Saturday, January 7, 2012


Went to Ikano today to buy new bedding for Pochi as it is time to change the bedding for him. My old stock is less than enough so I have to get a new one. The one I'm using is called Living World "Fresh n' Comfy". (Remember the name if any of you wish to be his godmother or godfather *winks*)

Apart from that, I also bought food stock as the one at home is currently near finishing. So all together I've spent about RM42+. Phew...such expense to lose in the morning. *sobs* better grow up real well!

Invisible bus stop

Anyway, it's my first time going back from Ikano by bus. Had always known how to go there by bus but never did I try going back from there. Regarding on how to go, it's pretty much obvious as you can see a bus stop.

However it's not the same if you want to go back. (For my case that is!) You have to stand exactly at a place where you can see the view above. Took me 2 times asking random people (a cashier and a passerby) to get to know about this place. Haha...I think I migh enjoy the journey if it wasn't for the super hot weather and heavy stuff I need to carry.

Am carrying 4 big heavy plastic bags which contained foods to let me survive for a week and of course Pochi's stuff...Haha. But I do consider myself lucky today as I don't have to pay for the plastic bag. It's three bags for FREE! (Hello...I'm re-using every plastic bags given to me. So don't bash me!)

Usual food

New food

As for Pochi's food, was trying to get the same brand to avoid him having to change taste bud. But unfortunately the stock will only arrive around next week. So I don't have a choice but to get him a different brand. Will see how much he welcome his new food soon.

Pochi is nom-ing while I'm busy cleaning his crib.

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