Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sudden Stillness

I'm sick right now and everything around me seems to be moving at a rather slower pace. The air, the sound, the movements, the blinking of my eyes to the point of my's all getting slower. And no...I'm not having any critical illness or something like that. I'm just having the usual itchy throat, blocked nose, coughs and an ulcer on the right wall of my mouth. Plus the random uninvited unexpected unwanted visit from Mr. Moon!

Somehow I'm feeling like a cat that weight 9 kilos who lazily rest on some fluffy sofa not wanting to move. It's amazing on how I had enough willpower to cook dinner from bro and myself today.

Apart from that, I cannot help but to wonder why do I tend to get sick during holidays and not normal days. It's almost a no surprise when I got sick few days ago during "Hari Raya" since last year and the previous years I also got sick at the same time.

Basically I have the tendencies to get sick during Chinese New Year and "Hari Raya". LOL! But I usually got back to my hometown during this two the doctors were saying that it might be due to the weather differences...Oh well. Maybe they were right.

The worst sickness which I can remember it happened was during holiday few years ago where my family and I travelled to "Puncak". I got red spots all over my bodies over allergies from eating "I-forget-what". Haha. It happened on my first night there too! So you can imagine me scratching all over my bodies like mad the entire vacation time.

Anyway, I'm kinda disappointed that the nearby shops do not have water gallons with them. Huhu...out of 3 nearby shop, 1 is closed till now for holiday, then the other two only have small bottles (600ml) with them. Guess the entire apartment already bought all the 1500ml ones huh? Haha...coz usually they'll have plenty of them at store and only the gallon one finished fast. For now I'm hoping that the water gallon stock will come soonest as I'm far too lazy to get my body to move to buy water...Argh...spare me please~

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