Tuesday, January 10, 2012

MV Day

First of all, just wanna make it clear that there's no such thing called "MV Day". But oh well...today I was so busy making myself learning Jap on my own and later on ended up in Youtube.

LOL! That's how I decided to share a few nice MV I found with you all. Basically I watched this Jap drama called "Boku to Star no 99 Nichi". So in this drama, TaecYeon from 2PM acted as "Tae Sung". Saw him dancing to 2PM's "I'm Your Man" song and I find it to be good. So that's how I ended up in Youtube searching for the MV to see the full dance.

2PM - I'm Your Man

The second one would be "Trouble Maker". I wouldn't post the original version of HyunA and HyunSeung since you can look at it HERE! Instead, I'll post my fav "We Got Married" couple singing this song! And yes! I'm JoKwon's and GaIn supporter. They're the only reason that I watched WGM.

Adam Couple - Trouble Maker

Third would be Teen Top's latest MV, "Crazy". Honestly I still prefer their previous song better. "No More Perfume on You" is much more catchy. But ok...this one is not too bad either. (p/s: ChunJi still look cute as ever! *adds fan scream here*)

Teen Top - Crazy

Last but not least, parody video of Brown Eyed Girls' "Abracadabra" that I've watched long ago but happen to bump into it again. Saw it on the recommended video while watching 2PM's "I'm Your Man". HAHAHA...this one is really hilarious especially the part they hands up their left hand one by one! LMAO...watch at your own risk!

2PM + 2AM - Abracadabra Parody

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