Sunday, June 3, 2012

Ipekke Komachi

Last Sunday Bro suggested that we both try the newly opened Japanese restaurant inside a mall. It's pretty near to our apartment. So yeah, we went there for lunch. In fact I ordered more than I usually would order. But oh well...who can say no to appetizing food pictures inside the menu booklet? *defeated sighs*

Below were the pictures of the food that I ordered. Eaten all of them except for the Salmon Sashimi in which I didn't have the chance to try them as my bro finished all of them before I got the chance to get a slice. LOL!

Tamago Sushi

Salmon Sashimi

Tori Don
(Love the looked nice on the bowl!)

Chawan Mushi
Banana Split Crepes with the name Chibi

Haha...didn't notice the name of the crepes till bro pointed it out with his finger. Didn't ordered this as I wasn't in the mood for ice-cream. Instead, I ordered my fav choco banana cheese crepes. Guess I was lucky that day since they give more choco, banana and cheese than usual. It was a bliss!


  1. I would love to go for the Tori Don, since I haven't tried sushi ;)

  2. @Sandra You should try the raw sushi too. I used to hate it on the 1st try but grow to love them on the 2nd and after. <3

  3. hey :) post kamu ini bikin aku jadi laper deh. haha :D
    thanks for the support yaa, finally snmptn aku lalui juga. haha. iya, snmptn itu ujian utk masuk uni. memang indo ini ribet bgt sistemnya -_-
    iyaa, my boss my hero lucuuu XD
    aku suka ama nagase tomoya, dia cakeep >.< tapi endingnya rada ga jelas, ga jelas dia sama si Gakki apa ga -_-
    selain Gakki, kamu sukanya ama siapa? :)