Saturday, September 15, 2012

Nine to Five

Apparently I'm back to the usual 9 to 5 job. So yeah...hello normal working life! Am trying to see a bigger picture in doing something a lil bit off from what I dream to do. At least I can gain some new experience and of course more time to train myself than to use all of them to rush deadlines.

Anyway today was my first day to work. Reached too early that I stood somewhere a few metres away from my office. WhatsApp both MoiMoi and Fang to brush away my boredom. Thank goodness MoiMoi replied right away that I don't feel stupid standing in the middle of nowhere. She accompanied me from 08:18 till 08:45. *virtual hugs*

Where I stood while WhatsApp-ing

Indeed I have nothing to complain so far as I think everything were great. Though I must say that I was quite surprised to be attending client right away on my 1st day. Hahaha...however I was glad that the first one happened to be a nice lady. We clicked pretty well so it really makes things easier. Was happy too that my brain can catch up to Mac within 3 hours stuck doing design with it. Of course I must admit that I was slower compared to when I'm on windows...But at least on the third hour I didn't click wrong buttons anymore. Definitely slower but precise!

In terms on colleagues...they're awesome! Friendly bunch of peoples! Really feel blessed and glad that God has given me a nice environment. Coz I am one of those people who prefers not having drama or extra stuffs going around in workplace. So definitely friendly and genuine people are the best things to have! And I was touched when one of them even stop in the middle of the road to offer me a ride back home! So sweet can!

Guess that's all I can talk since it's only 9 to 1 on Saturdays...Haha. To which wondered why I entered on Saturday, let's just say that I didn't know that 15 falls on Saturday and I told boss that it's better if I can join on 15 to which later I only realized that it was on Saturday! OTL

Yosh! Gonna do my best on work as well as self training! *brimming with positive energy*


  1. Yay~~ Congratulation *open champagne*
    how come 9-5 de? and im 9-6 leh? but i dont need to work on Saturday la, masuk 4hours dunno can do what, haha.. Ahhh, so happy for u~~ *hugs*

  2. *drinks the virtual champagne* Tenkiu tenkiuz...err...ok la 9-5. 9-6 i cry lo since got saturday...nao oni can wake up late every sunday nia...cham! *dancing sama2*