Thursday, June 14, 2012


(Warning: Contain anime spoiler of which name I won't mention)

Currently I'm so madly in love with illustrations done by a Japanese artist by the initial KY. As if by fate, I came across her amazing artwork while browsing "i-forget-what-i-browse" in Google image. For someone who can't draw guy, I am truly impressed by her ability t
o illustrate such awesome bishies. My love for he bishies illustration eventually leads me to Google more about the particular illustration. It turns out that it's an illustration of some anime which is out for quite some time already.

After reading about the anime, I found out that it's a shoujo (reverse-harem?) anime. I rarely download these genre lately, so it's no surprise that I never came across this anime. Recently all the anime that I downloaded were more to Shonen anime such as Bleach, One Piece, Naruto, Beelzebub, etc. I think the last Shoujo anime that I've downloaded were Vampire Knight and Kaichou Wa Maid Sama.

Anyway, I downloaded the anime right after I found its title. Was too hardcore that I even went as far as to leave my laptop to stay overnight so that I can watch it first thing in the morning. *winks*

Like I said, it's been awhile since I last watch Shoujo anime. So I kinda look forward to watch it. I was expecting some heartwarming, romantic plus "butterfly-in-the-stomach" scenes.

I would say that the first few episodes were okay. However I still wonder why there's so less romantic scenes when I have always imagine shoujo, reverse harem anime to be so full of it. Instead of lovey-dovey scenes, all I get was scenes of the bishies dying one by one due to war. HAHAHAHAHA!!! Seriously pathetic. It was like...First there was the main girl surrounded by lots of bishies and then all of them suddenly gone one by one leaving her in "forever alone" state. Another pathetic things to add would be the fact that the romantic scene added together still less than 2 minute and that it happened on the second last and last episode. LOL!

I was truly devastated and depressed right after I reached the end of the anime. To think that I would be filled with butterflies by the end of the drama...I was foolish and truly wrong. But still, I am still in love with the anime coz I really like the characters and of course the illustrations. (Although I still think that manga always have the best drawing compared to anime. Hehe...For this case her original illustrations is much nicer compared to the anime version which is alot simplified)

Some noob memes to portray my feelings on the anime
(Click to view)

I won't mention the anime title here as I don't want you guys to avoid watching it. But here's a glimpse of her artwork without title. fact now I'm downloading another anime of hers. Hope this time it'll have good ending. Ah...I really want the artist's artbook or whatsoever that features her artwork in it. It's just too fabulous! (>.<) I want! I want! I want!


  1. Didn't realize that the Vampire Knight was a Shoujo.. i actually watch that and Kaichou Wa Maid Sama too.
    But Vampire Knight did keep me up and chasing till it finish xP
    Those were the day..
    As for You-know-what-anime, all the guys look alike de? the graphic/ human is really awesomely drew but the forever alone is just too sad..

  2. LOL LOL LOL...u cravin for shoujo anime oso hor. Hohoho! But ini 2 ok the anime still alot amoi.

    For "the name kenot be mentioned" almost can say there's only one amoi. Yala got 2 more amoi but over 20+ epi oni keluar like few sec n rarely. Unless if u count passerby in the city yg tidak related at all. So can say is harem la. Many guys n oni one girl.

    Yaba all look sama except the eyes n hair. But those were the leng zai...yg not leng zai plus apek look diff bah. LOL!

    Kan? Hope can copy u the anime so we can sad sad sama sama. I seriously disappointed with the ending. I rather the girl oso mati together so at least they can together at heaven ba than to be alone without fam, relative, friend , etc. Worst than die. XD

  3. iya nih, aku juga kemaren ngecek2 tv series yg dibawain si nagase, cuma masalahnya rada susa nyari dvd film jepang di medan. hiks T__T
    pengen coba download sih, cuma rada2 gaptek nih soal download-mendownload dan gatau juga mau download dimana. hehe.
    by the way, aku pernah liat anime yg kamu ceritain itu. di skolaku ada mading yg umumnya membahas all about japan, terus mereka pernah nge review anime itu. dan aku sempat pengen coba nonton karena gambarnya dan review dr merekanya bagus. hahaha. ternyata-oh-ternyata... :p