Monday, September 17, 2012

First 9 to 5

It's Monday and it marks my first time to be in the new office for the whole 9 to 5. Only been in the office for 4 hours on last Saturday...So yeah. It's pretty tiring. Planned that I'll straight go to practice my drawing right after I reached home from work...But little did I expect that the office workload is draining my energy. As I'm saying this, I'm truly sleepy but am trying my best to keep myself awake. At least I must practice something before I end the day...Or else the whole idea of me taking this job will be not valid at all...Haha.

Talking bout office, I'm starting to wonder if I have that smoker look. Coz today was my second time being asked if I want to smoke together...LOL! Back then a lecturer also asked me the same question. Not the kind that they wanted people to learn to smoke but more like they think that I'm a smoker and so they asked politely to smoke together. LMAO! Dunno where do they get the idea from as I am fully aware that I look like a junior high school student even though I am in my early 20's. Haha...

Anyway...he's my latest illustration. I'll try to draw better interesting clothing next time. But for now I'll just focus on better anatomy and colours.'s time for me to do colouring for this piece...Have a nice day everyone! Also Happy Malaysia day to Malaysians!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Calais Tea from Taiwan

After work, bro asked if I wanted to go to the mall at night to try the new bubble tea shop. In fact he's been interested to give it a try ever since he saw the shop under construction. And since I've always loved "moustache", I thought that I should give it a try regardless on how I don't seem to be crazy about bubble tea as much as I did before...

The logo which consists of a gentleman's hat, moustache and bow tie
(Can't see from this image as it glows so brightly...hmmph!)

The interior seen while I was busy queue-ing

The interior on the right side

Closer view on the cute wall

The wall painting on the left which shows the toppings available

Counter to make order
(IMHO, they should wear bowties instead of neck tie to match the logo)

More on the counter

(It's blur...*sobs*)

My chocolate milk tea with egg pudding
(Less ice and Less Sugar)

Nothing much to say on the chocolate milk tea itself as I'd prefer the taste to be thicker (stronger?)...It's pretty mild to my liking. But it's pretty good if I try not to be too picky! As for the egg pudding, it's delicious that I'd definitely order it again someday. However I'm kinda interested to try on the rainbow jelly (which made me think of nyan cat and unicorns) and pink bubble maybe I'll order that pudding again after I tried the other interesting toppings in which I've never seen them in other bubble tea shop so far. Guess that's one of the selling point of this shop. And oh...bro ordered the same flavour but with diff topping. Haha.

Posing as I see fit whenever I saw "moustache"
(Probably this is the first pic of myself in this blog...yay!)

As for the shop itself, they claimed to be using Certified Grade A Taiwanese Tea & English Earl Grey, sugar which is made from fruit fructose, fruit tea which are made from real fruit extract, no essence drop is used on their products and that all of their toppings are imported directly from suppliers...Sounds promising, huh?

Give it a try if you happen to be nearby Kuningan City, Central Park Mall, Supermal Karawaci, Solo Paragon, Grand City Mall, Paris Van Java or Kelapa Gading Mall in which I got mine from. *smiles*

Took this from their FB

If you're interested, you can look for their FB which is stated on the picture above. Or you can click HERE to directly go to their FB fanpage. From what I see from the pictures uploaded there, seems like the barista will write something like a motivational quote (something on the cup...But seems like there's nothing on my today's cup so I can't be sure if they really do that or not. Which if it happens to be true, I think it's a nice lil touch~

That's all...hope you enjoy the post and have a great weekend! *smiles*

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Nine to Five

Apparently I'm back to the usual 9 to 5 job. So yeah...hello normal working life! Am trying to see a bigger picture in doing something a lil bit off from what I dream to do. At least I can gain some new experience and of course more time to train myself than to use all of them to rush deadlines.

Anyway today was my first day to work. Reached too early that I stood somewhere a few metres away from my office. WhatsApp both MoiMoi and Fang to brush away my boredom. Thank goodness MoiMoi replied right away that I don't feel stupid standing in the middle of nowhere. She accompanied me from 08:18 till 08:45. *virtual hugs*

Where I stood while WhatsApp-ing

Indeed I have nothing to complain so far as I think everything were great. Though I must say that I was quite surprised to be attending client right away on my 1st day. Hahaha...however I was glad that the first one happened to be a nice lady. We clicked pretty well so it really makes things easier. Was happy too that my brain can catch up to Mac within 3 hours stuck doing design with it. Of course I must admit that I was slower compared to when I'm on windows...But at least on the third hour I didn't click wrong buttons anymore. Definitely slower but precise!

In terms on colleagues...they're awesome! Friendly bunch of peoples! Really feel blessed and glad that God has given me a nice environment. Coz I am one of those people who prefers not having drama or extra stuffs going around in workplace. So definitely friendly and genuine people are the best things to have! And I was touched when one of them even stop in the middle of the road to offer me a ride back home! So sweet can!

Guess that's all I can talk since it's only 9 to 1 on Saturdays...Haha. To which wondered why I entered on Saturday, let's just say that I didn't know that 15 falls on Saturday and I told boss that it's better if I can join on 15 to which later I only realized that it was on Saturday! OTL

Yosh! Gonna do my best on work as well as self training! *brimming with positive energy*

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Release and Practice...Practice!

Had the urge to draw something last night as I encountered something annoying. Not that I have anything in mind of what to draw. But the urge to paint is just too high that I decided not to think so much but to set a blank canvas and just slashed random strokes with the brush tool already.

Thankfully that method works and the very 4 vertical brush strokes makes me think of a jungle. A dark eerie jungle to be exact. Kinda suit the feeling of disbelief, anger and disappointment at that moment. But somehow it turns out rather purplish rather than black. So maybe I wasn't feeling that bad enough...


Hmm...This is random but...yes...whenever I'm angry, sad or stressed, it's either to draw randomly, get myself to eat KFC (LOL! Yes....Kentucky Fried Chicken. They can contact me to be their ambassador d since I love KFC so much) or lastly...SLEEP! Hahaha...Guess the last one is the most common one to everyone...and as you all can see, I went for drawing randomly approach as clearly I cannot buy KFC at night and it's too early to sleep yet too late for some cat nap!

Anyway, I continued last night's "Jungle" and I enjoyed doing it. Except for the fact that since I am not good at digital painting little things like when I cannot get it right...It's kinda give that "UGH!" feeling. (In a positive way~)

Jungle 2

I really love how the soil on the lower left turned out. I think that was the best part on the scene so far. However I happen to forget the colours used to achieve that...OTL

Nevermind...Guess I'll try to figure it out tomorrow. Hopefully I'll manage to get the right colour by then...As for nao, Good night everyone! *winks*

Friday, September 7, 2012

Mirai Suenaga Nendoroid

Awesome news to all who loves Nendoroid or Mirai Suenaga. Apparently Mirai Suenaga, the mascot of Culture Japan TV Show will be joining Nendoroid series and it's nao available for pre-order!

As someone who loves almost all things that comes in small package and a nendoroid lover...this is definitely a good news! I mean just look at the pictures below...

Mirai holding "Moekana" card

In "Aho-Mirai" mode
(something like silly yet cute kind of face)

Isn't she adorkable? I personally love this expression on her face the most. It makes me feels like pinching her chubby cheek *coughs*. But afraid not...for those who prefers normal mode, they have Mirai in her bijin (beautiful) mode too!

Mirai posing beside her "itasha"

How she looks like standing on the "itasha"

What you'll get from this package

From purchasing Mirai Nendoroid, you'll get Mirai, a Japanese flag, Nendoroid-sized Moekana cards, Retrokyu (the robot look-a-like sidekick), and also a miniature itasha (the car) which features Tazuku Iizuki's illustration on the bonnet as well as Ikkyuu-sensei illustrations on the left and right side!

One thing that excites me would be the fact that the itasha is installed with rubber tyres. It means that the car wouldn't be static eternally but you can get them moving if you want to. Vroom...vroom~

Comparison of the original sized Moekana to Nendroid Moekana

Some of the illustrations appeared on Moekana

Basically Moekana are cards with hiragana words on them to make learning hiragana easier and of course more fun. In fact I planned to get the original size Moekana during AFA ID. However I was being careless and didn't bring enough cash with me...*sighs*

Danny Choo and Mirai
(Owner of Culture Japan and father to Mirai)

So case you're interested to get Mirai nendoroid, she is scheduled for release in late Dec but you can pre order them now at several places:

Ami Ami (Worldwide shipping)
Hobby Search (Worldwide shipping)
J-List (America)
Otacute (Worldwide shipping)
Toy Coin (Singapore)
Archonia (Europe)
Amazon Japan (Japan)
Hobby Stock (Japan)

For more details and such, do visit the main source HERE.


Most probably will be getting them myself when I have paypal. Too bad that I wasn't aware that they provide pre-order at AFA ID. Though of course by knowing also won't change the fact that I didn't bring enough money! OTL

But here comes the second good news! For those who don't have paypal or don't have enough money but is in love with Mirai nendoroid, you can join "Mirai Suenaga Nendoroid Giveaway" to have a chance to win yourself a Mirai Suenaga nendoroid. It's good for all who wants to try their luck too~

Click HERE to find out how! The last day would be on the 9th of September. So better be fast and join in the fun~

Last but not least, here's a short video featuring Mirai Suenaga nendoroid pictures along with a sneak peak of Culture Japan and Good Smile Company booth during AFA ID 2012.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

What's Your Inner Chara Type?

Here's a small fun "quiz" which I found at MangaHere's Facebook. It's pretty funny and I think that I should share it here for you all to play along. Hahaha...Be sure to share your answer in the comment box below or the chat box on the right side. Whichever you are comfortable with~

(Click the image to enlarge)

As for me, I got "Kichiku". Completely have no idea on what this term refers to. It's my first encounter to this specific word or term! Shall ask uncle Google tomorrow. But as for now, I think the description provided is enough to kinda give the rough idea on what it is. Haha...

Kinda expecting "Tsundere" as I think I'm more to this type rather than whatever "Kichiku" means. LOL! Anyway...this is just for fun. So there's no need to put much attention to it's validity.

Quick fanart of Sakura
(fail Konoha logo as I forget to touch it till the

Hope you guys are having fun with it! Ciao! Gotta rush back doing my work nao! Lalala~~

Monday, September 3, 2012

Even Better I Must!

Hello everyone! I'm back to update. Supposed to be posting about AFA ID 2012 (Anime Festival Asia Indonesia) today. However I'm still pretty tired from standing the whole time I was there (Since 8 something in the morning till 8 something at night). In fact I'm having heavy backache during the fourth hour of standing and the pain stays with me till Sunday afternoon.

Didn't took much quality pictures as I don't know why but my hand happens to be rather shaky on that day. Lots of blur pics in which I decided to take videos coz the result seems better than pictures taken. Haha. But that's where the problem lies...I have no time to edit the videos! We'll see about that...dunno when it'll be done but for sure I'll edit and upload it someday...someday...*coughs*

Seriously I'm deeply moved during Danny Choo's talk on that day. I'm feeling motivated, inspired and somehow a little bit depressed coz I wish I can do much better that the current state. Perhaps I should talk more about what he talks about under AFA updates. That way the pictures and videos can get you the picture more...haha. But from his talk, I really really have the urge to practice...practice...and get better faster...Of course I don't expect instant amazing results...but yes...I want to see some good changes...Even a little~

Today's quick sketch at night

Jury from Japan, Taiwan and Indonesia
(From left to right)

The picture above will be some kind of the sneak peak to my AFA updates...haha. Stay tune for more pictures...Hopefully along with videos!

Can't promise when...coz I have a couple of work to finish fast...*sobs* And honestly it's something which is never my forte to begin with...But ah...thanks to all those motivational book saying "you never try never know" that I've decided to accept the job. Am praying that it'll work somehow as nao I truly have no idea on how to do it yet...HA HA HA!