Monday, June 18, 2012

Ikan Nila Pak Ugi

Last night, both bro and I went to a nearby shop famous for their Tilapia fish dishes. To be honest I am quite picky when it comes to food especially fishes. I just can't eat anything which look cute or scary. When it's too cute, I feel bad eating it and when it's too scary, I have no appetite to eat it.

So in this case it's totally a no-no for stingray and alot of other fishes! I remembered clearly on how someone nice ever spoon fed me a slice of stingray meat coz she feels that it's delicious and wanted me to have some. Not knowing what fish it is since it's not in its original state, I ate it and think that it was good. However once I know the truth, I never touched that fish ever again no matter how tasty it tasted. Yes...choosy I am!

Therefore when it comes to Tilapia...I, too, hesitated a lil bit at first when bro mentioned the name. However, I can't decide on what to eat last night. So yea...I give it a shot. All I know was the fact that I am practicing the power of self-denying in which I told myself that it was my favourite fish (pomfret).

Bro's fried Tilapia

My grilled Tilapia

Superb Chilli



Conclusion, I find the fish meat to be in generous amount and tasted good. Other than that I must stressed on its chilli! So far it's the best chilli ever for the category of nearby shops. LOL! Would definitely come again just because I'm in love with the chilli.

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  1. waks, sambelnya kayaknya emang enak tuh. duh, jadi pengen makan ayam penyet nih (loh? kok?) haha.

    emm, by the way, kok kayaknya aku rada ga sopan ya manggil 'kamu kamu', kan kakak lebih tua gitu. (ga maksud nyinggung loh ini, serius) jadinya mau dipanggil apa nih? hehe

    nonton Gossip Girl juga ya? selain Gossip Girl nonton srial tv apalagi?

    sayangnya kemarin di snmptn udah daftarnya ke USU sama UniBraw. jadi ga ada kemungkinan ke jkt. hiks :'(