Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Le CNY Cameron Trip

Some images I took during my Chinese New Year trip with fam to Cameron.
There for the very first time I saw a real fireplace in real life.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Keep Believing

Came across a website by chance last night and found some of the articles to be quite uplifting. So here I am to share it with you guys. Here's one of it. The title is "Be Anxious for Nothing". Click HERE if you want to read it. They have more than one articles there. So read them up if you want to. Good day!

Monday, January 16, 2012

I Believe

“I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go, things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they're right, you believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.”

― Marilyn Monroe

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Healthy Days

Currently I'm so mad in love with broccoli! Used to hate it so much that even the sound of its name makes me wanna say "no" quickly. Even back then when dad used to cook it (years and years and yearssssss ago), I would definitely not touch it. Oh wait! Maybe a bite to make sure I have an excuse to say "I've already ate the veggie!". For some weird reason I haven't eaten it for ages but somehow the impression of it being tasteless and not nice is embedded in my brain. I am very the very certain that the numbers of time I've eaten it can be counted with my fingers...Yep! That less!

Like a twist of fate that says it's time for me to fall in love with it, I met broccoli at my condo's supermarket few weeks ago (food shortage!). Since it's a very mini supermarket, so they don't have much choice most of the time. Worst of all, broccoli was the only vegetable available on that day. So yeah...that's how I got my hands on the broccoli.

Surprisingly...I fell in love with it on my first bite. It was so delicious! Ever since then, I am so happy to see fresh broccoli on any supermarket shelves! And just few days ago, I bought two stem for just RM2.90! Gosh...There's such thing as cheap and nice to my delight! Hahaha. As expected, I've already nom-ed both of them. Below are the pictures of the food that I ate yesterday. Thank you Mr. and Ms. Broccoli!

Something extra: Total damage of the food I nom-ed yesterday is less than RM3!!! *dancing around the room like I've just won a nobel prize*

Broccoli in Oyster Sauce

Egg + Salted Veggie

Foods on the table

One last pic of the Broccoli on my rice!

As for my rice, I like to have mixtures of red rice and white rice (50/50). It's less delicious of course (as expected from anything that smells "healthy"). Nevertheless, for the sake of health, have to sacrifice adjust my taste bud a lil bit.

"No Pain No Gain".

Speaking of unexpected benefits, I would have to say that this mixtures make me tend to eat less. Somehow I get full faster eating this compared to when I'm eating white rice. Awesome, right? I get to be healthy and lose my weight in a healthy way at the same time! *fyeah.jpeg*

p/s: Somehow I realized that food looks much better in picture when placed on nice plates...LOL! Nao I know what to fill my future kitchen with! *smiles evilly*

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

MV Day

First of all, just wanna make it clear that there's no such thing called "MV Day". But oh well...today I was so busy making myself learning Jap on my own and later on ended up in Youtube.

LOL! That's how I decided to share a few nice MV I found with you all. Basically I watched this Jap drama called "Boku to Star no 99 Nichi". So in this drama, TaecYeon from 2PM acted as "Tae Sung". Saw him dancing to 2PM's "I'm Your Man" song and I find it to be good. So that's how I ended up in Youtube searching for the MV to see the full dance.

2PM - I'm Your Man

The second one would be "Trouble Maker". I wouldn't post the original version of HyunA and HyunSeung since you can look at it HERE! Instead, I'll post my fav "We Got Married" couple singing this song! And yes! I'm JoKwon's and GaIn supporter. They're the only reason that I watched WGM.

Adam Couple - Trouble Maker

Third would be Teen Top's latest MV, "Crazy". Honestly I still prefer their previous song better. "No More Perfume on You" is much more catchy. But ok...this one is not too bad either. (p/s: ChunJi still look cute as ever! *adds fan scream here*)

Teen Top - Crazy

Last but not least, parody video of Brown Eyed Girls' "Abracadabra" that I've watched long ago but happen to bump into it again. Saw it on the recommended video while watching 2PM's "I'm Your Man". HAHAHA...this one is really hilarious especially the part they hands up their left hand one by one! LMAO...watch at your own risk!

2PM + 2AM - Abracadabra Parody

Monday, January 9, 2012

Lotion Mask

So while Google-ing in search of homemade mask, I came across an article about this lady called Chizu Saeki. Without much yada, yada, you can just click HERE to read about her life and passion for beauty.

Just in case you're not someone who fancy reading long paragraphs and would prefer "straight to the point" info, you can just view this video of her.

Before clicking the play button, I was expecting her to be talking in Japanese and that there would be English subs. But I was wrong! So yea...Pretty surprised!

Despite that I find it quite hard to listen some of her words, I must give her credit for conversing in English. (Or perhaps I didn't turn my speaker volume well...lol...you judge!)

Regarding the article, I find it to be quite interesting! Especially the part about "price doesn't determine the results". Hmm...I sense "power of attraction" here! The part where she says that we, ourselves must believe that our skin is getting better, etc.

Anyway, I might give this a try tomorrow night! No harm trying! Besides, it looks fun okay!

Last but not least,
*le me chanting my magic*

"Skin oh skin...be awesome!"

Saturday, January 7, 2012


Went to Ikano today to buy new bedding for Pochi as it is time to change the bedding for him. My old stock is less than enough so I have to get a new one. The one I'm using is called Living World "Fresh n' Comfy". (Remember the name if any of you wish to be his godmother or godfather *winks*)

Apart from that, I also bought food stock as the one at home is currently near finishing. So all together I've spent about RM42+. Phew...such expense to lose in the morning. *sobs* Pochi...you better grow up real well!

Invisible bus stop

Anyway, it's my first time going back from Ikano by bus. Had always known how to go there by bus but never did I try going back from there. Regarding on how to go, it's pretty much obvious as you can see a bus stop.

However it's not the same if you want to go back. (For my case that is!) You have to stand exactly at a place where you can see the view above. Took me 2 times asking random people (a cashier and a passerby) to get to know about this place. Haha...I think I migh enjoy the journey if it wasn't for the super hot weather and heavy stuff I need to carry.

Am carrying 4 big heavy plastic bags which contained foods to let me survive for a week and of course Pochi's stuff...Haha. But I do consider myself lucky today as I don't have to pay for the plastic bag. It's three bags for FREE! (Hello...I'm re-using every plastic bags given to me. So don't bash me!)

Usual food

New food

As for Pochi's food, was trying to get the same brand to avoid him having to change taste bud. But unfortunately the stock will only arrive around next week. So I don't have a choice but to get him a different brand. Will see how much he welcome his new food soon.

Pochi is nom-ing while I'm busy cleaning his crib.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Stupiak Conversation

Went back to Tumblr few hours ago as I realized back that I do have an account there! Been many months I've been neglecting on that account. And oh hey...look at what I've found there! LOL...some random stupiak conversation between Buni, Dreamie and I while talking on some subject matter. (_・。)(_-)

Stupiak One

Stupiak Two


As of my life, I'm currently into this NDS game called "Nostalgia". Hohoho...you can skip this part if you're not into games. All these while I've been going back and forth between Android RPG games (Inotia 3, Zenonia 3 and Destinia) and NDS games (Nostalgia, Shin Megami Tensei Devil Survival and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days).

Le "白い" NDS given by bro.


Nothing much I wanna say about them. Just give it a try and experience the fun on your own. Somehow I truly wish I have Playstation with me right now since I'm too free. Playstation One, Two or Three, I would be glad having any of them on my lap anytime they want to (Which I doubt they want to...*troll*).

Last but not least...I'm waiting for good news anytime soon! Please pray for me if you have spare time. *sobs*

Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Waterlily Bistro

Hopefully you guys have already eaten before you reach this page. Cause as promised, here's the post about The Waterlily Bistro which is located at Mutiara Damansara.

This is the place where my friends and I went to celebrate Yeen's Birthday. It's a pretty cozy place with orange-ish lighting. Did a research before going into this place and therefore we decided to share the food as many reviews said that the food do come in big portion. Here's the food we ordered just perfect for 6 person (5 girls and a guy).

Fish and Chip
(Around RM23)

This one does taste good but nothing extraordinary. With the kind of pricing on this dish, I don't think I'll order this in the future since I can find the same thing cheaper and taste similar to this.

Can't recall the name...It's Ayam M something something.
(Around RM26)

Too bad that I can't remember this food name as this would be probably the one that I'll order the next time I go back to this place. All I remember is that this food starts with Ayam M something something. If you go to the chicken section, I'm sure you can find this picture on the lower left. Right beside the Ayam Goreng picture. The taste is just perfect and it's juicy! What more can you ask for! Totally me approved! Even Buni fell in love with the chicken~

Nasi Campur
(Around RM33)

This one is is good. But just like the fish and chip, nothing extraordinary except that it comes in a BIG portion. The one we ordered here is the chicken version as some of us can't eat beef. Heard that the beef version is much better than the chicken version. You can give that one a try if you love beef! Oh...one thing that I could compliment from this plate would be the squid. The texture is just right. Not too hard and not too soft!

Barley Lime
(A Jug RM16, A glass RM6)

The funny thing when it comes into looking at this picture is the fact that this is the only item that I could remember the exact price. HAHAHA! Basically we ordered 2 jug because we were told that a jug can only cater for 5 person. But later on we found out that even a jug is good enough to cater 6 people. Although it wouldn't fill the cup fully. It fills around 75% of the glass given. I have no comment about this one as I think that the drink is too sweet for my tongue. However you can ignore my comment on this as all my other friends were into this and complimented it greatly. So yea...give it a try!



For more about this place, you can just go directly and taste whichever food that attracts you. Here's the address to the place:

The Waterlily Bistro
No. 11-G, 11-1, 11-2,
Jalan Mutiara Tropicana 3,
Mutiara Tropicana
474110 PJ.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy Birthday Yeen!

Today is the day where our friend, Yeen actually came down to this earth 24 years ago. Had an early celebration with her along with the others yesterday at The Waterlily Bistro. Will update on the restaurant tomorrow. So be sure to stay tune!

Some of the pictures taken.

Something I made according to the image of the cupcake.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

In case you've been wondering where did all of my previous posts gone to, I've set all these babies as draft. (Right from the first post posted on 2008 till the end of 2011) Found them to be so messy and the label is so terribly labeled! So ya...from nao on I'll pay more attention to it. Just thought that I should use them nicely as they're part of a blog too. Hopefully next time you guys can go back to any particular posts you'd like to read by clicking on the labels located at the right column. Will add these when I'm ready. Do look forward to it! (*^ ^)ノ⌒☆


So back to my original plan for today's post...

I wanna wish you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! So did you guys have fun on New Year's Eve? I can say that I do...Virtually! *adds virtual confetti* Putting things short, this year I got to celebrate it at home with myself. Right in front of my beloved Toshiba laptop! Honestly I rarely celebrate New Year's Eve, so I don't find it pathetic to be at home at this kind of time of the year.

However these thoughts kinda swayed a bit right after I found out that my mom was celebrating it with her church friends. Plus the fact that she just replied me a happy new year and good night to end our conversations! Don't even wanna try to remind myself of my bro. He was way more awesome and happening. He went to Bandung for 2 days (Some place in Indonesia in Java island) with his friends and went back to Jakarta at 5 in the morning. (°д°) Seriously it succeeded into making me feeling pathetic for awhile as I found how "so-not-happening" my life is as a 20+ years old homo sapien. LOL!

Anyway, I kinda celebrate it in a nice way too. I think. Basically I posted a post on my FB account trying to find "virtual-mates" to chat as we wait for midnight. LOL LOL LOL!!! Tell you that there's no such thing as being lonely as long as you have the internet. Hoho! I'm grateful for all the friends replied on my FB walls and also those who wishes me through phone messages. (^ε^)감사합니다!

Some of the conversations as screen capture can't capture all at once.

Basically I found several people who were online and in fact celebrates New Year's Eve like I do. Happy to the max as I knew that I'm not alone!

Tagged the people who replied my status update into this picture.

Some of the replies on the picture.

At night, I was having a conversation with Dreamie on WhatsApp about our New Year. There we found out that we both were at home on New Year's Eve. Talked about a few things and at the end of the conversation we decided to meet up the next day to watch movie together.

Garrett Popcorn
(Photo credit: Dreamie)

One thing about this popcorn: First tried and had my love at first nom with this Garrett popcorn during last year's visit to Singapore with Dreamie. Eventually I had my second time with Dreamie today. Bought Caramel Crisp for our movie and it was delicious! It's a delight to actually know that this popcorn has finally reached Malaysia. I thought the one I ate in Singapore would be the last time for me eating. Of course, unless I go back to Singapore. Haha...whoever brings this brand to Malaysia, thank you very much! m(u_u)m

As for the movie choice, I left Dreamie to decide since there's only a few choice available and I am far too indecisive that night. After her research watching some of the movies' trailer, she decided to go for "Jack and Jill". Was surprised that she even go as far as checking the trailers. Haha. Good choice making her to decide on the movie! That somehow makes me awesome too for deciding to let her decide. (^^;) *coughs*


Movie Poster

Yea I know...The movie poster kinda look like the typical comedy-based movie poster. That's how I actually assumed that the movie wouldn't be so awesome. But seriously I enjoyed this movie. I really liked the fact that Adam Sandler is in fact acting as both Jack and Jill. His acting is real good that for a moment I thought Jill was some actress till the part where Jill actually kissed a guy on the cheek. Right at the moment I was like "Whoa...whoa...hold on...are you going to kiss that guy on the lips?". That's what got me back on track and remind myself she's Adam Sandler! LOL! (Oh btw, I'm okay with guy kissing guy if they would love too. I'm that open minded. Hehe)

Jill (left) Jack (right)

Right in the middle of the movie, I saw someone that I thought he looked familiar to the actor I actually like. I was like asking Dreamie if I he's really HIM or not. But it happens that our eyes were okay...It is definitely HIM. He's having a cameo in this movie. The funniest thing I could say about his cameo would be the fact that he wore a t-shirt with Justin Bieber on it. LMAO MUCH!

The Talented Johnny Depp

Do give this movie a try if you are looking for some comedy-based movie. It's worth watching! To make you guys even more convinced, I'll end this post with the movie trailer. Hope you'll like it as much as I do!

Enjoy the trailer and once again, Happy New Year! Let this year be much much more awesome than the previous years!