Tuesday, September 4, 2012

What's Your Inner Chara Type?

Here's a small fun "quiz" which I found at MangaHere's Facebook. It's pretty funny and I think that I should share it here for you all to play along. Hahaha...Be sure to share your answer in the comment box below or the chat box on the right side. Whichever you are comfortable with~

(Click the image to enlarge)

As for me, I got "Kichiku". Completely have no idea on what this term refers to. It's my first encounter to this specific word or term! Shall ask uncle Google tomorrow. But as for now, I think the description provided is enough to kinda give the rough idea on what it is. Haha...

Kinda expecting "Tsundere" as I think I'm more to this type rather than whatever "Kichiku" means. LOL! Anyway...this is just for fun. So there's no need to put much attention to it's validity.

Quick fanart of Sakura
(fail Konoha logo as I forget to touch it till the end...lol)

Hope you guys are having fun with it! Ciao! Gotta rush back doing my work nao! Lalala~~

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