Sunday, September 16, 2012

Calais Tea from Taiwan

After work, bro asked if I wanted to go to the mall at night to try the new bubble tea shop. In fact he's been interested to give it a try ever since he saw the shop under construction. And since I've always loved "moustache", I thought that I should give it a try regardless on how I don't seem to be crazy about bubble tea as much as I did before...

The logo which consists of a gentleman's hat, moustache and bow tie
(Can't see from this image as it glows so brightly...hmmph!)

The interior seen while I was busy queue-ing

The interior on the right side

Closer view on the cute wall

The wall painting on the left which shows the toppings available

Counter to make order
(IMHO, they should wear bowties instead of neck tie to match the logo)

More on the counter

(It's blur...*sobs*)

My chocolate milk tea with egg pudding
(Less ice and Less Sugar)

Nothing much to say on the chocolate milk tea itself as I'd prefer the taste to be thicker (stronger?)...It's pretty mild to my liking. But it's pretty good if I try not to be too picky! As for the egg pudding, it's delicious that I'd definitely order it again someday. However I'm kinda interested to try on the rainbow jelly (which made me think of nyan cat and unicorns) and pink bubble maybe I'll order that pudding again after I tried the other interesting toppings in which I've never seen them in other bubble tea shop so far. Guess that's one of the selling point of this shop. And oh...bro ordered the same flavour but with diff topping. Haha.

Posing as I see fit whenever I saw "moustache"
(Probably this is the first pic of myself in this blog...yay!)

As for the shop itself, they claimed to be using Certified Grade A Taiwanese Tea & English Earl Grey, sugar which is made from fruit fructose, fruit tea which are made from real fruit extract, no essence drop is used on their products and that all of their toppings are imported directly from suppliers...Sounds promising, huh?

Give it a try if you happen to be nearby Kuningan City, Central Park Mall, Supermal Karawaci, Solo Paragon, Grand City Mall, Paris Van Java or Kelapa Gading Mall in which I got mine from. *smiles*

Took this from their FB

If you're interested, you can look for their FB which is stated on the picture above. Or you can click HERE to directly go to their FB fanpage. From what I see from the pictures uploaded there, seems like the barista will write something like a motivational quote (something on the cup...But seems like there's nothing on my today's cup so I can't be sure if they really do that or not. Which if it happens to be true, I think it's a nice lil touch~

That's all...hope you enjoy the post and have a great weekend! *smiles*

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