김치 (Kimchi) and 콩자반 (Kong Ja Ban - Sweet Black Bean).

(Sampgyeopsal a.k.a three layered meat)

(Sampgyeopsal a.k.a three layered meat)

(Sampgyeopsal a.k.a three layered meat)

(Kimchi Jiggae)

Food wise, I ordered 삼겹살 (Samgyeopsal) and 김치찌개 (Kimchi Jiggae) while bro ordered 오겹살 (Ogyeupsal - Five layered meat). Price wise both Samgyeopsal and Ogyeupsal costs around Rp 59,000 and the Kimchi Jiggae around Rp 48,000 if not mistaken. Throwed away the receipt so I can't really say if my memory is giving the exact amount or not. But I'm pretty much sure that it's around that amount...haha.

Not much comment about the taste since I've only tried Korean BBQ less than 6 far nothing unusual. Though I think I can comment abit on the Kimchi served here. It's pretty mild compared to all of the Kimchi's I've tried elsewhere. So for those who doesn't fancy strong kimchi can go for this place. Hehe.

Total damage done included with rice was around Rp 230,000 - Rp 240,000 for two person. Quite ok I think. The meat is alot too. In fact both bro and I find it difficult to finish our food. Fyi the amount of Ogyeupsal is alil bit more compared to Samgyeopsal. But I have to finish the whole Kimchi Jiggae and Samgyeopsal alone coz bro doesn't like Kimchi Jiggae. (=_=)

It must've sound like a bliss yet at the same time I'm feeling like a Godzilla. LOL! Lesson learned and perhaps next time it's good to go with one meat and one soup. Definitely 2 kind of food is enough to feed two people.


  1. ooh, okeoke. ntar saya coba buka webnya hihi thx :)

    uwaaa, happy birthday ya buat koko nyaaa. otanjoubi omedetou hehe ^^
    ahaha, emang sih The Harvest bikin 'eneg' lama-lama. tapi believe it or not, lebaran kemaren keluargaku dikasih fruitcheese cake The Harvest yang ukuran gede. dan aku makan sepotong almost everyday! jadi setengah kue itu aku yang habisin. haha. aku godzila tingkat dewa -_-
    wuah, kayaknya makanan koreanya enak tuh :9 aku ga pernah nyobain soalnya.
    once again, happy birthday yaa :D

  2. Yo, book mark this restaurant and rmb to bring me here when i come over to visit u, tqtq and Happy Birthday to ur bro :)

  3. kabar baikkk :) kamu apa kabar? iya nih, aku juga lagi rada males nge blog wkwkwk.

    apalagi kemaren lagi musim uts. oh Tuhaaan, stres saya -_- untung sekarang sudah berahir, tgal nunggu UAS datang *keluar dr mukut harimau, masuk mulut buaya* haha

    kamu lagi sibuk apa aja nih sekarang? ^^