Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Another Josei Anime

Josei anime lovers, you should try watching "Chihayafuru" (ちはやふる) if you haven't. Unlike the previous anonymous anime I introduced which ended in tragedy, this one I believe will have a good ending. Not sure bout the ending since the manga has not reach to an end yet. So we'll have to wait for the mangaka to finish the story...Haha. Really love that this anime does not only focus only on love but also dreams and Karuta.

The main characters

Had fun watching the entire 25 episode. Except for episode 16 which I find boring coz it's kind of a compilations of previous episodes plus short random scenes. Other than that, this is an anime which is filled with happiness, "butterflies-in-the-stomach" and touching scene. It's pretty good!

Though how I wished there wasn't triangle love. It's so hard to choose who I wish her to end up with...LOL! Well, my opinion won't change the storyline...but still...wish her to be with the one she love the most. (Though I believe whoever gets her I'll still be both sad and happy for the guys)

By the way, heard that they'll come out with Season 2. I'm so happy with the news and can't wait for the release. Really hope that they'll release it sooner than 2013. *fingers crossed*

If it's longer and I can't wait, guess I'll just read the manga first. But that would be my last choice cause I don't want to spoil the fun of knowing the stories which will appear in second season. Anyway you can read the manga HERE!


  1. I still haven't watched anime in a long time, or read manga. What's the best manga for an "almost newbie"? ;D

  2. wew, kayaknya enak tuh ceritanya! gambarnya juga bagus. hihi ^^

    iya, aku juga cuma 'berharap' dari game2 sepupuku. paling suka sih main Mortal Kombat ama Harvest Moon. hihi. Kadang main di games.co.id juga sih. cuma di situ game anak2 semua. hahaha :p