Monday, January 9, 2012

Lotion Mask

So while Google-ing in search of homemade mask, I came across an article about this lady called Chizu Saeki. Without much yada, yada, you can just click HERE to read about her life and passion for beauty.

Just in case you're not someone who fancy reading long paragraphs and would prefer "straight to the point" info, you can just view this video of her.

Before clicking the play button, I was expecting her to be talking in Japanese and that there would be English subs. But I was wrong! So yea...Pretty surprised!

Despite that I find it quite hard to listen some of her words, I must give her credit for conversing in English. (Or perhaps I didn't turn my speaker volume judge!)

Regarding the article, I find it to be quite interesting! Especially the part about "price doesn't determine the results". Hmm...I sense "power of attraction" here! The part where she says that we, ourselves must believe that our skin is getting better, etc.

Anyway, I might give this a try tomorrow night! No harm trying! Besides, it looks fun okay!

Last but not least,
*le me chanting my magic*

"Skin oh awesome!"


  1. Not bad ar, le you got do study beside stalking your idol.. xP

    Her English is understandable la, just how most Japanese speak, try listen it like listen to those Jpn drama's ppl speaking eng will do.

    I just didn't catch what's that lotion mask she put on? is it just normal lotion??

    I saw my youngest aunt use that cotton before, really can tear to many layers *interesting*

  2. Hohoho...lepak skill level 100!

    Erm...their moisturizing lotion is actually what we called toner here. But their toner abit diff abit. You need to go google those products that she uses. I know Shiseido and SK-II got. Not sure if can use our normal toner or not.

    Yar...tried a couple of days ago but my Guardian cotton only can tear 3 times...Perhaps my skill isn't as good as her yet...haha

  3. LOL... blog walking mar xP

    so complicated mia... hehe
    let le me try mine mia cotton see can tear how many layers, keke

    P/s: notice that this comment got photo?

  4. Ah yes...I saw the photo d. LOL!