Friday, September 7, 2012

Mirai Suenaga Nendoroid

Awesome news to all who loves Nendoroid or Mirai Suenaga. Apparently Mirai Suenaga, the mascot of Culture Japan TV Show will be joining Nendoroid series and it's nao available for pre-order!

As someone who loves almost all things that comes in small package and a nendoroid lover...this is definitely a good news! I mean just look at the pictures below...

Mirai holding "Moekana" card

In "Aho-Mirai" mode
(something like silly yet cute kind of face)

Isn't she adorkable? I personally love this expression on her face the most. It makes me feels like pinching her chubby cheek *coughs*. But afraid not...for those who prefers normal mode, they have Mirai in her bijin (beautiful) mode too!

Mirai posing beside her "itasha"

How she looks like standing on the "itasha"

What you'll get from this package

From purchasing Mirai Nendoroid, you'll get Mirai, a Japanese flag, Nendoroid-sized Moekana cards, Retrokyu (the robot look-a-like sidekick), and also a miniature itasha (the car) which features Tazuku Iizuki's illustration on the bonnet as well as Ikkyuu-sensei illustrations on the left and right side!

One thing that excites me would be the fact that the itasha is installed with rubber tyres. It means that the car wouldn't be static eternally but you can get them moving if you want to. Vroom...vroom~

Comparison of the original sized Moekana to Nendroid Moekana

Some of the illustrations appeared on Moekana

Basically Moekana are cards with hiragana words on them to make learning hiragana easier and of course more fun. In fact I planned to get the original size Moekana during AFA ID. However I was being careless and didn't bring enough cash with me...*sighs*

Danny Choo and Mirai
(Owner of Culture Japan and father to Mirai)

So case you're interested to get Mirai nendoroid, she is scheduled for release in late Dec but you can pre order them now at several places:

Ami Ami (Worldwide shipping)
Hobby Search (Worldwide shipping)
J-List (America)
Otacute (Worldwide shipping)
Toy Coin (Singapore)
Archonia (Europe)
Amazon Japan (Japan)
Hobby Stock (Japan)

For more details and such, do visit the main source HERE.


Most probably will be getting them myself when I have paypal. Too bad that I wasn't aware that they provide pre-order at AFA ID. Though of course by knowing also won't change the fact that I didn't bring enough money! OTL

But here comes the second good news! For those who don't have paypal or don't have enough money but is in love with Mirai nendoroid, you can join "Mirai Suenaga Nendoroid Giveaway" to have a chance to win yourself a Mirai Suenaga nendoroid. It's good for all who wants to try their luck too~

Click HERE to find out how! The last day would be on the 9th of September. So better be fast and join in the fun~

Last but not least, here's a short video featuring Mirai Suenaga nendoroid pictures along with a sneak peak of Culture Japan and Good Smile Company booth during AFA ID 2012.

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