Saturday, June 2, 2012

Oh Noes!

There's something wrong with my external HD last night. I was so hyped up upon copying the new Japanese drama to my external HD and then halfway it got crashed! It's okay that it failed to copy. But who knows that it took away all my data which is inside the external HD too!

Extremely frustrated and sad, I tried to calm myself and told myself to re-plug and see. Seeing how nothing has changed made me feel like I was struck by second lightning right at the same spot. All there's to it was my folders which can't be clicked. Although the free space and total used space was still the same as before, I can't access any of the data. It's like a ghost data which took the space but wasn't there.

Not totally given up, I tried to download some recovery software from Google. Half-filled with hope, I started the app and...

Seriously I don't know if I should be crying or laughing as there's only two data managed to be recovered. One PDF data and one Microsoft word data which holds no importance at all. *sighs*

So the result...

I feel totally defeated by the crashed external HD and had given up on trying to retrieve the lost data. So I went ahead and format the external HD just as it wanted me to do. Conclusion...although now it's empty and feels like new but it sure reeks of sarcasm! *sobs*

Goodbye my old artworks...Goodbye my animes...Goodbye my movies...

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  1. That sucks:/ I try to make backups, but not as often as i should!