Monday, September 3, 2012

Even Better I Must!

Hello everyone! I'm back to update. Supposed to be posting about AFA ID 2012 (Anime Festival Asia Indonesia) today. However I'm still pretty tired from standing the whole time I was there (Since 8 something in the morning till 8 something at night). In fact I'm having heavy backache during the fourth hour of standing and the pain stays with me till Sunday afternoon.

Didn't took much quality pictures as I don't know why but my hand happens to be rather shaky on that day. Lots of blur pics in which I decided to take videos coz the result seems better than pictures taken. Haha. But that's where the problem lies...I have no time to edit the videos! We'll see about that...dunno when it'll be done but for sure I'll edit and upload it someday...someday...*coughs*

Seriously I'm deeply moved during Danny Choo's talk on that day. I'm feeling motivated, inspired and somehow a little bit depressed coz I wish I can do much better that the current state. Perhaps I should talk more about what he talks about under AFA updates. That way the pictures and videos can get you the picture more...haha. But from his talk, I really really have the urge to practice...practice...and get better faster...Of course I don't expect instant amazing results...but yes...I want to see some good changes...Even a little~

Today's quick sketch at night

Jury from Japan, Taiwan and Indonesia
(From left to right)

The picture above will be some kind of the sneak peak to my AFA updates...haha. Stay tune for more pictures...Hopefully along with videos!

Can't promise when...coz I have a couple of work to finish fast...*sobs* And honestly it's something which is never my forte to begin with...But ah...thanks to all those motivational book saying "you never try never know" that I've decided to accept the job. Am praying that it'll work somehow as nao I truly have no idea on how to do it yet...HA HA HA!

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