Monday, September 17, 2012

First 9 to 5

It's Monday and it marks my first time to be in the new office for the whole 9 to 5. Only been in the office for 4 hours on last Saturday...So yeah. It's pretty tiring. Planned that I'll straight go to practice my drawing right after I reached home from work...But little did I expect that the office workload is draining my energy. As I'm saying this, I'm truly sleepy but am trying my best to keep myself awake. At least I must practice something before I end the day...Or else the whole idea of me taking this job will be not valid at all...Haha.

Talking bout office, I'm starting to wonder if I have that smoker look. Coz today was my second time being asked if I want to smoke together...LOL! Back then a lecturer also asked me the same question. Not the kind that they wanted people to learn to smoke but more like they think that I'm a smoker and so they asked politely to smoke together. LMAO! Dunno where do they get the idea from as I am fully aware that I look like a junior high school student even though I am in my early 20's. Haha...

Anyway...he's my latest illustration. I'll try to draw better interesting clothing next time. But for now I'll just focus on better anatomy and colours.'s time for me to do colouring for this piece...Have a nice day everyone! Also Happy Malaysia day to Malaysians!


  1. LOL.. you where got smoker look? Btw, smoker don't carry the mutual look, they carry the mutual smell... Hehee.. :p

  2. Tat y la I sendiri oso wonder apa makes them think that I am a smoker n would love to smoke sama2...LOL!

    Yaba...but sometime sumthng about smoker is sama...they have itu one smoker attitude/trait o sumthing liddat...except for small kid yg smoke for the sake to look yeng la...XD

  3. haii, finally reply ur comment. gomennasai.
    maklum banyak yang harus dilakukan disini -_- jadinya lupa terus mau ngeblog.

    makasih udah ngucapin :D hihi.

    iyaa, cakepan pas masih sekolah si Mario Maurer nyaa.

    btw apa kabar? lagi sibuk apa belakangan ini?

  4. yess, i'm finally back againnn! haha ^^
    iya nih, kadang2 pikiran itu negatiff mulu bawaannya. apalagi kalo ketemu makul yang rada susah, sementara dosennya sering absen. makin galau jadinya -_-
    yup, aku sedang mencoba ngomong sama orang2 terdekat nih. :)
    anywayy, makasih banyak ya advicenya. ternyata apa yg aku rasain normal. jadi semangat nih, beneran :)
    sekali lagi, hontou ni doumo arigatou na. beneran membantu :')