Thursday, September 13, 2012

Release and Practice...Practice!

Had the urge to draw something last night as I encountered something annoying. Not that I have anything in mind of what to draw. But the urge to paint is just too high that I decided not to think so much but to set a blank canvas and just slashed random strokes with the brush tool already.

Thankfully that method works and the very 4 vertical brush strokes makes me think of a jungle. A dark eerie jungle to be exact. Kinda suit the feeling of disbelief, anger and disappointment at that moment. But somehow it turns out rather purplish rather than black. So maybe I wasn't feeling that bad enough...


Hmm...This is random but...yes...whenever I'm angry, sad or stressed, it's either to draw randomly, get myself to eat KFC (LOL! Yes....Kentucky Fried Chicken. They can contact me to be their ambassador d since I love KFC so much) or lastly...SLEEP! Hahaha...Guess the last one is the most common one to everyone...and as you all can see, I went for drawing randomly approach as clearly I cannot buy KFC at night and it's too early to sleep yet too late for some cat nap!

Anyway, I continued last night's "Jungle" and I enjoyed doing it. Except for the fact that since I am not good at digital painting little things like when I cannot get it right...It's kinda give that "UGH!" feeling. (In a positive way~)

Jungle 2

I really love how the soil on the lower left turned out. I think that was the best part on the scene so far. However I happen to forget the colours used to achieve that...OTL

Nevermind...Guess I'll try to figure it out tomorrow. Hopefully I'll manage to get the right colour by then...As for nao, Good night everyone! *winks*


  1. sometimes emo can be a good muse :3 haha. hope u are feeling better :D

  2. Haha...true. I'm much better. Thanks! :D :D