Saturday, June 16, 2012

The One That Got Me To Love History

Anyone here watched Hetalia? At first I have no idea of what this anime is about. But after watching a few episodes then I know that the characters were named after countries name. This knowledge really helps me to follow up with the anime better...Haha.Too bad there wasn't Malaysia or Indonesia though.

My fav character for this anime would be Italy. He's just too dumb yet so adorable at the same time. I believe I wouldn't see Italy and Pasta the same again after watching this anime. Am so gonna love pasta more than I already have!

As for scenes which I really like the most would be the scenes of Chibitalia and Holy Roman Empire. Every scene with them on it is so refreshing, cute and funny!

Once I really hated history subject so much that I wished that somebody would turn history into an anime so that I can learn history interestingly. However that never happens. So although Hetalia is based on world history, I still think it's wonderful find!

This anime even tempted me to learn more about Italy, Rome and of course Holy Roman Empire. See the power of anime to anime lovers?

Anyway, if you're interested to read about Hetalia, you can go HERE!

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  1. wuahh, kayaknya anime nya seru tuh. ceritanya tentang sejarah gtu ya? atau gimana sih?
    iyaa, haha. pengennya juga gtu, kuliah di jkt. dsana semua serba ada deh, jadi ngiri -___-
    kamu update banget yaa ama anime. aku mah taunya yaa yg terkenal gtu aja, yg diputar di tv gtu. hiks :'(
    ohya by the way, kamu ilustrator yaa?