Sunday, May 12, 2013

New Lappie a.k.a Toshiba Satellite P840!

So FINALLY...after all the dissatisfaction towards my lappie which lasted for almost a year and plus, I managed to get myself a new lappie! *throws confetti* It took me long enough...About 7-8 months of saving. Which means home cooking for the whole weekdays and only splurge my money during weekends. That was hard but it's worth the price...haha.

To put things short...My old Toshiba laptop (Toshiba Satellite L100) who have served me since 2007 was unable to cope with the current softwares and such. Therefore I had to buy a new one in order to be able to play the games I wanted to play and of course to support my drawing apps such as Adobe Photoshop, etc.

Planned to get Alienware coz I thought that it's strong and definitely a good buy. But apparently it was way over my budget of 10k...LOL. At first I thought 15k was enough. In which I think I still can strive to buy. But deletes my wants right away after finding out the series that I am interested in starts at 18k? It's just too much a number for me who isn't a pro gamers who earns money through playing games using high end laptops. So's a no no. Unless if I am a pro gamers...then perhaps it's a yes...

Somehow it made things easier though...I mean it only leaves me to one choice. Some people are telling me to get a Mac. But after changing job and am using Mac for the past few months...I am certain that I am not getting a Mac. Of course I can't deny that I really LOVE the screen. Images looks so amazing on Mac's screen. Even I can't stop looking at my own artworks or my selcas on Mac. What more with the new retina display...I think it'll be more awesome. But after giving it a's still a no. Considering that I just want a lappie which can play the games I wanted, for drawing purpose, to watch dramas and animes. 

Plus if it's good in my screen, it might not be what others sees in their screen. So might as well having somewhat similar with others. In order that what I see would be somewhat similar with what other sees...hehe. So comes down to my 1st choice of all. Toshiba.

Prior to my experience with my first laptop which is Toshiba Satellite L100, I can say that I am a proud owner. My old lappie never fails in serving me ever since 2007 up to 30th April 2013. Except for that one time where there's problem with the screen which costs me RM600 to replace it with a new screen. Yet I think it's awesome enough to be living properly for 5 years plus and only broken down once. This first hand experience itself has lead me wanting to own my second Toshiba.

Planned to own Toshiba Satellite P850 due to it's bigger screen and equipped with i7. However it's a few k away from my budget. So I came down with the 2nd choice which is Toshiba Satellite P840 who is cheaper by a few k and it's pretty similar to P850 but with smaller screen and only has i5. In case you wanted to know the specs, you can click HERE.

Top view

Simple and cool

Another top view

Left side of the lappie

Right side of the lappie

Would surely appreciate another USB port since my old lappie has 4 of them. 3 is kinda too little for me since I kinda need 4. One for my cooler, another for my internet USB, my external HD and another one for my wacom. But it's ok since I can always buy external USB hub. But till nao still didn't manage to buy one since I am too lazy to move around...LOL. So mostly I just plug out my external hardisk in order to get my wacom plugged in. Hahaha. (Update: Bought 4-port hub d!)

Harman Kardon® speakers, enhanced by SRS® Premium Sound 3D™

One of the highlighted feature was this Harman Kardon speakers. Didn't know much bout speakers other than Altec Lansing. So I can give no answer if this is good or not. But definitely the sound is GOOD compared to my old lappie. But old lappie speaker have no yeah...LOL! To put it short it does gives a pretty decent sound. Just don't go and compare to real speakers (external ones) to internal ones.

Some hidden card reader

Didn't notice this till I actually read some reviews on this lappie. And I rarely use card it's not that important to know of its existence...Hmm...Sorry card reader...Bet someone else would appreciate you more than I do.

Fingerprint Reader

LOL...this one is a plus since I didn't knew of its existence as much as the "hidden card reader". I think I haven't mention this before...But I honestly haven't seen any P850 or P840 before I purchased one. I just researched the lappie that I interested in through internet with the help of uncle Google. Then after I finalize I ordered it online. So when I did unbox and found this finger scanning thingy I was pretty excited since back in 2007 I was mesmerized by Moi Moi's white Toshiba lappie which have this function as well. It's pretty good if you're too lazy to type in your password to get in. Haha...Perhaps next time we'll get something more futuristic like eye scanning or face recognition thingy? Who knows...I think we already have this...Or maybe at the moment they only existed is futuristic movies only.

Top view on the keyboard

Seriously I am really really disappointed with the touch pad as it is NOT sensitive where it keeps giving me the wrong response and secondly, it's noisy when clicked! The touch pad on my old L100 was much much MORE more a winner compared to this fail touch pad...Most of the time I turn this touch pad off coz it just gets to my nerve each time I am using it. Shall only be using this during emergency...such as when my mouse die...LOL. But other than that...touchpad...u're good to be asleep!

Side view of the keyboard

Closer view

Keyboard in the dark

This is one of the awesome thing which comes with P840. LOL! Isn't it cool? Almost reminds me of Alienware's keyboard. Of coz in Alienware you can go and change its colour to suit your preference where else you can't do that with P840. However I think it's awesome enough considering the price and all...Not bad I would say. Not that it's so much of a help in the dark since I think I remembered most of the frequent keys used frequently. But yeah...they sure looks good aesthetically...haha.

CTRL + ALT + Z far far away

If I must state out my agony it would be these keys who are so far away from each other. In my previous lappie, they're close to each other and Z key's right end was just above ALT's left end. As someone who plays with Photoshop alot, these 3 are my most frequent used keys and nao it's so hard to press them. Somehao it reminds me of my piano class back then where I have to stretch my fingers. Guess I'd have to familiarize my fingers to these new placement...*sobs*

Directional keys are shorties!

Another disappointment bout this lappie would be the directional keys. At first glance the keys on the keyboard does look appropriate and beautiful. Yet after I played some games which requires the use of directional keys alot, somehao I ish not happy with the directional key's size. In my previous L100, they close to each other and the height is taller than this. If I can be picky (though I am aware this wouldn't make the key to grow taller magically....but...) I would love for the size to be similar with my old keyboard...Say W: 1.5 cm and H: 1.3 cm? That would be awesome! for's good. You just have to use normal pressure to get the keys to read what you're typing. No complaint on this one. Except for my left directional key and "B" which I think less sensitive compared to the other keys. Or maybe it's my finger position that doesn't press right in the middle of the key...Does that affects the sensitivity? I dunno.

Also these keys are in black colours which I appreciate and it's not slippery...hehe.


Gotta love the brushed aluminium look on this lappie. Pro looking and smooth on the hand. It does get hot on the right side after using the lappie for some hours. But not too hot so it's still bearable. I assume the machine is located on the right side. Unlike my old lappie who gets hot on the left. Haha.

On a side note, I was wondering why there's no NVIDIA graphic card sticker sticked on the left part. Coz I see that usually lappie have them on the left part...Somehao my P840 have less stickers on it...Not that it matters much as it clearly does not affect the performance...Just saying the random stuff that passed through my brain...LOL.

Front shot

One last photo on Toshi-san

Another random stuff...I decided to call this lappie Toshi. Since it's name is Toshiba...But Toshi sounds cuter and it reminds me of Shinsengumi's Hijikata Toshizo (who appeared in the anime Gintama and Hakuouki as Hijikata Toushirou). So's settled...Its a He! Hahaha.

Ok back on the webcam, you can choose between 0.1 MP, 0.3 MP, 0.9 MP, 1.0 MP and 2.1 MP. Not that clear but sufficient enough to let people see your face...Hmm...On a bright side...they can't see your pimples! How good is that? LOLL!

For more informative and formal kind of review you can check out these two website which I read before I purchase this lappie HERE and HERE. They wrote better than I do! Their pictures clearly better too...FML.

FREE laptop bag

Laptop bag

Closer view on the texture of the laptop bag

As I said somewhere within this post, I got mine purchased through phone and got it delivered to my house. It's convenient as I am too lazy to go to Mangga Dua to get my lappie. Hahaha. The person who delivered me the lappie was nice too! Plus I thought that they're going to postpone the day to deliver the lappie coz it rained so heavily so suddenly that night. But no...they still deliver the lappie to me on the date said. What impressed me more would be on how good they protect the box that it didn't get wet at all despite the fact that the man who deliver them to me drives motorcycle.

And guess my joy it was delivered to me on 1st of May! *plays "First of May" song by Olivia Ong"* LOL...what a nice timing I thought.

Btw I got mine here in case you're interested to buy a new lappie and such but am clueless on where to buy or too lazy to do research...And at the same time this is my way of giving thanks for their nice service. Hehe.

Mangga Dua Mall Lt. 2 No. KM / 25 B1
Jl. Mangga Dua Raya, Jakarta 10730
Telp: (021) 6899 3375, 6230 3781 Fax: (021) 6230 3781.

Last but not least, Thanks to Jeffu-san for helping me to do market price research in M'sia. m(_ _)m Tenkiu manyiak. *smiles*

UPDATE: Adobe's CS5 are compatible with Windows 8. In case if you're wondering about this like I do before deciding to go with Windows 8. Been using Photoshop CS5 for quite some time and it works perfectly. And it seems like Flash Pro is working as well. Haven't really try to play with it yet...But I've tried clicking and it's I don't think there's problem with it. Unlike what I used to fear coz I've read somewhere that it's not compatible with Windows 8...(Or was it flash player? LOL)


  1. Wuhuuu! New Laptop!!! Beribu ribu tahniah diucapkan

  2. Woots~~~ New lappie~ throw confetti~
    I admire your bravely of purchasing laptop online!
    Buy external keyboard to resolve your ctrl+alt+z distance issue & directional key size issue.. plus u can choose to buy a gaming keyboard :D
    The only thing I dislike is Windows 8, banyiak leceh..
    Last but not least, very detail review of the product, I'm sure a lot of researchers would appreciate it, not forgetting to mention the Toshiba company will too.

  3. @Jasmine Like finally...hehehe. Bahagia juga when purchased d. My table is damn kecik leh. Ini pun barely can fit my graphic tablet. So no choice but to bear with it. Plus I can't even purchase a bigger table as what u can see my room pic from's too small to fit a decent table...LOL! In the beginning Windows 8 leceh la. But lama2 still can tahan not to the point mau tukar windows 7. Tho if can choose I still mau 7. XD