Monday, June 11, 2012

Officially A Year Older

First thing first, I am a year older now! *claps* Honestly I never feel anxious about getting older before this. But things turned out a lil different. Now I wish that I don't reach 30 so soon. Apart from I don't want to be a full fledged aunties...I do not wish the people around me to get older than they already are. *sobs*

Anyway bro was being sweet last night as he sneakily went out in the evening to buy me a birthday cake. Unfortunately his surprise plan failed as I opened the house fridge before midnight. LOL!

Instead of saying that it's a cake, I would describe it as a mountain of chocolate with fresh cream on top. It's my first time ever having a cake that looks like a cake but in fact the experience of eating it is the same as eating a big block of chocolate bar. Delicious and a small slice is enough to fill the stomach.

As for the things that I do on my birthday, I did nothing extravagant but to hone my PS skill at home. HAHAHAHA!!! Sounds pathetic but I don't feel so as I enjoyed my day playing with PS and painting my favourite Japanese artist, Aragaki Yui.

Aragaki Yui

Glad that I managed to do the teeth. It's always been the part which I hated to do the most apart from hands and legs. However I am looking forward on doing the hair part as I'm not really experienced in doing realistic painting yet.

Some random fact: Her birthday is today! Just a day after mine which is 11th June. Happy Birthday Gakky! If you don't know her, it's recommended to watch her dramas and movies. Her recent drama would be Legal High and movie would be Ranma 1/2. :D

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  1. heyy, baru ultah yaa? wuaahh, otanjoubi omedetou gozaimasu!! *walau mungkin rada telat, huehe* wish u all luck and happiness :D

    iyaa, aku baru aja tamat SMA, sedih tapi senang juga. haha. aku sekolah di SMA Sutomo 1 Medan. selain ekskul b.jepang, ada summer course juga ke Jepang pas libur panjang sekolah. tapi aku ga pernah ikut sih, huehe.

    by the way, kamu suka aragaki yui ya?? aku juga loohh >.< aku tau dia dari film Hanakimi sama serial My Boss My Hero. pernah nonton gaa? ^^
    *sori, komennya panjang *